Pressure Cooker Chili – The Basics

There are as many recipes for chili as there
are cooks who make chili, but here’s a basic recipe for you that you can tweak and make
your own. Today, I’m gonna use chuck roast. You could use ground beef if you want to,
but I like to have the chunks of beef in the chili, super tender. You know why they’re
going to be super tender? Because today we’re going to make this chili in a pressure cooker
in twenty minutes. Let’s cut it up into chunks that are a little bit bigger than what
you expect them to be when you eat the chili. This pressure cooker has a brown setting,
so we’re gonna brown the beef right in the cooker. Now it’s important not to overcrowd
the pan when you brown the beef. So while you’ve been browning in batches, you’ve
been taking that beef and putting it aside in a bowl and I’m on my last batch now.
So I have great browning of my beef. That’s the only browning it’s gonna get so make
sure you do a good job here. Now we’re keeping it basic today so we’re just gonna add the
basic vegetables, some onion and some garlic. If you want to add some other vegetables like
carrots, celery, some peppers, now’s the time to do it. In that goes. Now remember,
the onion and the garlic are gonna get more time cooking as the whole chili cooks, but
right now we wanna give them a little bit of a head start and just get a little bit
of that color from the bottom of the pan up into the onions. The onions will turn a nice
golden brown color. And it’s time to now think about the next step which is adding
our flavor components. They come in the form of spices and here they all are. The first
thing I’m gonna add is some chipotle. The more common way of finding chipotle peppers
is in the can in the Mexican section of your grocery store in something called adobo sauce
which is delicious. We’re gonna add both chipotle and adobo to this chili. So stir
that in and let it cook a little bit. Now we’re gonna talk about our spices. Of course
we’re using chili powder. So in goes the chili powder, a little bit of dried oregano,
a little cumin, and then I like to add a little bit of smoked paprika just because it adds
a sort of a smokiness that makes the chili feel like it was cooked over an open campfire.
We’re going to return the beef back to the cooker. There should be some juices in the
bottom of the bowl as well. Make sure those get it because they’re full of flavor. And
we’re gonna add some tomatoes. Now some people don’t like to add tomatoes to their
chili, but this time we are going to add tomatoes. If you don’t add tomatoes to your chili,
you’re gonna want to add more liquid in the form of stock. We’re gonna add beef
stock. We’re gonna season it with some salt. Very important. We’re gonna let it come
to a boil and we’re gonna cook it under pressure for twenty minutes. Now you’ll
notice I haven’t put any beans into the chili. If you want beans in your chili, now
is the time to add them. Let’s get that lid on and get it cooking. Now this chili
is a loose chili so if you’d like to thicken it up, I would stir in some cornmeal at this
time and that will help bind it, give it a little bit of a corn flavor which is kinda
nice, but serve it over some rice to soak up all those delicious juices. And then put
out a buffet of garnishes for your guests so they can make the chili their own in the
same way that you’re gonna tweak this recipe and make this chili your own. Let’s top
it with a little bit of cheddar cheese, some sour cream, and then a little bit of cilantro
on the top. Yum! That’s delicious! Thanks for watching. If you’d like to see more
of The Basics, click over here. If you’d like to learn about our pressure cooker, click
over here. And if you have any comments or questions or suggestions for more Basics,
put them in the comments section below.

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  1. Judy Colson says:

    Looks yummy yet it looks more like beef stew. I think I'd use more tomatoes (pureed). I've never cooked with chipotle in adobe sauce (but have seen this ingredients in many recipes) so I'd like to try this. Thanks Meredith! You make it look so-o easy.

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