Paneer Lababdar | न प्याज़ न लहसुन ग्रेवी का राज़ जानेंगे तो हैरान रह जायेंगे | Paneer Recipe

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen Whenever we go to a restaurant On the menu, you have see Paneer Lababdar We liked it a lot Everyone likes to eat it by seeing it But Paneer Lababdar at home You can make it without Onion also Because it is the festive time We want some dishes without Onion So must try this So the Paneer we are going to make today Paneer Labalab Paneer Lababdar And today we are making it without onion So it will be very tasty And you will not be able to recognize that we didn’t add Onion in it So first of all, take 250 grams of Paneer(Cottage Cheese) I have cut it in the triangle shapes like this And I have put 1/2 cup of Milk in it Around 30 mins before Because of this, Paneer will get extra softer And 50-60 grams of Paneer from it It is 250 grams of Paneer in total So out of which 50-60 grams of Paneer, I have grated here So first of all, we will take a pan In that without Oil Around 2 tbsp of Gram Flour We will roast it See! To the Gram Flour At very slow flame Roast it till it turns light golden in colour Now we will take a pan Put 1 tbsp of Oil in it 1/2 tsp of Cumin Seeds 6-7 Black Pepper Balls 1 small piece of Cinnamon Stick 1 small Cardamom And a Bay leaf Now As we are not putting Onion in it So it is very much compulsory Generally its gravy is Very creamy and very much smooth So by putting Cashew Nuts in it A rich flavour will come in it I had put 1/4 cup of Cashew Nuts in it Like take 8-9 Cashew Nuts and make them half We will use them And if you don’t have Cashew Nuts Then you can put Melon seeds also Because it works the same in it Here I have taken 8-10 Cashew Nuts and make them half Roast them for a little And we have taken more Cashew Nuts because we are not using Onion in it Now don’t roast them too much just fry them for a little Here I am taking some Ginger around 1 inch I am taking a Green Chili that I have chopped We are not putting Garlic as we are not using Onion in it And take 2 big size Tomatoes I have chopped them roughly like this In Tomatoes We will put 1/2 tsp of Salt So that It will release its water And will get cooked Now we will put in it For a colour in it 1/2 tsp of Kashmiri Red Chili Powder It will make its colour so amazing Now put 1/2 cup of water in it Let them to be cooked If you want to add the Onion Then you can put Onion and Garlic with the Ginger and Green Chilies Saute it also After that put Tomatoes in it Now for 5 mins We will cook by covering it See! Tomato is perfectly cooked now Cashew Nuts also get soft Turn off the flame now We will let it for cooling down Then we will grind it Now See! It is completely cool down now Don’t grind it if it is hot Now we will make its paste Second thing I want to tell you Generally at home 1-2 tsp of Cream is used Because without Cream, Paneer looks incomplete It didn’t look like the hotel’s or restaurant’s Paneer So the fresh Cream available at home We have to filter it with the strainer like this And if we remove the thick part from it The leftover part in the bowl is It is so amazing and you can see it is thick So we can use this Cream No need to open the box If we open the packet of Cream worth 50-60 rupees But if we will not use it later then it will be wasted Because its time period is only for 2-3 days So you can follow this trick at home Your dish will become so amazing Now we will take the same pan in we had cooked the Tomatoes Around 2-2.5 tbsp of Oil will be put in it We have made it so plain We have made it in this way by grinding it The gravy is so amazing Now the Oil is heated Don’t heat it too much Put 1/2 tsp of Kashmiri Red Chili Powder And don’t let it to be burnt The colour will be so good Put in it This The paste that we have made Now in this, put 2 tsp of Roasted Gram Flour That will Work as Onion in it Normally used spoons at home Put 1 spoon of Coriander Powder Put some Turmeric Powder Here I am taking some generally used Red Chili Powder We have put the Salt already in it We will put some more Salt in it around 1/2 tsp Put 1/2 tsp of Cumin Powder Put 1/2 tsp of Sugar See! In the mixer jar So much of paste is in it Put 1/2 cup of Water in it Now put this water in it Because of the Gram Flour, the gravy becomes so thick So plain and so amazing Gravy is ready now Let it to be cooked for sometime by covering it After 5 mins, we will check it See! The gravy is cooked so perfectly with the masalas Now we will put in it Some Dried Fenugreek Leaves On the Tawa I have Roasted it So that its flavour will increase We will put some Garam Masala Now the milk that we had put in the Paneer We will put that milk in the gravy Now here I have the cream, that is only for the decoration Now if we don’t have the cream Then also it is okay Without Onion and Garlic Without Cream This Paneer will be ready And because of adding Milk The Paneer is Milk I have put in it was little warm So that the Paneer gets so soft Now we will put in it Grated Paneer It is the identity of this and it must be added in it We will not stir it too much Turn the flame completely slow now And now we will put Paneer pieces in it And there is no need to cook this paneer too much Only for 2 mins by covering it Put some Coriander Leaves Cook it for 2 mins by covering it See! Paneer Lababdar Paneer Labalab We call it Very amazing and very soft I have keep 1-2 pieces of Paneer aside for decoration Because I need it Or you can add all the Paneer as well And it is perfectly ready now Without Onion and you will not recognize That in this gravy You can see its gravy You will not recognize at all that we didn’t put Onion in it You were requesting for so long that make something without Onion Generally I told you that don’t add Onion here But today it is 100% without Onion and Garlic You can make it at any festival At Karvachauth or at Diwali Or a day before or enjoy it at anytime, it will be like a party Serve Naan or Kulcha Or Rice or anything with it Now we will turn off the flame So I know that you will like this recipe 100% If you liked my video so please like it Share it as much as you can Must subscribe this channel.

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