Perfect White Rice – Electric Pressure Cooker

hey it’s Peter Gregg I’m in the kitchen
and today I’m going to use the electric pressure cooker which is this baby right
here and I’m gonna make rice which is probably one of the easiest possible
recipes to make is rice so but what you do get is you get some of the best
possible rice Rice’s Reese’s no that would be the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
and we’re not doing Reese’s peanut butter cups we’re doing rice just
regular plain white rice but I know a lot of new people have purchased an
electric pressure cooker of some type they are probably a very very very very
indispensable tool for the kitchen maybe one out of a hundred will go yeah I
could take it or leave it but most people go like I cook with this thing
five to ten times a week I cook with it once or twice a day
I make hard-boiled eggs I make rice I make Greek rice which is called rice
pilaf or pilaf II I make baby back ribs I make sweet potatoes I make the most
awesome vegetable soup here let me show you something I’m going to step out of
the frame I do have the lapel mic on so you can hear me while I’m coming over
here to get this but I’m getting this out of the freezer and this is vegetable
soup frozen that I vacuum packed and I got about 15 or 20 of these in the
freezer right now and I made it in mostly 99% in the many of you guys are
gonna call it the infant pot because that’s the most popular on the market
right now but there’s other brands honest I promise so this is what my
vegetable soup is it’s fresh from scratch meaning everything that I made
in here is fresh let’s put this back in the freezer
and I’m going to close the door I’m gonna pick up the magnet that fell off
of the refrigerator and I’m not gonna grunt aah
oh I grunted anyway okay so how do we make rice now many people will want to
take and butter their pan this is what the pan looks like I suggest if you’re
gonna get one of these as a matter of fact go in the link below or go to slash shop slash Peter Gregg Amazon gave me my own page that whatever
it is that I want to show you you can go there you can click on it you can read
on it and I will show you the pressure cooker that I think that you should be
purchasing now but the one that I have is a little older but it’s stainless
steel 18/8 or 8/10 so this is a good quality stainless steel much better than
the Teflon ones because the Teflon one scratches so what do you need to make
rice basically you need two things one to button your shoe now let’s not go
there okay you’re gonna get rice now there’s different kinds of rice I’m
using Mahatma rice now many people say you gotta rinse your rice and many
people say you don’t have to rinse your rice the good news is it’s not something
that’s at a fervent like I’ll kill you if you don’t have reach your rice you
know how people can get like super passionate about what they do so I’m
gonna rinse it because I can so you can use a lot of spoons or tablespoons or
you can use this and this is just one cup I’m going to put one cup of rice
here I’m gonna come over to the sink and I’m just gonna gently rinse this and you
know what very little of the rice dust that polishes the rice is coming off now
there are certain Rice’s that I believe you mandatorily should rinse and that’s
the one that starts with a be like Boss ami or something something like that
and then there’s another one that’s starts with a J and that’s Jasmine I
would rinse those for sure again it’s optional I’m not gonna have a fit and
cry and scream and kick on the counter if you don’t now the white dust is
starting to come out of the bottom and that white dust is just simply because
they’ve polished the rice so I’m going to turn off the water I’m going to tap a
tap a tap out tap a tap a tap up tap the tap atop I get the water out then I’m
gonna come over here and I’m going to put the rice right into my pressure
cooker I’m gonna put this over here alright so I don’t need to have the rice
open anymore so I’m gonna close it because I try to be clean and neat when
I cook which does not happen very often so if you use one cup of rice the rule
is one cup of rice this is my rule there’s a lot of rules okay and two cups
of water now this is plain white rice nothing special so this is one cup of
water and then there’s a second cup of water and I turn off the water so you
could hear that I turned it off okay now I’m going to very very gently stir
this so that the rice is kind of evenly laid out in there
rather than making a hot spot as a matter of fact I’m gonna clear a circle
in the center because that’s where the heating element is alright so after I do
that voila I’m pretty much done for the
preparations this is the lid you’re gonna put your lid on and you’re gonna
turn it I’m gonna turn this a little bit so I can see it now here’s where the
trick comes in and this is a trick alright because if you look at your
electric pressure cooker you’ve got a button for rice you do look at your
