Sawadee Kha everyone, Monday, new recipe ! Today I will cook Panang Gai, it is a traditional Thai dish that we can cook
with chicken beef or pork I wanted to do it with beef but it’s a tiny bit longer
and I’m a big short in town today anyway it’s pretty much same same and with
chicken it’s delicious as well Are you ready ? Let’s go! coconut milk
lemongrass garlic
shallots red chilli
coriander root kaffir lime leaves
galangal cooking oil
dry chilli quick tip : put your dry chili in water for 10 minutes before pouting
it that would be easier black pepper
cumin coriander seeds
sea salt fish sauce
palm sugar and chicken you slice of lemon grass for one
tablespoon only most of Thai Northern dish especially Thai curry dish,you have to pan fry herbs before pound it now I am going to make Panang paste I totally forget shrimp paste now that the paste is ready time to cut
the chicken and cook everything together As you can see our chicken is a bit dry
because when you film, it always takes time and I left chicken outside for quite long But, it’ll still be good with chicken you have to cook for 20 to
30 minutes but if you do it with beef you have to cook it at least one or two
hours you can’t taste all the herbs in one dish, like… Boom ! and the chicken is so tender It’s a little bit spicy but as you know I love spicy so this one can do
nothing with me I will take some chili And voila, bon appetit! as you noticed the curry sauce is
a bit liquid yet it’s not meant to be eaten as a soup instead we eat it with
steamed rice and in some Thai fusion recipes you can even eat it with
spaghetti I will certainly show you another time if you enjoy the video
don’t forget to subscribe click on the bell and leave me a comment Also…. CHOP that like button thank you for watching see you next Monday Kob Kun Kha, bye bye

29 comments on “PANANG CURRY CHICKEN & PASTE RECIPE (พะแนงไก่) – WITH NIN”

  1. Nin is Cooking says:

    Finally managed to improve a bit the audio part! Have a great week everyone, and visit me on my social networks as well :
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  2. Thursina Kitchen says:

    Thai food is the best…the ingredients a half almost same with tom yam recepi…thanks for sharing

  3. Toronto Eats says:

    You always make such beautiful recipes Nin 🙂

  4. Streetalicious says:

    Love the improvement , she sound wonderful

  5. Stan Ervin says:

    Yummy! 😛😍

  6. Gilles Adam says:

    Tu me fais peur avec ce grand couteau !

  7. Yanji Yang says:

    🤤😋 you make me want some curry atm so yummy & thnx

  8. Gilles Adam says:

    J'ai vu que tu cuisines sur un réchaud un feu mais double rampe de gaz. J'en cherche un similaire mais je n'en trouve pas. Peux tu me dire la marque de ce réchaud ? Merci

  9. Stan Ervin says:

    P.S. watched video 4 times for your ratings. Shared with friends too.

  10. thisdamnthingy says:

    Ok that immediately looks amazing.
    Sidenote- I've been hearing "Monday, new recipe!" in my head for the last 24 hours.
    I actually thought the sound was perfectly ok before the new mic, I know that probably isn't helpful, sorry.
    When you said chicken, I got confused because when I saw the dish in the beginning, I was sure it was prawns.
    I once again wondered "could I slow cook that?" hmm.

  11. Sanjana Sajeevan says:

    Please reply to meee!😭😭 You're the best! ♥

  12. King Douchebag The Great and Powerful says:

    Yes. I love chicken😆😋💝💗💖💖💙👍💝

  13. Vad Ostor says:

    looks tasty!

  14. strangulator42 says:

    I love your videos! I've made Thai green and red curry's a few times, but only using the curry paste that comes in the little cans… a few Thai people have told me it's not worth the amount of work needed to make it from scratch… do you have any videos that show the entire recipe?

  15. Ojay Is Ojay says:

    Exquisite plating! I quite like the process of pan frying the herbs that are to be pounded; that works wonders for aromatics and flavor. Goodness me, that paste is indeed a flavor time bomb…nothing like the shoddy store bought stuff.

  16. DanVsWorld says:

    Nice Nin! The Panang curry looks delicious thanks for the new recipe!

  17. DanVsWorld says:

    Also love the parts where you're eating the dish too! I imagine tasting the dish as you are describing it haha

  18. DreamGen Relax says:

    Greetings my dear friend 😃😊✌️❤️💯 and what a really cool channel
    Big like from your new friend 😃😊✌️

  19. Brad Carr says:

    I love that you are showing how to make the paste! So many recipes just say 'use paste' haha. Great vid as always. 🙂

  20. Juhanne Giet says:

    Definitely my kind of dish! yummyyyyy

  21. Nick and Helmi says:


  22. Nick and Helmi says:

    man when i watch your thai food stuff… lol i udnerstand there are so much more i need it to learn than, pineapple rice, boat noodle, padthai and pad see eew 😛 haha which is my fav.. actually i shud do a thai video 😀 haha

  23. pierrot dut says:

    je ne comprends pas l utilité de faire frire les herbes avant de les moudre,le meme sourire que ma femme

  24. In Carina's Kitchen says:

    This looks delicious Nin! 😋

  25. Simple Is Best แม่บ้านสเปน says:

    Found you from a group. Great channel na ka. 🤗🤗🤗 New fc na

  26. Taylor 1 says:

    A cute girl cooking? What’s not to like?

  27. Tim O'donnell says:

    This is the first time to see your video. I think it was excellent! The camera quality is so clear you can almost taste the dish with your eyes. Also, it was very easy to follow your directions. I've subscribed 👍👍👍 👍

  28. Mikevisuals says:


  29. Craig says:

    Been visiting Thailand for 13 years and only tried this last year but love it. Simple yet tasty. My favourite Thai dish has to be pad krapow gai. Thank you for the video

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