Pavlova Recipe In The Rice Cooker (Soft Meringue)

Hello friends, we are making a deliciously sweet pavlova. or meringue, in the rice cooker today take your egg whites and use your stand or hand mixer to whip air into them it take some time until it starts forming soft peaks be patient let me add that this is the fourth time I tried making this in the rice cooker. The previous three times were a huge, huge fail. The first one, I didn’t whip the eggs long enough. The second, I didn’t add enough sugar. The third, I didn’t incorporate the sugar till blended. This one… This one was amazing. So be patient with this. Once you have soft peaks go ahead and add your sugar one spoonful at a time. The finer your sugar is The easier it will blend in. Once it’s all incorporated and melted into the fluffy egg whites keep whipping till it’s nice and glossy. put it between your fingers. If you don’t feel the sugar, it’s incorporated. at this point you can add your vinegar and cornflour. While till blended. Take baking paper and line your rice pot. Cut off the excess. Put in your egg mixture. Make sure to smooth it out. Place it in your rice cooker and if you have a brown rice setting or a longer rice setting, pick that. It will take about two or three times, so keep an eye on it You want it to be slightly browned. Once it’s all done cooking, take it out of the rice cooker by lifting the paper on both sides, or by placing a plate over the pot and flipping it. I lifted the paper out of the pot unwrapped it and I placed the plate on top and flipped it over. If you want it to be browned on top and bottom you could flip it over and place it back in the rice cooker for another cycle or two. this is so crispy on the outside has a
marshmallow like center super sweet her little whipped cream and
berries would be perfect we have blueberries on hand but strawberries
raspberries and blackberries would make would make a beautiful addition. I really hope you enjoy this recipe. traditionally this is made in an oven so I was determined to try this. and make it oven free. If you have any requests… Please let me know in the comments Thank you for watching. Take care.

3 comments on “Pavlova Recipe In The Rice Cooker (Soft Meringue)”

  1. TheSquishyMonster says:

    Well, this one was just perfect, Annie.  Love that you kept at it.  Thanks for sharing, y friend!

  2. Come back hanbin says:

    When u say 2 or 3 times, do you mean how much rounds it needs.

  3. jaine hidalgo says:

    Where is the ingredients measurement?

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