electric pressure cooker there’s a button that says rice is the one on here
that says rice yep there sure is but I’m not going to use that I’m going to just
use the regular pressure cooker button and I’m going to set it for three
minutes or four minutes you the test that once or twice depending on
your altitude for three minutes is fine here so I push it three times and that
allows three minutes and then I press my Start button so and then I want to make
sure that the pressure thing is in the down position and not the up position or
net it’ll never build up pressure so it’s going to bring it up the pressure
after it brings it up to pressure it’s going to trigger off the timer and it’s
going to start coming down until it finishes in three minutes now here’s
where the trick is you don’t release it because there’s you two kind of releases
you can do with the electric pressure cooker you can do a manual release which
means you turn this to the up position and the steam comes out or you just walk
away and let it release on its own so the three minute goes with a natural
release meaning you set it to three minutes and then until you can actually
open the cover again and it releases the lock pin the one that’s there for safety
so that you don’t blow up you’re gonna leave it alone so that
takes about an additional 20 minutes and you go Peter what about I’m saving the
saving time I can cook rice in 20 minutes
well there’s a couple of things going on here number one everything is timed now
you can get a a rice machine to do that for you but this is also under pressure
so under pressure is actually going to infuse any type of flavors which we
didn’t add any okay into the item that you’re cooking and it’s not letting the
air escape so actually it’s keeping it in a much moisture environment meaning
your enzymes and all the stuff that’s the good part of rice if there’s any
good part of white rice right is state gets gonna stay in there
alright so I’m gonna stop the video now and I’m gonna come back when we’re done
because it will be here for 20 minutes so I’m going to talk to you for 20
minutes well let’s see what can I talk about okay I’ll be back in about 20
minutes we’ll open the top and we’ll see what the rice looks like alrighty I am
back the time was actually less than 20
minutes and as you can see I can turn and open this you can raise your steam
thing for safety nothing there’s no pressure in here at all but there is
water so I’m going to lift it away from my face I’m gonna put it down normally
there’s a hook over here that I could put it on get a get a fork out of the
drawer and let’s take a look at the rice Wow
beautiful fluffy rice look at that the bottom is not burnt and the rice is
actually beautiful there’s a little burnt not that’s not burnt there’s no
burnt rice in here I’m looking for any burnt rice so this is how it looks now
if you want to be fancy when you plate it get a little cup like like a coffee
cup or something to that effect sorry for the noise
and a plate gosh I’m into cameras you think I’d know
better than to have white plates right so now I’m gonna take some of this I’m
gonna spoon it right in do this I’m gonna put it in there probably should
have put some butter in there then I’m going to turn it upside down on the
plate oh look at that take a look at that the beauty the beauty of a nicely
plated rice now where does this let rice tastes like tastes like rice what else
would it taste like let’s find out actually it’s very well done not too
soft to make it mushy but not too hard where you know the guy that was cooking
it didn’t cook it right so I would add a little bit of salt on there now and let
the people put anything else they want on there like butter so there’s electric
pressure Grice right there so easy three minutes
natural release fluff up your rice you’re done
oh don’t forget if you want the link to the pressure cooker that I suggest it
should be in your kitchen also any of the notes pertaining to the show in the
description below you’re done okay Peter Gregg in the kitchen catch you later bye bye

5 comments on “Perfect White Rice – Electric Pressure Cooker”

  1. Wannabe Better says:

    Yum Peter, can't live without my InstaPot! Best hundred bucks I ever spent 🙂 I came from your photo channel and just adore you!

  2. julianjfranco says:

    6:13 Peter, you're always a great time! You can say the simplest things and make it so funny/interesting. I do have a rice button! Great Tips!!!! 

    The LIVE Taste test was awesome! 10/10

  3. Phillip George says:

    Interesting. I use a 1:1 ratio by weight. So I put my insert on the scale, tare, put in 1 cup of rice (8 oz), tare, then I rinse the rice thoroughly. Afterwards I put it back on the scale and put in enough water to make it 8 ounces. 3 minutes high pressure, 10 minutes natural release.

  4. spyder000069 says:

    Setup looks nice!

  5. Linda Thompson says:

    How about brown rice? How long would you set the pot? Thx

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