Wengie & Collins Key: Hey guys, it’s Wengie, and I’m here with, yo guys, what’s up guys, yay, pancake hug! Wengie: Today, we’re doing a pancake art challenge, you’re really good at that, aren’t you? Collins Key: I don’t know about good, my brother is very good at it, I am kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum, and I’ve been informed, we only have a very limited amount of batter! Wengie: Collin has a habit of making giant pancakes! Collins Key: Ta dah! Collins Key: Ahhhh! Collins Key: We, we, we, we! Collins Key: It’s a beautiful beach, these are like no clouds in the sea! Wengie: You gotta control yourself today! Collins Key: It’s only to compensate for the multitude of mistakes, that are made during the actual making process! Wengie: Well, hopefully, he’s improved since the last time because! (Suspending music playing) (Wengie’s laughing) Wengie & Collins Key: Also, don”t forget to also check out the video, that we did on his channel, yep, DIY pranks! Collins Key: Yeah, and she’s the master of doing pranks; she taught me some crazy ones as well, and something kind of happened with her hair, so you guys might want to go, check that out after this! Wengie: Also if you guys haven’t subscribed to the family, don’t forget to click the button, and you’ll be entered into the Mac – Book Air giveaway, I’m running right now; the other thing you need to do is to subscribe to my second channel, ReactiCorns, where I do daily reactions, so good luck! Wengie: For this video, let’s try, and get this video, um how many thumbs up, should we get? Collins Key: Oh, you know, that’s a lot of pressure! Wengie: You’re the guest, let’s make it, erm, guess the number! (Noise) Collins Key: Let’s try to break a record on this video, alright, let’s see if we can get to two hundred thousand likes on this video! (Noise) Wengie: What? I’ve never asked that many likes, so hope you guys can do it, ready, 3,2, 1, and click the like button; have you guys done it? Wengie: Awesome, also click the bell button, because that’s a super important! Wengie: And without further ado, let’s get on with the challenge! Let’s go! Collins Key: You have super sparkly, and awesome! Wengie: Alright! Collins Key: Hey, what’s up! (Faint laughter) Wengie: Are you ready? Collins Key: Oh, I’m so ready! Wengie: Got your creative juices going? Collins Key: Oh, yeah, they’re all going now! Wengie: Remember, we’re gonna make small pancakes! Collins Key: Yeah! Wengie: Small! Collins Key: I got you now! Collins Key: Yeah, mom! Wengie: You guys, don’t see like this much batter, so you gotta reconsider it, alright the first challenge we’re gonna do is poop emoji! Collins Key: What? Wengie: Yeah! Collins Key: Okay! Wengie: I love the poop emoji! Wengie: You got a coconut spray this! Collins Key: Yep! Wengie: Alright! (Spraying) Wengie: Like, fill up! Collins Key: You guys gotta thumbs up that! That’s good! Wengie: No! Wengie: You guys have to vote, who did better it though, you know in the comments! Collins Key: Oh, this is gonna be, there’s gonna be great! Wengie: Well, this is my first pancake art challenge, you’ve got one on me! Collins Key: I might get two, I’ve done this twice! Wengie: Ohhhhh, you done it twice! Wengie: Oh, noo, I might have to put the rest down! (Wengie’s laughing) Collins Key: Lead has been taken! Wengie: I’m gonna start again, I’m gonna save this pancake; I’m not gonna waste this pancake! Collins Key: I believe in you Wengie, you got this! *Music playing* Collins Key: Mine’s looking more like a potato sack, that an actual turned emoji! Wengie: That’s huge as, as! Wengie: As you ever did this! Collins Key: That’s like tiny for me! (Wengie’s chuckling) Collins Key: This is, this is like the smallest one I’ve ever made! (Wengie’s laughing) (Silence) Wengie: This was not a great start to my pancake art challenge! Collins Key: Yeah, mine’s, mine’s got quite a little stem at the top of his head, pick it up, like whoooo! Collins Key: Now, this is the most important part, this is the most dangerous part! Wengie: Oh, wait, get away from me! Collins Key: Oh, okay, the one, who’s simultaneous! Wengie: Yeah, ready! Collins Key & Wengie: Three, up, three, two, one! Collins Key: Ohhh! Collins Key: Coold! Wengie: Ahhh! (Wengie’s laughing) Wengie: Oh, no, mine’s like a unpacked poop emoji, what is this? Collins Key: Mine is just very like discomboluated, it’s, just look at it! (Laughing) Wengie: I mean, we’re doing today! Collins Key: You had a cocoa to this one! Wengie: Yeah! Collins Key: Because it smells amazing! Wengie: Really? Collins Key: It actually smelled like a delicious pancake, right now! Wengie: Oh, awesome, we’re gonna taste this at the end! Collins Key: Ooo! Wengie & Collins Key: Three, two, one, ta dah; these are our pancakes, guys, don’t forget to take the next five seconds to go down, and vote #Collins or #Wengie, #TeamWengie, guys! Collins Key: What? #TeamCollins, excuse me! (Laughing) Collins Key: Is that a choker? I like it! It’s my favourite one, I’ve seen soo far! Wengie: Aww! (Noise) Wengie: Alright, guys, we’re doing the second challenge, ready! Collins Key: Oh, I’m so ready! Wengie: It’s a bit harder, that was literally the easiest one! Collins Key: What? Wengie: Yeah, one of my favourite emojis, can you guess? Collins Key: I’m gonna say unicorn! Wengie: Yes! Collins Key: Yes! Wengie: Unicorn emoji tag! Wengie: That actually got a bit complicated! Collins Key: The most diffcult part of this entire thing is gonna be figuring out how to do it in the tiny little version! Wengie: Yeah! Collins Key: Because I can use this entire thing to make a giant unicorn! Wengie: He’s gonna look like a weird unicorn anyways, though! (Noise) Collins Key: We’re both using the same strategy, here! Wengie: Forgot the nostril though! Collins Key: Oh, yes, thank you, she’s helping me, I like this! Wengie: I am, because I know, I’m going to win it, anyway! (Silent movement) Collins Key: What? What? That’s not going to discriminate in the slightest! (Noise) Collins Key: The face is way too close to the eyeball! Wengie: I know, like to try, to judge all this in like the ears, the back ear! Collins Key: That’s looking good, how do you, what colours are you using? Collins: There’s gonna make very compact unicorn right now, that’s my goal for this! Wengie: Mini corn! Collins Key: Is like everything you say just like sound like so cute & adorable? Wengie: Because, you add corn at the end if you put on a monster voice! Wengie: You’re so cute! Collins Key: Yeah, only, it’s the same, if I do it like you’re so cute! (Laughing) Collins Key: So cute, you know I mean, oh man, no my nose got a giant like boomerang head! (Laughing) Collins Key: We’re gonna flip the, boomerang! Wengie: I’m up to my horn, so we’re gonna make a really pretty, like ombre, kind of, what is that? Collins Key: Unicorn! Wengie: It looks like a kangaroo! Collins Key: Okay, here is a rather aggressive, uh, scene! Wengie: Yeah, they like to punch people! (Noise) *Music playing* Wengie: Okay, I am so excited for this one, guys, I actually think, this is gonna turn out really good! (Laughing) Wengie: What is that? I can’t figure out if that’s like a kangaroo, or rabbit! Collins Key: Trust me, you can’t figure out either! (Laughing) Wengie: Um! Collins Key: Nailed it! (Laughing) Wengie: I can’t even, right now! (Laughing) Collins Key: How did you get it so good? Wengie: But unicorns are my things, I could not ruin this, so, guys, I think, you can totally vote, who won this round, down below, right now! Wengie: There’s not a need to flip it! Collins Key: Whoa, the flip, the flip changes everything! Wengie: I reckon mine’s ready to flip! Collins Key: Reckon! Wengie: I reckon, oh, that’s not a thing here! Collins Key: No! Wengie: Oh, what do you guys say? Wengie & Collins Key: I think, I think, I think! Collins Key: I believe! Wengie: I reckon! Collins Key & Wengie : Probably found, I made a massive mistake! (Laughing) Wengie & Collins Key: Three, two, one, bam, yes! Wengie: Yes! (Collin’s shocked) Collins Key: It looks like yeah, like, aadvark, or something! (Laughing) Collins Key: How good her look? That is not fair! Wengie: Yah! Wengie: Hey, guys, you gonna vote down below now, who won this round! Wengie: #Wengie, or #Collin! Collins Key: She took the round! (Laughing) Collins