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Hey guys! In this video I’ll share how to make Peppered
Chicken! How to get those pieces of chicken popping
red and tasting spicy. Here are the ingredients you will need! OK. The quantity of pepper to use depends
on you. If you are in Nigeria, you can use only tatashe
peppers, they are hot enough to get the chicken spicy. For those outside Nigeria, this is the pepper
I’ll be using. They have a nice taste and will get the peppered
chicken popping red! And because they are not spicy, I will be
adding scotch bonnet peppers. You can use only scotch bonnet peppers if
you want. But the quantity of peppers that will get
the chicken red will be too spicy. Clean and season the chicken with seasoning
cubes, thyme and diced onions. I’m using the hard chicken because it tastes
much better than the rooster. You can add other seasonings you like but
it is best to keep it simple. Mix very well, cover and place in the fridge
to marinate for at least 1 hour. After 1 hour, transfer the chicken to a pot
and start cooking. While you are waiting, clean and cut the peppers
into small pieces then run a hand blender through it a few times. The aim here is to give this a rough blend. You can use any blender that allows you to
do this without adding water. If you only have a normal blender, add just enough water to help the blades of
your blender move. This is what it should look like when you
are done. When the chicken is done, take them off and
place in the oven to grill at the temperatures shown on the
screen. Turn them around from time to time so they
will brown evenly. Because I am also cooking Jollof Rice today, I used the stock to prepare the Jollof Rice. If you are not cooking any other thing, store
the chicken stock in the freezer, it will come in handy some other time. The chicken is ok when they are golden all
over. Next, pour a small amount of vegetable oil
into a pot and when hot, pour the pepper and start frying on medium
heat. Fry, fry, fry till there’s no more water and
you see the oil seeping out like this. Add the grilled chicken. Stir very well till every inch of the pieces
of chicken is coated with pepper. Add salt if necessary and that’s it! Serve with any Nigerian rice dish. It goes well with Nigerian salad, Moi Moi
or you can serve it on its own with a chilled
drink. Enjoy!

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  1. Flo Chinyere says:

    Peppered Chicken!
    Delicioussss but mind the pepper. 😉

  2. Lukwasa says:

    Can I freeze it?

  3. Simone Moise-Olusola says:

    Definitely making some of this chicken this weekend!

  4. Gorgeous21 says:

    Yay i miss u flo!:)

  5. Mary Olaleye says:

    Can i freeze it?

  6. Zomiks202 says:

    Honestly speaking! I was planning on making this for easter but had no idea what and what to use. I have attended parties where this was served and thought I could make it myself. I kept cracking my head on how best to make it and booom! Your alert came in…lol!
    You saved a life! Hugs and kisses to you! Anything pepper-ish or spicy, count me in…

  7. Van Leo says:

    oh man this looks delicious, i wish i can get the ingredients here in my country. Indians we are so used to heat. 🙂

  8. Harry Ikponmwen says:

    Wow! So tasty

  9. Harry Ikponmwen says:

    And delicious food

  10. Journey-Divine says:


  11. Mrs.Digioia Pike says:

    Popping red! Love it .

  12. marianne nan says:

    i love your videos.:)

  13. Favour Queen says:

    I will definitely make it today

  14. Karen Cas says:

    This would be a delicious alternative to the "buffalo wings or hot wings" you eat in restaurants or cook at home. Will be cooking this soon.

  15. Brown skin Bella says:

    I only have scotch bonnet where I live. Any other peppers to substitute for the red color?

  16. Nancey Jones says:

    I've never cooked chicken wings like that, this looks absolutely delicious I will have to try it

  17. Christiana Ojiako says:

    looks supper yummy and i definitely will be making this at the next gathering in my home. i use a pepper called Shepherds pepper in the absence of Tatashi.

  18. Janice Trmaforosh Im No Chef Get Me Out Of Here says:

    Jokessss @ The throat clearing..Looks delicious!

  19. Ginikachi Onuorah says:

    can I fry in shallow oil if i dont have an oven?

  20. Acher vice says:

    Please can i fry instead of grill the chicken?

  21. Ayodeji Fola-Owolabi says:

    this is my next project, thanks for sharing.

  22. NG's Evidence says:

    I made this last night, added a dash of salt and knorr to the fried pepper, it was amazing! Thank u!

  23. Ayodeji Fola-Owolabi says:

  24. Ayodeji Fola-Owolabi says:

    it came out well.

  25. Chi says:

    Can I use boneless chicken?

  26. Amina Lawal says:

    Still wondering why am single thou

  27. Aisha Hammawa says:


  28. mummy sho says:

    Hi Aunty
    I noticed u used a pressure cooker 2 boil d chicken but did not seem 2 c any water added 2 d chicken in d pressure cooker at d time ??Also no salt was added either?? I only noticed u added salt while turning it in d put ??Just wanted 2 double check bcos am not good at preparing anything chicken related and needed 2 b sure of d steps 2 follow..

  29. Farouq Omar says:

    i noticed you put the chicken on fire without water and when it was done there was water in the pot also how many minutes to let the chicken cook?

  30. mrsJessy musical band says:

    can I also add fresh tomato

  31. Happiness Charles says:

    I love this woman's accent

  32. Mr Colemore says:

    I like her accent, cute

  33. missy darl says:

    Thanks for this video love u 😍 😍 😍

  34. hotties3v3n says:


  35. Ella mojeed says:

    I try it and it was ymmmmmmm

  36. ojo Oluwabukola says:

    Can i fry d chicken instead of grilling it

  37. Chinelo Kinrin says:

    I love the part where you say "ENJOYYYYYY". thanks for the recipes ma.

  38. marianne nan says:

    I did this yesterday. I was soo delicious 😋

  39. Mac pere says:

    It’s my first time of preparing pepper chicken and thanks to your recipe it was delicious 💋❤️❤️

  40. Semmyheart says:

    Yeeeey I tried cooking it today and guess what?…..the result was yummy 🤤, thanks sis😁

  41. macissé touré says:

    Aunty Flo diaris godooooooohhhh😂😂😂😂

  42. nj debra says:

    I love youuuuuuuuu

  43. Oba Trusted says:

    Hello pls what if I don't have oven?

  44. ajay usiagwu says:

    Life saver 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  45. Inspiration Saveur Culinaire says:


  46. Arlene John says:

    thanks flo for your pepper chicken resepi

  47. Arlene John says:

    i spell recipes wrong the time sorry about that .

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