Pinoy Breakfast (Danggit, Tuyo, at Sinangag)

Danggit mmm~
Crunchy hey guys! I’m Vanjo Merano of I’m here in the Philippines Good morning Philippines! Let’s have breakfast since last night I’ve been thinking of cooking Sinangag, Tuyo at Danggit (Fried Rice and Dried Fish), sounds good? come with me then tuyo. This is flat, I’m not sure what that means this is the boneless danggit but before that, we’ll cook the garlic fried rice I’m sure we’ll cook it the same way. We need garlic of course let me get my utensils here’s the knife and gloves (so I won’t need to wash my hands) here’s the garlic crush the garlic to separate them then crush the garlic one by one to remove the skin, if you have mortar and pestle it would be easier but I want to show how to do it manually so here’s the cloves I’m knife to press this to crack this and crush. So take this off separate the clove from the skin. Let me get a container so let’s crush this get ready with the left over rice I suggest you use left over rice. In case you have a newly cooked rice, wait for it to cool down so the rice won’t stick together don’t use a sticky type of rice in your fried rice, ok? I’ll prepare this later. Let me go back to the garlic. We’ll cook these outside later so the smell won’t stay in the kitchen here’s my humble kitchen. See? our kitchen here in Philippines is smaller than what we have in Chicago. But it’s fully functional you can reach everything in one spot, see? let me just finish this then prepare the rice, ok mince the garlic. Cut it finely it requires effort but you’ll get use to it once you have enough practice repeat this step until you reach the desired chop for the garlic I prefer finely chopped. So I’ll chop this further I’ll use my hands. I washed my hands. Make sure your hands are clean if you’re doing this the garlic is ready. Next is rice rice not grains the preparation for the rice is separate the rice from each other using your hands. I’ll use gloves if you don’t have gloves, you can use bare hands. Wash your hands to avoid contamination you’re not the only one who’ll eat this. You’re serving other people too there’s a shortcut method. I’m not sure with the method you have there. Oh, look at the gloves. Haha the gloves is quite small for my size if I have a big hand, it means… I have a big hand. Ok go. Here we go this is simple. Here’s the rice before I mash. I won’t mash this totally, I just need to separate the pieces of rice add salt right away this makes it flavorful. Salt and garlic are the keys for this after salt, let me put this back. It’s quite cramp in here in the kitchen so there you go I’m using bare hands as you can see and once it’s ready, were ready to go and cook outside, beside our house. Our garlic fried rice and of course who will not get excited about this tuyo, right? my wife is the camerawoman right now are you excited for the garlic fried rice and tuyo? opo opo huh? You’re like me huh? you mean girl. You’re imitating me can you say it one more time opo? hey speak out. Don’t be shy so what are we gonna do with the fried rice? let’s cook the fried rice then the fish let’s start ok, let’s start. You mean girl let’s go!
ok, let’s start. You mean girl ok, let’s start. You mean girl ok this is ready. So let’s prepare the equipment and let’s cook the fried rice here’s the teaser, the tuyo, see? it smells so good. Who among of you loves tuyo? Please post your comments and here’s the danggit, the never ending danggit. This is one of my favorites too but the problem is, tell me if you agree. The rice is not enough, right? do you agree that the rice i not enough? with the spicy vinegar with a lot of chili. Mmm~ I’m excited, let’s start! we’re now ready to cook the garlic fried rice. I have here my stove this is our portable stove. You might hear a lot of noise because we’re outside the house right now, so please bear with me. First and foremost, let’s turn on the stove of course we need heat for cooking. Let me peek here why is it taking so long? there you go! At last! I added cooking oil in the wok you may use any type of pan. I added oil beforehand here’s the rice and garlic. Let’s just wait for this to heat up and guys, just remember to add sufficient cooking oil. Do not add too much oil. You may start with small amount then add little by little, ok? another technique, let me put this down for a moment the floor is clean so I’ll just put it down here you may add the garlic halfway while heating the oil to prevent the garlic from burning so the oil and garlic will heat up consecutively. So it will turn brown eventually while I’m cooking, our neighbor is cleaning their car so you can hear the vacuum cleaner. I hope you can still hear me see this? this is what I love in the Philippines. I miss the various sounds it’s not that quiet. It’s like -Manila, Manila. I don’t want to sing anymore different sounds. There are howling dogs, tricycle going back and forth in front of your house, a man yelling taho! then talking people outside the house. Those are the things I miss here in Philippines OFWs out there, do you miss those too? I miss it because in America, it’s too quiet unlike here, wow. Really wow notice, this is cooked perfectly. It’s not burnt if we heat the oil completely before adding the garlic, tendency is the outer part of the garlic