Polymer Clay Miniature 1 to 12 – Frying Pan

I’m going to make a frying pan and for that I’m going to make a mold and I took some scrap clay and rolled it out on the sitting one on my pasta machine and I take this cutter and I’m going to cut out a circle here of this clay and I’m going to shape it that’s the inside of my pan and when you like a shape of your insight paneled you bake it so that you can use it for making pants I’m eight of my pan molt and a smaller one I’m going to put a small one inside for now and and I’m going to make my pan around this mold and for that I rolled out some very very thin white clay this is rolled out in a setting 8 and some sky blue also in a setting 8 and I’m going to put these two together avoiding air bubbles between the layers for the best result and I have a circle cutter that is a bit bigger than my mold so I’m going to cut out a circle well my clay and I have some potato starch here that I’m going to use I’m going to turn this piece around and I’m taking a tiny bit of my potato starch and putting on the white making sure it will not stick to my unmold here so I’m putting my piece of clay so I’m molding my frying pan around the mold here I’m going to take care of the edges here later I’m going to take this first one and have the sake I like I picked my pens um I made the big one and I made a smaller one this one is well this is this is a 1 2 6 pan and this is a 1 to 12 and I’m going to make the handle and I’m going to show it on the 1 to 6 so I’m rolling out a piece of clay and you can make the handle just like you feel like I’m going to make the hole in one end again there is a lot of different kinds of handles for pans so you can do it a different way if you rather like that then I’m going to take my pick and bond and I’m going to put a bit on my pan you know sticking the handle to the pan and I’m making sure it is sitting like I want it and when I’m ready I am going to bake it so you’re gonna leave your pan just like it is or you can try to make some details oh and I’m going to do that with awesome acrylic paint and brown and I have some water here to make it thin so I am cleaning up some of my acrylic paint here yeah I am going to paint a bit on my frying pan to make it look used so one used pan

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  1. minisinpa says:

    Daniela, I love this. Was just thinking of doing a pots & pans set for my kitchen. Thanks so much….:)

  2. TATTOO Стрекоза says:

    Thanks .))спасибо за мастер класс

  3. Easy DIY Miniatures says:


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