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The highlands of Papua New Guinea are north of Australia. The Eneca have gathered to make mono, an old recipe that everyone pitches in to prepare There’s no need to borrow a lighter in order to build a good fire here. That’s right. They do things the old fashioned way, and they follow the traditional rituals. Their cooker is a fire pit dug in the ground where they heat up stones. Then they’ll use it as an oven. Monos are small sweet plantains that they grate into a soft mass with a stick of bamboo. The plantain mash is kind of thick and looks like a béchamel sauce. Then they’ll add yams, pumpkin, maize and potatoes. They fill the fire pit with herbs and banana leaves. Then they’ll add several layers of hot rocks, separating them from the food with more banana leaves. The goal is for the food to cook without burning the banana leaves. This requires a lot of patience as the banana leaves have to be kept wet the whole time The primitive but efficient pressure cooker will begin to work now. It’s slow, but it will never explode. And two hours later the food will be ready. Now we can remove the leaves and enjoy the delicious aroma. It’s important to be careful with the stones, because they’re still hot. Finally the food is served. This bamboo dish is helpful for keeping up table manners. No-one should get more than his share; that would cause a conflict. This mono is cooked just the way I like it. It’s hard, though, to please everyone.

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