will turn brown eventually will turn black but the inside is not yet cook see? So this is ready. Let’s get the rice we have prepared the rice. Let’s put the rice before the garlic burns now, let’s turn the heat to low turn down the heat. Then stir Here in Philippines, it’s quite cloudy here. Earlier it was sunny but it’s rainy it’s so hot and humid but will rain in the afternoon. I don’t know I feel like getting sick even our housemates can’t tolerate the weather so it’s not just us so if some of you who wants to go back to Philippines sometime in July, August. It’s rainy and sunny so be ready but of course Philippines is still the best I’m stirring while cooking to make sure it’s evenly distributed 3-5 min. to cook this totally I chopped the garlic finely so we can distribute in the rice while cooking so every bite you can enjoy the taste of garlic flavor for the garlic lovers out there, you’ll surely enjoy this one more, the coagulated rice press to separate the pieces. This is our chance to do this if you weren’t able to finely separate them in the manual method earlier ok, it’s ready the garlic fried rice is ready. Next are tuyo and danggit Mi, is danggit your favorite? yes “yes” your answers are always short Danggit is my favorite what’s your favorite dip for danggit? Ketchup? toasted danggit toasted danggit vinegar oh vinegar. I thought ketchup joke! Who among of you dip danggit with ketchup? I don’t. For those who do, is it nice? share your thoughts! Next are the fish this is good. Let’s now turn this off I’ll prepare the finished product then next is the pan for the fish alright, the fish is ready. There are so many flies. They smell the fish let me hide the cooking oil for the fish, let’s heat up the pot, no I mean pan of course make sure there is fire. I can see the propane coming out. Ok there you go heat this up. So here’s our fish alright. Cooking oil. The amount should be enough only. Not too much, not too few and share how you make danggit and tuyo. So what I do here let me cook the danggit first. If I cook the tuyo first, the taste will adhere in the danggit let the cooking oil heat up see the tuyo? later the fly will all come here. They’re now attracted that’s the only problem. In Philippines, there’s a lot of flies out there so like what they say, deal with it. So let’s just deal with the flies remove the cover there you go there are tricycles out there. I miss riding on tricycles. Later I’ll ride one because our car is coding I’ll take tricycle and jeep. I miss them while heating up, let’s see then add the danggit, one by one. They are small I’m don’t want to burn these so I’ll put them before the oil’s heat is at it’s peak because the danggit can be easily cook so fry it. Hey don’t get too near, the oil might splatter be careful with your fair skin see? smells good! smells good, huh? This is really good our neighbors are looking at us. The danggit is really delicious! You want to eat? Let’s eat later wow! So fragrant! Smells so good! see? There you go flip it mmm~ smells good
right delicious!
Yeah here in our subdivision, there’s L300 van that serves as the jeep inside the subdivision the road in front of our house is so busy there you go. Adjust the heat to medium ok then remove from heat. Oh smells good! did you know? I’m eating danggit even without rice because it’s so good. It’s like chicharon no need to dip in a spicy vinegar. Do you like that too? Or you prefer it with vinegar we have different preference so this is ok, we don’t want this to get burnt smells so good let’s put them all at once because I cannot wait anymore. There you go! 2 more left. The cooking oil is hot so be careful, ok? Don’t get too near I’m ok ok, let’s show them how this goes. When we cook the second batch, it’s more wild unlike the first batch, it’s still demure because the oil is still in process of getting hot. The second batch is like cooking kropek (chips). Have you tried cooking kropek? when you cook it, it’ll immediately rise like flower so you should keep an eye on this so while waiting, I’ll tell you a story. What should I do? Ummm.. I want to explore the Philippines more we’re in Cavite area right now. We don’t want to move to far from here. What place can you suggest? Cavite or Metro Manila area. What places would you suggest. Please don’t hesitate to tell us. So we can pay a visit and feature the place too. What good restaurants do we have here? do you have your favorite restaurants within the areas or nearby areas? so we can try it out danggit is ready we don’t this burnt because it’s bitter we have here small danggit. It’s very crunchy this is now very hot, so let me lower down the the fire. And can you see the flies around? Oooh fiesta! they are having a feast. So let me.. Let me just put this inside. Then I’ll get another plate we don’t want to waste the danggit. And we’ll cool the oil down a bit so here’s the tuyo. The cooking oil is still hot I haven’t turn on the heat yet. Let’s add the tuyo now we’ll turn on the heat again once it has cooled down a bit it’s already tuyo (dry) so we don’t want this to burn haha here goes our smelly but lovely tuyo this is a (lapad) wide type of fish I’m not really sure if the size is wide or the type of fish is called lapad so if you know how to describe this. What do you think, my?
