Plain Griddle Bread Benedict

what is very famous today I’m not sure in Taiwan but in malaysia and singapore in Diana and everywhere in the world is egg Benedict Oh what is egg Benedict normally is the English muffin Wow wash eggs bacon and ohlen death sauce awesome recipe we are spinach a lot is what I’m talking trendy today people today nobody knows exactly what is AG benedict for me if smoked salmon is more popular and bacon I put smoked salmon and we give people what they like meaning for me I don’t mind twist twisting the recipe to make people happy because my ultimate goal in a restaurant is to make my customer happy using a muscle oatcake the pancake though are we used off this one I have three different type i have the basil 1 the tomato and the plane griddle bread good wittle’ bread means here a savory pancake not sweet a whole and i can easily swap the are the savory pancake from the plain one to the tomato to the bezel and so I don’t care ok the first thing I’m going to do I’m going to make olin Deza and same thing for the olam Deza i’m going to use a co volunteer sauce these are also very very easy I put milk butter if you want inside you can put a bit of lemon juice lemon zest hello same thing here the the UH code to make Alan Deza is very difficult and even for me or to make it is quite easy but to keep it you know we’ve all splitting is very complicated because you have to keep at the proper temperature and he’s not going to last very long maybe one hour I’m going to make a demonstration for the for the posh eggs hello the most difficult part that means when we push when we push x is a freshness of the egg if your egg is not fresh is a little bit complicated you are going to break a lot of pigs now my milk is boiling okay I put the powder and then I will bring to a boil in his finisher okay then yeah I start boiling my my water I put vinegar now there is many ways of making the posh eggs and well now by using a demo circulator you know you you control the temperature people they are not doing projects anymore you know you put the exes 61 or 63 degree those you put the eggs like that you break it it’s like posh eggs it’s called a molecular egg molecular molecular you know el bulli all the stuff huh then you know you have a machine that control the temperature you put your eggs damn one hour you take one hour then after you take the egg pop you break it on top finish hello basically what i’m going to do when i push my egg sorry where I’m going to move here listen if you can give to my and after we need a bit of Poland data hello I break my egg then after i’m going to separate the egg from the white or the problem mr. when the Shelia is very Tina now this only will help in maintaining my egg that means when I cook it yeah well hello meanwhile i’m going to will in a plate to put my my hair small plate for the presentation so keen and I will take out microwave to reheat your pancake is an alternative but sometimes for me I use the hot plate Oh what I can do here if I want depends who depends on what you want to sell I can put the hot cake just finish the Salman another one here the egg on top and after cover with all on desk sauce if you want to put only one it’s good also depend depends how much you want to sell all right now I’m going to put it in a microwave to warm it up my water is boiling I is a few second is already one which is good enough for me then I’m going to stop with my spinach I winning another plate where Russia share their now just waiting for my my water to boil and I’m going to hello you know cooking eggs in a kitchen is the most difficult thing to do you know very seldom I go to restaurant I find good omelet very say them I find good scramble eggs and so on and for me as a chef the biggest challenger is always cooking eggs hello what here the most important thing is the temperature of the water chillin boiled and its wisdom boy in France when we when we use the posh except we buy ready cook just you open the bag put a bit in the water take it out put on the things they finish this one is some good idea if you want to stop new business do posh eggs ok this one here the water is starting to if your egg is not fresh enough you will have egg yolk one side and the egg white one side well here i’m going to put it inside well normally the first one level so nicer hello it takes two minutes and thirty second meaning if you want to do it perfect you need a timer this one I’m going to to reduce the temperature or to keep it as a simmering phone then i have the timer yeah i know already other why what I do when I’m in the kitchen I’m counting one two three four five you know is what I was until a dwelling 50s very long yeah yeah that is one minute and thirty second oh if you don’t want to make your life miserable by doing projects you can always use fried eggs Oh soft boil you know the world egg soft-boiled eggs at Molly remember when you go to Dylan soft boil you know I cook with the shell six minute or five minutes 30 second okay but now i need to remove the water can I get to what I’m dancers hola very good Wow now I well is that if I don’t talk if we take me to miniature another way to do it posh x I pray cook my eggs once this cook I put it in the ice water okay meaning two minutes and thirty second ice water then after just before serving I take the egg put a few second in a water and after put it back there I can prepare my eggs you

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