Potato Salad Recipe (So Good!) Done In The Pressure Cooker (Cosori)

Hi and welcome to my kitchen. Let me tell
you this potato salad recipe is going to be my go-to recipe from now on. It is
absolutely delicious. I found this recipe it was posted in pressure cooking with
Doug Facebook group. I tried to go back to find her name so I can mention her
and I cannot find it, I am so sorry. But whoever you are thank you so much
for sharing this because like I said this is gonna be my go-to for potato
salad from now on. The pressure cooker I’m going to be using is a 6 quart cosori.
So with that let’s go ahead and get started. Ok, we are going to add one
and a half cups of water. I’m going to go ahead and put in our stainless basket. I have 6 medium sized potatoes that I
cut into bite-sized pieces. I’m using red potatoes go ahead and use your favorite
potato.I’m going to go ahead and put them in our steam basket. And I have 4 large eggs that I’m just going to place on top I have our
pressure on lock position. Ok we want to set this for 4 minutes on high pressure.
I’m gonna go ahead and hit the manual button, “pressure temp”, and the plus sign
because we want to get it to high pressure. Now we want our cook time at 4
minutes. I’m going to hit “cook time” then minus to bring it down to 4 minutes. And again I have my pressure locked. Now
we are ready to hit the start button. As soon as this is done I’m going to do a
quick release get the eggs out into an ice bath. Okay while we’re waiting for
our potatoes and eggs get done let’s go ahead and make our dressing. I have one
cup of mayo. This next ingredient is what caught my eye and I was like I’m going
to have to make this it’s one tablespoon of dill pickle juice. 1 tablespoon of
mustard. I have some chopped onion here the recipe calls for 1/4 of a cup I have
more than that. This recipe does not call for this but I’m going to add some dill
relish, about tablespoon- parsley flakes I do not have fresh so I’m just going to go
ahead and use dry. That’s probably about a tablespoon or so also. All we need
is salt and pepper to taste. Go ahead and mix that up. I love my spurtles I got these off QVC. I use
them all the time. Ok we are done with our dressing. While I’m waiting for our
potatoes and eggs I’m gonna go ahead and pop this in the fridge. Ok our time is up.
I’m gonna give this a quick release. I’m gonna get our eggs out into our ice
bath. I got my potatoes here into my bow.l I’m gonna let these cool off some. Okay
my eggs are cooled and I’m gonna peel one of these I’m anxious to see how easy
they are to peel. I have never done eggs before in the pressure cooker. Although I
have done them in the air fryer they turned out perfect and they are very
easy to peel. And it seems like these are going to be easy to. Oh my goodness, I’m in
love. Okay let’s go ahead and cut this open
and see what we got. Oh nice. If it were up to me I would not add eggs to this. But I
guess you know potato salad does have eggs. I have an egg sensitivity. Their
okay if they’re in cake or cookies, pretty much other than that it makes me
nauseated. So I’m going to go ahead and chop these up real good. I took my dressing out of the fridge.
I’m going to go ahead and add my chopped eggs to it. Okay, forgot to turn on my
camera. My potatoes are cooled. I’m going to go ahead and add our dressing now. I’m
going to go ahead and toss our dressing into our potatoes. I was trying to find the perfect dish to
put my potato salad in it’s either too big or too small so this is just going
to have to do. Go ahead and spread this out evenly. And clean up the side with a
paper towel. I’m going to go ahead and add some slices of hard-boiled egg for
decoration. That little fella doesn’t have a yolk. Okay now I’m going to
sprinkle some paprika over the top. There is our potato salad. I got the potato
salad plated up. I am going to take a bite for you all. I’m just going to try
not to get a chunk of egg. Mmm that is really good. I wish I could
eat this. You are going to want tochill this well before serving at least a good hour. I think the
longer the better.

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