maybe the neighbors’ dogs can smell the tuyo too. I’m now turning on the heat the dogs thought they can eat tuyo too. But later these will be all finished Oh! This is also good with tomatoes
yes but we only have 1 tomato left too bad.. this portable stove is giving me a hard time ok finally! Is it? Is it? If I get burn, it means it has fire. Oh there it is! I cannot see the fire clearly. Ok, alright so the tuyo is easily cooked because the cooking oil is still hot (we used this in the danggit earlier). It’s submerged in cooking oil but that’s ok flip to cook it evenly, right? it starts to smell now. Mmm~ smells good the flies are now coming for a feast did you know? If you cook tuyo in America. They’ll look at you with a frown. But here in Philippines, they’ll look at you smiling because it smells good for them, too, like us! so there you go. Do not over cook or it will be burnt and taste bitter then come with me as we eat this you’ll witness my and Dai’s reaction on these and we’re so excited to eat this let’s go inside to avoid the flies so guys, here’s our tuyo. Mmm~ smells good and danggit this is very crunchy we’ll eath these
yummy! guys, here’s my wife, Dai to contrast the fishy taste. Here are some fruits to make the dining table presentable here’s the garlic fried rice. Let’s eat! and hot coffee. I’ll drink this later so I won’t burn my tongue ok here take the rice first I’ll give you some rice. Isn’t it sweet? Watch out for ants! thank you! tell me if it’s enough, ok?
yeah don’t put too much rice
is it too much? I’ll some rice too. Then, is the garlic enough for you? yes what’s good here in Philippines is if we want to have breakfast or any meal, you can just go to the nearby store yeah or neighbor
yes, the neighbors let’s eat! I’m hungry haha ok, eat up danggit smells good eat up, I’ll just get vinegar I need vinegar for this dish this is the dangerous part. Why dangerous? because of.. chili! Delicious chili, not just 2 ok. Because we bought a lot of chili from the market and fresh. Unlike in mid west, chili like this is expensive expensive and it’s frozen or starting to rot how many chilis you want? 2 only
ok 2 1, 2 mine is few only. It’s 1, 2, 3, 4…6! yours is too much
hehehehehe let’s make out of the most because we’re here in Philippines andto make this more delicious. There you go crushed you’re just boasting if you put 6 chili without crushing them it’s no use me too, I want vinegar ok here’s your vinegar there you go and pepper chili plus pepper crush the chili well yeah but you took the spoon from me sorry
hehehe don’t worry. That’s ok then.. Which one should I try first. Tuyo or danggit? while you do that, I’ll take a bite on this one eat up
oh no! It fell hehe what a waste it fell on the floor let me put this on the side here let me do it for you salamat one more danggit, it’s delicious. Although it’s salty it’s yummy mmm~ come, let’s eat
thank you let’s eat this danggit is good with vinegar but don’t dip it too long, the crunch will wear out and we weren’t able to ask for tomatoes from the neighbors. So this 1pc. of tomato we’ll just, share with it I sliced it danggit, mmm~ wow
yummy yummy we’re using bare hands mmm~ wow. Do you want tuyo?
