Pork Spare Ribs Recipe – How to Cook Pork Spare Ribs

Howdy, this week we’re making, Tender Pork Spare Ribs. This, is what’s cooking. Welcome, to another episode
of ‘What’s Cooking?’ Join me, as I travel the country
learning the tips, tricks, and stories behind the recipes and home
cooks that make up the worlds number one food site,
Allrecipes.com This week we’re in Austin, Texas,
the Buffalo BBQ Belt. This weeks cook lives a little ways
outside of Austin, but she asked me to make a special stop here
before we left town. She said her ribs recipe just
wouldn’t be the same without some Stub’s BBQ Sauce. Of course, once we were inside,
that southern hospitality thing kicked in and the manager was
obliged to give us the full tour. What’s the secret to perfect
pork spare ribs? Low and Slow. The racks of ribs
that you see there got for at least three, three and a half hours,
sometimes four hours contingent on size. This here’s our Stub’s Spicy BBQ Sauce.
Probably our most popular seller here on premises. Everybody likes
a little heat with their BBQ. Sold! Stubs BBQ sauce in hand, I headed
up to Hutto, Texas where I met up with this weeks cook, Kerri. -We are home of the Hustlin Hippos.
-Hustlin Hutto Hippos? Yes, sir, the only hippo mascot in
the world, lots of hippo pride. Hippo pride, Hippo pride,
she represents. This is What’s Cooking! Alright, we’re back in Kerri’s
kitchen, we’re getting ready to make the rub for her tender
pork spare ribs. Fairly simple it looks like.
Why don’t you show me what you do. – I have 1 cup of brown sugar.
– Okay. Put that in. Half a cup of the
fajita seasoning. – So this is kind of the secret?
– It is, that’s the secret weapon. – Fajita seasoning? Who would’a thunk?
– I know, I know, thanks to my neighbor. And 2 tablespoons of the
hungarian paprika. This recipe is kind of a
neighborhood project? That is what it has turned out
to be. The method came from a celebrity
chef, but all the ingredients came from the help of my neighbors. You created the whole blind
tastes test: A, B, C? – Yes.
– Okay. Yes, and it boiled down to this
fajita seasoning, and my neighbor’s the one that had recommended
that to me. She told me that was her secret weapon, so I had put
that in there, and that’s it the one, 6 out of 6 chose it, so.
– 6 out of 6. – Yep, went with that.
– Alrighty. Work the rub onto both side of
the meat, then fold the ribs in half for better storage. And then this just goes in
the refrigerator? -Yes.
– For how long? – Overnight.
– Overnight? – Overnight. You didn’t know that?
– I’m ready to go to sleep. – Wake me up when we’re ready.
– There you go. -Good morning.
-Well, good morning, Michael. Did you sleep alright?
-The couch was a little short. This guy woke me up this morning.
– I am so sorry. Jalapenos on my cold cereal?
Absolutely! Well that is how we do it here
in Texas. K, now we’re going to mix up
the braising liquid, and we have about a cup of beer here. Add in the mustard, Worcestershire
sauce, honey, and garlic. Then stir them up. Okay, and now we’re going to make
the, umm, pouches, for the braising liquid.
– Okay. – So with our first piece of tin foil,
– Shiny side down? – Shiny side down.
– Okay. And shiny side up! Close one side of the foil package,
and pour in the braising liquid. Then, tightly seal to secure the juices. -And then straight into the oven?
– Straight into the oven. 250 degrees for about 3 hours
and 45 minutes, 3 and a half to 4 hours.
– Slow cooked ribs. Yeah, yes. So now we wait another 3 or 4 hours?
This thole thing’s just a waiting game. – 3 or 4 hours.
– For good ribs it’s worth the wait. That’s right! -Oh, those smell good!
-They do! So just kind of make a slit
underneath, kind of to help get that liquid into the pan. Drain the braising liquid and
bring it to a boil to reduce. Then, heat up the Stub’s BBQ
sauce. Kerri’s husband prefers his ribs
with just the braising liquid. But we went all the way to Stub’s
for this sauce. So we’re going to do one with, and one rack without. – And how long do we broil it?
– 5 to 10 minutes, it just kind of varies. Yeah, 5 to 10. I kind of move it, just to let it
caramelize evenly all over. Alright, now I’ll give you one piece
of each so you can try ’em both. – Okay
– There we go. Alright! – Is this some pinto beans here?
-Yes, sir. – And what is this?
– It’s a light wheat roll. Simply said, it’s a light wheat roll. – I actually I got that off
an Allrecipes, recipe. – Of course, and it’s awesome.
– Where I come from we eat these with our hands. And since you only
gave me a spoon, I’m assuming that’s what’s expected.
-Yes, yes it is. – Mmmm, your ribs alone are worth
the trip. Well there you have it. Another
good cook, another kitchen. Join us again next week for another
episode of ‘What’s Cooking?’ Are you ready to eat?
Let me fix you a plate. This is the hungarian paprika
suggestion, and fajita seasoning suggestion. I thought about naming them
neighborhood, uhh, – Neighborhood ribs?
– I did, Neighborhood Pork Spare Ribs.

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