Perfect Roast Ham with Marmalade Glaze | Jamie Oliver

Hi guys! Hope you’re well. So I am gonna hold
your hand through preparing, making and roasting the most amazing Christmas
roast ham with black pepper marmalade – which is a classic. It’s delicious. So
what we have here is a four, four and a half kilo chunk of gammon. This is
already been salted but it’s not cooked. So what we do is we put it in a massive
pot, let it sit in that water for maybe an hour or two, get rid of that water. That’s not cooked, right, so we need to poach that. Put it on a heat with some
root vegetables, carrots, celery – you can put garlic in there if you want, a little
bouquet garni or a mixture of herbs. I’ve got some orange zest in mine, peppercorns,
and we’ll slowly poach that for an hour and a half. Now I’ve done that so what we
have here now is the skin attached to the fat. So I’ll remove the string like
that and then I need to just pull them out like this. Now what we’re gonna try
and do is keep as much as the fat on this as possible. We’re now just gonna take a little pride in removing the skin but also evening
out the fat so it’s basically about that much all the way around. So we’ve trimmed
that skin off, now I want to use the knife to lightly score the fat, and what
that’s gonna do is two things- it’s gonna give you this kind of texture that
allows the oven to render the fat quicker and go crispier, and once you’ve
gone across the whole ham then simply turn it across the other way and we’ll
go in at crisscross. It’s really easy, it’s really fun. Don’t spend hours and
hours doing this, you’ve got way too much to do at this time of year. So now I’m
gonna put this in the oven for about 20 minutes, just to get the fat going and
sizzling, right. So the oven is at 170 degrees Celsius, which is 325
Fahrenheit, and then I’ll come back and I’ll show you what to do next. Okay
lovely people, so it’s had 20 minutes and in that 20 minutes it’s just enough time
to get a sizzle on. We’re gonna take a little spoon out, you can angle the tray
a little bit, so we’ve already got juices coming out and we can start the basting
process. What we’ve done is just open up this texture to receive flavour. Now, you
can see I’m dusting this quite generously with black pepper and I like
that kick. Salt is already in this story so we don’t need to go anywhere near
salt. So on the marmalade, to get that on the top and the heat will
just start to naturally melt it anyway. So as time goes on, it gets thicker and
thicker until it can’t run off anymore and that is when you achieve perfection. You can see now can’t you, that by creating those little criss crosses it’s
clinging on. Black pepper and marmalade, an amazing combination with that
beautiful ham. Look at that! So this goes in the oven
now for an hour and it’s going to go back in at 170 degrees Celsius, 325
Fahrenheit, and that temperature is a good one because it’s not too hot, it’s
not too cool, and over that hour it’s slowly gonna caramelise and kind of get
tighter and thicker and stick to it more and keep glazing it until it is a thing
of beauty. Right, back in the oven, Okay, so this bad boy’s been going for
about half an hour, let’s have a look. Come on! Look at that! Let’s get basting. You get some of those juices going with a spoon by all means. What I’ve done is get a load of rosemary and tie it up and create a rosemary
brush. Now you might think I’m mad but I’m gonna use the rosemary brush to not
only input flavour but also pick up that lovely marmalade and put it back on
the ham. It smells amazing. Oh my lord! Back in you go, another 20
minutes to go. So that beautiful ham has had a lot of
love, care and attention. It’s been poached and it’s been roasted and glazed. Here we are. Oh my lord, look! Look at that! Guys, look at it! Absolutely stunning! Shining, salty, sweet gorgeousness. So
let’s get this onto a board. Now while that is still warm, just put the last
remnants of that amazing marmalade on top. As it cools down, it will kind of
firm up. I want you to go back to your black pepper and, trust me, a beautiful
dusting is going to make a massive difference. It’s gonna be so good. Guys
look at that! Come on! That’s what we wanted – juicy, juicy inside and that
gnarly caramelised golden outside. And no matter how you serve that – whether
it’s with a big old buffet, salads, cheese’s, breads, or with some mashed potato or fried egg or
some bubble and squeak – that my friends is one hell of a beautiful Christmas
roast ham. Enjoy.

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