Key: I admit, like little pegs, and I clearly was the victor! Wengie: Guys! Collins Key: Can I get mine on the plate, my horn! Ohhhh! Wengie: Ahhhh, that really looks like a piglet! (Laughing) Collins Key: It was only the unicorn horn part of it, it goes like a hat! Wengie: Ohhh, that’s probably the best thing you can do with it, right! Collins Key: Exactly, yeah! Wengie: Yeah! Collins Key: Or I’ll put it in trash, either way! (Laughing) Wengie: Alright, guys, we’re up to the third challenge, hopefully, this time, you can win this one! Collins Key: Well, actually, they’ve been voting this whole time, sp you guys might have been voting for me along! Wengie: If you guys did, I think it’s a lie, and you just think he’s cute, the only reason why you’re voting, stop, telling! (Laughing) Collins Key: Roasted! Wengie: We’re gonna be doing Nyan Cat, you know, Nyan Cat is? (Noise) Wengie: Nyan Cat! Collins Key: Nyan Cat! Wengie: Because in Japan, yong, yong, yong, is like the facade! Collins Key: Hmm! (Noise) Collins Key: That’s cool! Wengie: We don’t have grey pancake mix! Collins Key: Trust me, taking creative liberties is not at all an issue for! (Laughing) Collins Key: Whooooo, ahhhh! (Laughing) Wengie: Out, like! Collins Key: Sizzle something, so satisfying! Wengie: It does sound satisfying, but I feel like this can take forever, I might have to turn this down, oh! Collins Key: I must say, right off the bat, I don’t know what happened, but! What, how? Collins Key: Your’s going to be huge! Wengie: Oh, no, it is going to be, oh no, I made a hole! Collins Key: Like the smallest part of the body, besides its feet! (Laughing) Wengie: I’m turning into you, Collins! Collins Key: Yeah, and that’s not a good thing! *Music playing* Collins Key: Oh, I need to lose a little tail! Wengie: It looks like a truck, guys! (Noise) (Laughing) Collins Key: A very cute truck! Wengie: Oh, you’re doing green dots! Collins Key: Create artwork! (Noise) Collins Key: Whoo! (Noise) Wengie: Ohh! Collins Key: More innovation! Wengie, Okay guys! Collins Key: Oh, the innovation, is! Wengie & Collins Key: Oh! What are you doing? Oh, you cut a bit off! Wengie: That’s a great idea for a mistake! Collins Key: Mm, hmm! Wengie: Oh! Collins Key: Mistakes! (Laughing) Wengie: I made a mistake, I think, um! Collins Key & Wengie: Ohhh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhh! Oh! Ahhhh! Wengie: I’m gonna go with the original colour of, via Pop Tart! *Music playing* Wengie: This is the most fun part, the rainbow! Wengie: Okay, I don’t have red, so I’m gonna go with pink! Collins Key: Oh, where you got that idea from, huh? (Laughing) Wengie: Oh, I wasn’t looking on your side! Collins Key: Oh, oh, aren’t her? Wengie: Should I make the things, should I make the thing, oo! ( Repeat in lapse) (Silence) Wengie: You guys, did not think about someone else! Mascara! Collins Key: Quite honestly, I’ll crush on this one! Wengie: Me too! Wengie: Look at, look, at that, the rainbow tail! ( Repeat twice) Collins Key: Because I needed, doing these video, and you know like tap my brother in, and there’s like he goes off, and like create my pancakes! Wengie: Likewise! Collins Key: Joe, I should do that! (Noise) Wengie: Ah! Wengie: Kind of like a little cheese milk cat! Collins Key: Yep, yep, I know, there’s all little grilled cheese cat, you know, what I mean? Wengie: Huracan, do you think, it’s always done? Collins Key: Reckon! (Laughing) Wengie: I’m so nasty to you! Collins Key: Oh, I love it! Wengie: Listen, this Nyan Cat is so big, I don’t know if he’s gonna break, ohh! Wengie: Oh, no, oh, my god! Oh! Collins Key: Another clippy thing! Okay! Wengie: Okay! Collins Key: Got it! Collins Key & Wengie: Three, two, one, noo! *Depressing music playing* Collins Key: Ohhhhhhhhh! (Laughing) Wengie: Oh, my gosh! Collins Key: No! (Laughing) Wengie: Oh my god, mine’s gonna break too, oh no! Collins Key & Wengie: No, oh, no! Wengie & : You can get in there, you can get it there, see there, okay! Alright! Wengie & Collins Key: Let’s make this teamwork, ready, three, two, one, or, ahhhh, ahhh! So good, though! I know! Put it together! Collins Key: Oooo! My fricking word! (Laughing) Collins Key: Might never even actually flipped, like every flip, mine! (Silent movement) Wengie: Look, I! (Laughing) Collins Key: Mean, I can’t like you tell me, not to let me flip me, oh my gosh! Wengie: Big blob! Collins Key: W, go there, we go, boom! Wengie: Ahhh! Collins Key: Little saucy, I can get behind that! Wengie: That’s actually really good; you might have won this round! Collins Key: No! Collins Key: I, um, ow, jeez, that’s hot! (Laughing) Wengie: Right, guys, this is Nyan Cat! Collins Key: Yeah, I’m not excited to eat the one, that I literally just dropped on the floor! Wengie: We’re gonna eat it at the end! Wengie: So, right now, vote back down below, who won, you guys can see the Nyan Cats here! Collins Key: I was going to close this round, we’ve had yet! Wengie: All right, guys, we’re onto the fourth round, what is this? Wengie: This is a set, this is gonna be the hardest one! Collins Key: So, here’s what we’re gonna do, my brother is an amazing artist, so I’m gonna just tap out right now, and I’m gonna tap him, in, so I’m gonna do this! (Clapping noise) Devan: Aaa! Wengie & Collins Key: Ahhhhhh, what’s up, okay guys, he’s like a master pancake maker, we’re gonna switch right now, we’re gonna! Wengie: Is this considered cheating, Collin? Collins Key: What? No! Wengie: We did talk about a life line! Collins: Right, because you need bro powers! Wengie: I’m actually really worried because he’s a great artist; I’ve seen his stuff, and like I am amazed! Wengie: Today’s challenge for the fourth round is My Little Pony! Collins Key: Wait, what? (Laughing) Devan: What? Wengie: Do you get a point for that? Devan: No, I don’t even think, I’ve seen the show! There’s a show! Wengie: Oh, there’s a show! Devan: I’m scared, you have experience in every territory! I don’t know! Collins Key: I’m sitting down right here! Devan: What? You’re sitting down! There’s no room! Collins Key: Alright, it’s all good now! Devan: What? Collins Key: Like work! Wengie: They’re really tall! Wengie: They take a lot of room! Devan: This is definitely harder than any pancake I’ve ever done! Collins Key: Support, hello! Wengie: Ohh! Devan: I think I’m gonna start with the hair first! Collins Key: Well, don’t tell them your strategy, bro! Devan: What, no, I’m not gonna start with the hair, first! Wengie: Ohh! Devan & Wengie: I’m gonna start with the, the, um, wings, first! Wengie: Oh! Devan: That’s not what I’m gonna start with! Collins Key: Later, I believe! Like you! Collins Key: Like, this is me, this is, oh, like an easy image! Wengie: I know, you gotta draw it! Oh! Devan: I need a paper towel, I missed! Wengie, Devan & Collins Key: Uh! Oh! Ahhhhhh! Devan: This was a violation! I’m so sorry! *Music playing* Devan: Okay, alright, I got, uhhh! Collins Key: Oh, what, you, good, what’d you do? Devan: I forgot the eyes! Collins Key: Dude! Wengie: Ohh! That’s what I did the first round! Devan: Excuse me! Devan: It’s been a while since I’ve done this! Devan & Collins Key: Oh no, oh my gosh, how could you forget the eyes? I don’t know! Devan: I don’t know! (Silence) Collins Key: Bro, look at, look at her pony, bro! Devan: No, it’s nice, should I just start over, make a bigger one! Collins Key: I believe! Devan: Mine’s really small! Wengie: Yeah, I reckon you should start over! Collins Key: Let’s go! Collins Key & Devan: Just a little bit higher no, no, I don’t want a liar! No thank you, just kidding! *Music playing* Wengie: What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you? Collins Key: Oh, yeah, ur! Devan: Was it this challenge? Was it this challenge? (Noise) Wengie: This doesn’t look like much guys, this eye is gonna be the bomb! Wengie:You, just wait! Collins Key: Are you going? You’re gonna be the one eye strategy! Wengie: Oh, it doesn’t, oh, it has two eyes! Collins Key: Yeah! Wengie: How did I manage? Collins Key: Victory has been done! Wengie: Oh, I didn’t notice that! Devan: I might have a chance! Wengie: You shouldn’t give him a second chance like, this is looking really good! Collins Key: What? A, yo! (Laughing) *Music playing* Collins Key: You imagine what I would