Pan Griddled Mackerel with Soy Glazed Beetroot by Gizzi Erskine – Love Home Taste with Lee Kum Kee

Hello, I’m Ken Hom and this is the lovely
Gizzie Erskine. And what are you going to make for us? I’m going to make a really simple dish to have for supper or lunch. It’s a griddled mackerel with some soy glazed beetroots Can you do me a favour? Right. We’ve got some sesame seeds, can you toast those until they’re nice and toasty? I would be delighted. I’ve got some beetroots. Mmm, yes. They’re heirloom beetroot. So we’ve boiled these for about 20 minutes, we’re just going to peel off the outer sides, and then I’m going to start trimming them into shapes. I’m going to cut these into wedges. So I’m going to make my glaze, which is a variety of different ingredients. First off, we’re going to go for the Lee Kum Kee Premium Light Soy Sauce. Great news about this glaze, is it’s really easy to remember, 30 grams of each of the ingredients. I’m just going to add in some sugar, and that’s to make the glaze, glazy. And then what I’m going to get you on with, is the mackerel. The pan is getting nice and smokey which is good. I’m just going to really gently score. So I’ve just put in a tiny of salt on there, because it’s so oily you don’t need any fat. And we’re just going to put the skin side down, in the griddle pan, holding. And you just salted it right? Just salted it. It takes less than 5 minutes,
that’s 3 minutes, I’m not even joking. Now this glaze,
you’re starting to see that it’s starting to reduce. Would you put some of those sesame seeds in there? Yes, absolutely. About 2 teaspoons, large teaspoons worth. This is going to glaze over that beetroot, it’s going to make a sort of semi-sticky sauce and be the basis of our dressing. I love this kind of food because it’s so easy and yet it’s good for you… Yep. and it’s tasty! It’s full of flavour! Now you can see that there is a lot less liquid… Yes. in here, and the bubbles get really big. So I’m going to add in our beetroot, into this and I’m going to start to glaze it. And then how about this mackerel? I think it’s looking pretty good. Right, so I’m going to take it off the heat now,
believe it or not. Shall I flip it over? Yeah, do you mind flipping it over? Wonderful stuff. That’s the amount of heat it needs. You’ve got a lovely crispy skin… Yes. …on top, which you really want. Are you a fan of the skin? I’m a skin man. Can you hand me the Lee Kum Kee Pure Sesame Oil? Absolutely. It’s about 2 tablespoons worth, and this works like a dressing, it glosses it up. The flavour of toasted sesame oil. And you know the smell of pure sesame oil… Oh my gosh. It’s just so wonderful. And you only warm it through, we are not cooking with that. So I’m just going to pour this into my tray, just because I sort of find it a little bit easier. For the sake of what we’re doing here, it will make it cool a little bit better. I’m going to add a tiny bit of acid, from lemon. Here we’ve got some watercress. So, lets plate this up. Thank you. Fit for a 3-star restaurant. We have got Soy Glazed Beetroot with Griddled Mackerel.

5 comments on “Pan Griddled Mackerel with Soy Glazed Beetroot by Gizzi Erskine – Love Home Taste with Lee Kum Kee”

  1. ya boi says:

    That looks fab, do you recommend any variations on this?

  2. Erik Munneke says:

    Looks good, loving the use of heirloom/golden beetroots. I grow them myself aswell and are much less “earthy” than regular red ones. So the answer to the question: heirloom beetroot!

  3. Lee Kum Kee Europe says:

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  4. Jane Willis says:

    It's hard to tell what she says when she's talking about the beetroot as the background music is too loud, but I think she says "any" beetroot. It's a good job you gave us the recipe in text form too, as I can see from that she must have said HEIRLOOM beetroot.  I'm afraid the background music detracts a lot from the quality of the video

  5. Lee Kum Kee Europe says:

    Thanks for your entries so far, we'll be choosing a winner on the 20th February so if you haven't got your answers in yet there's still time! Good luck and Happy Wok-ing!

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