Pressure Cooker Beef Short Ribs Recipe – Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes

what’s up everybody this is Lyle no
hippie BBQ and what I’m be doing in this video is I’m gonna be doing my version
of Asian beef short ribs in our electric pressure cooker the pressure cooker I’m going to
be using is a pressure cooker that was sent to me by a company called I cook
pot I’ve used this pressure cooker in one other recipe and I’ve been happy
with it so far but the one thing I really like about this pressure cooker
is it comes in this fly red color anyway if you see a few of my videos and you
like this pressure cooker link is going to be in the description where you can
buy this pressure cooker now this braised beef short ribs recipe is not a recipe that I found anywhere
this is a recipe that I’m kind of throwing together myself I will be using
an estimation of the ingredients that I used in the description below with no
further ado let’s take a look at these beef short ribs ingredients like I mentioned before I
will be having my ingredients and amounts in the description below short
ribs I have an Asian apricot apricot glaze
and marinate some beef stock soy sauce rice wine vinegar red chili pepper
flakes with black pepper minced up garlic minced ginger sesame seed oil
brown sugar and I will be browning off our beef short ribs using some grapeseed
oil which is gonna be our next step so our first step is going to be to brown
off these beef short ribs and I already have these beef short ribs seasoned with
salt and pepper and we’re just going to cook them until they’re browned on all
four sides fat side down to begin with now that we have this browned on all
sides with about a tablespoon and a half of grapeseed oil if I didn’t mention it
earlier it’s time to just go ahead and add the rest of the these ingredients
this is pretty simple all we’re gonna do is add everything to the pot so I’m
gonna start off with my beef broth our pepper in our ribs or our Thai chili
flakes our minced garlic and ginger our soy sauce rice wine vinegar sesame seed
oil brown sugar and then our apricot glaze and this is pretty much a spin
jelly so I’m just gonna go ahead and I’m gonna give this a good stir now it’s
time for us to get our pressure cooker set so let’s get our top on our electric pressure
cooker I’m gonna line this up with our unlock here move it over to lock on this
particular one I am going to use one of these preset functions we’re gonna go to
meat and stew that’s gonna put us at 35 minutes this should pressurize up which
is doing now and we’ll see you in 35 minutes so now that that’s run through
his full cooking cycle what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go ahead and let the
pressure release on this on its own I’m not gonna do a rapid release on this and
that should take about 15 more minutes so here’s what we’re looking like after
the pressure cooker had a chance to just go ahead and wrap it release on its own
I’m gonna go ahead and plate up we’ll taste it see what we think so that’s what it looks like all plated
up I tasted that saw so I’m telling you that is going to go good with some
chicken wings or something I don’t know but I’m saving that sauce let’s get into
this see we think and these beef short ribs are fork tender right now this is a
winner I am proud that I pretty much came up
with this short rib recipe on my own like I said recipes gonna be in the
description try this out I’m telling you this is an awesome recipe I need to get
a cookbook going anyway before I take this next bite man but tell you I do
appreciate you guys stopping by no hippie BBQ and watching my pressure cooker beef short ribs video

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  1. Cooking with Tovia says:

    I really like how you just came up with this and threw this together. They look amazing and I love your Cooker, that red is nice. Do you happen to know the max temp of the sauté function?

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  3. Mr FSU says:

    Another Great Video!!!!!!!!

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  6. Curtis B. Cookin says:

    Yes sir! Beef short ribs your way. Looks good.

  7. No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

    Check Out The ICOOKPOT 9 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker:

  8. Carey Parks says:

    I need you to send them to me. Dang those delish

  9. getter7seven says:

    Great looking short ribs.

  10. Random Acts of Cooking says:

    I like meaty beef short ribs but the pickin's here are really slim. I'd have to drive 2 hours to get to Phoenix to find a good butcher shop to get some meaty beef ribs and I just don't wanna go that far. Yeah, we have the grocer store butcher counter but to have some cut the way I like it would cost same as prime cut steak! Meanwhile, I'll have to get by watching these fantastic bee f short rib vids. Thanks Lyle.

  11. Brenda Green says:

    Looks delicious yum!!!😋👍

  12. Cooking with Cricket (cricket516) says:

    Beef short ribs are hard to find around here, but when I do find some, I wanna make this

  13. Pickles BBQ says:

    Another great cook Lyle! Those ribs look delicious, I like the flavor combo for the sauce. Pressure cookers are great for hearty winter cooking.

  14. Christopher Brown says:

    looks good to me Lyle,and yes,you SHOULD come out with your own cookbook by now,its due 😉 lol

  15. No Star Reviews says:

    Those look great

  16. Juanelo1946 says:

    Lyle, you can't beat the speed of your pressure cooker; beef short ribs in under an hour, and all in ONE pot! Man, you gotta love this creative recipe. You did great! I would simply substitute fake brown sugar for the real stuff, and it might just work.

  17. Cookin With Dave N Kitchen says:

    Wow These Beef ribs look tasty good

  18. Fire & Water Cooking says:

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  25. Pidasian Hippie says:

    Lyle you do need to get a cook book out. Don't you find that the pressure cooker gives everything a deeper richer flavor. The closest description I can come up with is, " You know how something is better when you have it the next day? Well that is what the pressure cooker seems to do."

  26. Daddy Dutch BBQ says:

    Awesome looking beef Lyle ! Great job ! Impressive !

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