have done with this round! (Noise) Collins Key: I think I don’t have the patience for it, I look at the pancake, and I already wanted to eat it! *Music playing* Wengie & Collins Key: Well, we have many of these things, yep, ready! Devan: Alright! Wengie: And then, there’s the three of us, now! Devan: Oh, yeah, yeah, we got this, all of three of us, on one pancake! Wengie: Ready, guys! Devan: Ready! I’m gonna go for the tail because Collins want to go for the wings! Collins Key &: Yep! Oh, good, alright, let’s do this! Wengie: Are you giving me the whole other part of the? (Laughing) Devan: Yep! Wengie; Oh, no, you’re gonna give me the big piece! Wengie, Devan & Collins Key: Ohhhhhhh! Noo! Arghhhh! What did you do? Oh, no! Noooo! What did he do? Oh! Wow! Collins Key: I’m done! Devan: We just let these dry! Collins Key: I’m done! I’m gonna sit back over here, out, done! (Silence) Wengie: Where did Collins go? (Silence) Devan: Where did he go? Collins Key: I have time out, I’m gonna be here! (Laughing) Collins Key: Everyone makes mistakes! (Laughing) Wengie: You have time out! Pretty good! (Silence) Devan: That hair is gonna be! Wengie: Here, Collins! Collins Key: I probably shouldn’t! Wengie: Oh, okay! Devan: I trust you Collins! Collins Key: Alright! Devan: Round two! Wengie, Devan & Collins Key: Ohhhhhhhhh! No, it’s so delicate! Okay, what happened? Alright, ow, oooo, this is not so, no, it’s not ready, I’m gonna let it burn! If it’s a little burnt pony, that’s okay! Oh, okay, you got! Devan, Wengie & Collins Key: One, two, wait, stop, broken, it’s broken, oh, no! Devan: Because you jump on her end, you drop your end! Okay, oh, I’ll get it, oh, let’s leave it! *Music playing* (It’s time up! Time has stopped! It’s time to stop! No more!) Devan & Wengie & Collins Key: What, it’s going out like, urrr, ahhh, ahh, ohhhh! Dude, those eyes are on fleek! Oh! Wengie: That looks so good! Wengie, Devan & Collins Key: We need help, away, position, you know, what, I’m just gonna go solo in this one, okay, good choice, very good choice! I think I’ve got it, yeah! I got you! Oh, wow, alright, you got it! Ready, whoa! Wengie, Devan & Collins Key: Ohhhhhhhhh! That looks really good, see, you see, this was the result of me, forgetting there was a second eye! It just has this really weird eye! Vote down below, I’m gonna move on to the next challenge, which is a surprise! Wengie & Collins Key: Final round challenge, guys, but first, I need to send Devan back from where he came! True! (Clapping) Collins Key & Wengie: Oh, we, ow, where did he go? I have no idea, but I guess, you’re onto the next one! Wengie: I actually don’t know what this is gonna look like either, I thought it’d be fun to have the final challenge to be us making a pancake of our face! Collins Key: What? Wengie & Collins Key: You’re gonna draw Collins, oh no, I’m gonna draw Wengie! Collins Key: You have so much hair, hair to waffle them! (Laughing) Wengie: I reckon, this will be hilarious! Collins Key: Oh my gosh, alright! (Laughing) Collins Key: I’m down for it! Wengie: Alright! Wengie: The final challenge is your face! (Laughing) Collins Key: It said this is our last round, can I use up all the batter? Wengie: Yeah! (Noise) Collins Key: Okay! Wengie: Is that what your face really looks like though? Collins Key: Oh, you’re about to find out! (Laughing) Collins Key: After watching Devan do his beautiful work, I am now like kind of inspired, to do, um, do really good work, so prepare to be mind-blown! *Music playing* Wengie: You have their, um sparkly eyes! Collins Key: Well, you don’t even know what I’m going with this yet, do you? Wengie: Alright, I’m gonna go with the! Collins Key: Noo, why, this top, the top, top got me! (Laughing) Collins Key: The top kill the mojo, boom, eyeballs, done, and done, my eyebrows will be on fleek! Wengie: Oh, will they now, I have a lot of hair! Collins Key: She isn’t the best, your hair is looking so good, this isn’t even a fair thing, it should have ben I’m trying to draw Wengie, and she tries to draw me! *Music playing* Wengie: You have a green nose! Collins Key: Yeah, because just as, I’ll be great, thank you! (Laughing) Wengie: Sabotage! Collins Key: But, my mouth is like, when shooting out! Wengie: Oh! Collins Key: Yeah, yeah, that’s enough, that’s enough, Wengie, thank you very much! Wengie: How the hell are you gonna flip that? Collins Key: No – one knows! Collins Key: Not even me! (Laughing) Wengie: I can imagine like little Collin, coming home from kindergarten, to going like ‘ Mom, this is me!’ Wengie: Three, two, one! Wengie & Collins Key: Ohhhhhh! Wengie: There she is, my face! Yeah! Collins Key: That was awesome! Wengie: Okay, let me, let me do this thing! (Movement) Wengie: It looks like this, is how I did? Collins Key: The weights are now, I have to now recreate the faces I just made! Collins Key & Wengie: Three, two, one! Wengie & Collins Key: Ohhhhhh! Nooo! A soup! (Laughing) Collins Key: Holy cow! Wengie: I need you to do the best impression of your face! Collins Key: Yeah, whatever what am I even, it’s like, it’s like! (Noise) Wengie: Who won this round? I think it’s one of your best works yet! Collins Key: Clearly! Wengie: Time to eat the pancake, we’ve decided to eat our face! Collins Key: Yeah! Wengie: Alright, so we’re gonna like kill, and eat this and don’t forget to check out the video we did on his channel, super fun pranks! Collins Key: Right, you guys can check that video out down in the description down below! Oh my eyes, are about to pop out, today! Okay! Wengie: Wait, what? Wenge & Collins Key: Ahhhhhh! It’s so disturbing! Oh my god, it tastes so good! (Noise) Collins Key: You got out #keypersquad, make sure you guys subscribe to her channel, and give the video, a thumbs up, pajama party for the win! (Laughing) If you guys are #wengiecorns, don’t forget to join the #KeyPerSquad over in his channel, also we’re gonna be on ReactiCorns, this week! *Music playing* (Laughing) Wengie: That’s so cute! I love them! Wengie: That’s such a good drawing of Patrick, catchy, it’s like a zippy put on like rainbow cuffs! Max: Oh yeah, like gradient pant, good! The disco pants! Wengie: He’s from dirty one! Max: Oh, I never watched that! Wengie: Oh, really, he’s like nice, guys! I think you know him! Max: Oh! Wengie & Max: That’s so good! Wengie & Collins Key: Alright, guys, I hope you enjoyed this collab, and I’ll see you guys, next week, bye guys, love you, love you!

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    #1 Wengie won

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    #3 Wengie won

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    #5 Wengie won

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    Wengie won all the rounds

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    Team we give

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    Collins was flirting so much! I’m not mad about it

  51. Ardra Osborne says:


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    Lol i love that vid

  53. Ardra Osborne says:

    It’s a tie

  54. Patricia Little says:

    Im user meh moms phone

  55. Steve A. says:


  56. Patricia Little says:


  57. Steve A. says:


  58. Khloe Williams says:


  59. Khloe Williams says:


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  61. Crystal Morgan says:

    can I have it im your biggest fan

  62. Crystal Morgan says:


  63. Mia Angeles says:

    Team. Wengie

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    Did anybody else hear when G curse

  66. Gacha Rose Roppolo says:

    Wengie: "and you just think he's cute."
    Me: cough Devan cough is cuter.

  67. Sara Sara says:

    Wangle won the first one

  68. Sara Sara says:


  69. Brenda Baker says:

    winjy wins!

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    Like if you do and comment who you will draw with the batter

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    Round 2:Team Wengie💗
    Round 3:Team Wengie💗
    Round 4: Team Devankey
    Round 5:Round Wengie

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    Collin:200k likes!
    Video:2M LIKES

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    The boy won

  81. Gacha Queen says:


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