uh-huh take some I’m having danggit first
ok. I’m taking tuyo tuyo and danggit, actually I’m taking them together can you pass to me, please. Thank you danggit? yesterday, our breakfast was not so good because it’s mostly processed meat. Like tocino, longganisa and tapa but we had fried rice and egg, so it’s ok yesterday, I cooked longganisa fried rice. We bought the longganisa and tocino from the nearby store and that’s our breakfast delicious! But it’s processed meat but a change we’re having this. Here in Philippines we’re enjoying eating and eating do you know how to eat tuyo? I know some of you are experts. Remove the scales first using my fingers like this remove the skin. And if it’s very crispy, I eat the head also this is crispy but I won’t eat the head this time because this tuyo is quite large. So let’s take the meat the dogs are barking because of the smell. Ok, dip in the vinegar mmm~ delicious! have you tried the tuyo or not?
uh-huh I’ll take danggit first
Danggit is her favorite so the tuyo is left behind the eyes of the danggit is quite hard like pellet so be careful mmm~ the rice is so good, right?
uh-huh if this is the dish on the table, I’m able to eat a lot of rice because the tuyo and danggit is salty of course you need to balance it with vinegar and rice hmm and with tomato the juice drip, nevermind. It dripped on the rice so it’s alright you’re having a good meal, huh?
mmm~ of course! hehe we have coffee, do not forget let’s eat mmm~ in Batangas, we make coffee as soup really, can you show it? nah
hehehe, really? with rice mmm~ she may seem to be meek but she’s fierce if you have questions. Post your comments I have a question, aside from tuyo and danggit, what other dried fish you know? You might have a specialty in your provinces although I grew up in Manila, I was able to try different things from different provinces for example, in Visayas area is Lamayo in your province, do you have a speacialty dried fish? comment your thoughts guys so we can feature those since we often go back to Philippines to go to different places what’s our breakfast for tomorrow? tomorrow?
we’ll go to wet market again champorado because it’s rainy
champorado, yeah because it’s rainy here it’s really hot and humid, that’s how I should say it even our neighbor who’s been staying here for a long time is complaining about the weather. We’re not complaining because we are from America it’s also summer over there. So in Chicago is also summer, it’s also hot. But the humidity here is quite hard to adapt with thats’s the difference every word I say is equivalent to every bite why I don’t get fat even if I eat and eat. I also don’t know maybe because I always walk I’m in keto diet that’s why you can see I can easily lose weight but I stopped so I’m just doing low carb diet but in Philippines, it’s hard to resist rice so it’s important to exercise everyday to burn the calories mmm~ then bite again and coffee
uh-huh the coffee is perfect delicious! We can make this as soup here’s the crazy thing. Only the 2 of us will have to finish this let’s see if we can finish this. We might leave some since we’re in Philippines, we can share this with our neighbors because they can eat what we eat atleast nothing is wasted. Everybody can eat, right? in America, we always re-heat the food until we finish. But here in Philippines, we can cook a lot because we can share this to others we have a lot of neighbors
if you are a neighbor, just tell me we’re in Bacoor, Cavite right now. We’ll send our address to you guys
a lot of people might come, you know? you’ll send them, huh? Ok send them mmm~ more rice here huh? I want more rice my hands are messy nevermind, it’s just us anyway later we’ll go to the market again. What are we going to buy? this is the funny thing here in the Philippines, we’re eating breakfast but we’re already planning our lunch I want soup for lunch. Yesterday we have rice porridge right timing it was rainy. And our dish is Sinigang with gabi na buto-buto it’s delicious too maybe Tinola? good thing our Knorr friends gave us products. Sinigang mix in chicken Tinola, adding chicken cube is big help to have a flavorful dish maybe tinola if I’m not lazy later. But tinola and nilaga is just the same effort anyway but I’m sure we’ll have soup it’s just the malunggay leaves. I’m lazy taking off the leaves uh-huh you’ll be my assistant later for the malunggay taking off the leaves
yeah malunggay ok
ok? sure no problem dad so we’ll just eat this my phone rung we’ll finish eating this we’ll eat first, see you again guys thank you for watching. If you have comment, suggestion, please don’t hesitate to tell if you enjoyed watching and having breakfast with us, please tell us too I have intagram for those who haven’t followed me yet @panlasangpinoy just search panlasang pinoy if you have message, you can message me directly in instagram or at the comment section of this video, ok? last bite for you guys, yeah! right timing yum! delicious!

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