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Hi everyone welcome back to my kitchen and today, I have a really great recipe for you I know I’ve made you meatballs in the past, but I made him in my slow cooker And it’s a super old video like 2010 today I’m gonna show you how to make meatballs my way where I bake them in the oven and then I pop them in my pressure cooker With the sauce and I cook them for a little while and they taste like they’ve been slow-cooked all day Let’s go see how these quick slow cooked meatballs come together All right, we’re gonna make these meatballs now. I have a video. That’s very very old. It’s probably from 2011 Maybe even earlier than that about how I make my meatballs in my slow cooker, but today I’m gonna be making them in my pressure cooker in a similar fashion, but the pressure cooker takes like five minutes Just to infuse the precooked meatballs with the delicious flavor of the sauce So we’re gonna go ahead and bake off our meatballs first and Then we’re going to go ahead and stick them in the pressure cooker with our favorite Pantry jar sauce and then we’re going to enjoy dinner I’m gonna be making some baked ravioli for dinner tonight Because I am super busy so meals the next couple of weeks have to be really easy, and I’m sure that in your life It’s a similar situation because November and December are crazy for all of us and the best thing we can do is Give ourselves the opportunity and the permission to take Advantage of grocery store items to make semi-homemade dinner dinners to make everybody happy So we’re not going to you know out to eat all the time so what I have here is two pounds of 80/20 ground beef that I got at the commissary, and I’m just gonna add a cup a Bread crumb this is dry Italian seasoned bread crumb a half a cup of Parmesan cheese, this is grated Parmesan and I have a teaspoon each onion powder garlic powder dried basil as well as two teaspoons of Italian seasoning and Then we’re gonna put a couple of eggs in here my rule is a pound for every pound of meat You do one egg And yes, I’m living on the edge, I didn’t break my egg into another container There we go And you can see I have my gloves already ready to go because I don’t want to mess with this meat with the Without putting gloves on and you can totally when I make these for Christmas Eve dinner I always make the meat mixture in my mixer so keep that in mind if you’re making a whole lot and You’re gonna make this in advance to freeze because these meatballs freeze great And then you can pre cook them and then you can freeze them off And then you’ll have them portioned out for your meals ready to go And you can do a lot of things with these meatballs, you can make meatball subs you can make Spaghetti and meatballs on the fly you can make Swedish meatballs It just depends on what kind of sauce you make sweet and sour meatballs you make cocktail meatballs for appetizers and all of that good stuff So I’m just gonna go ahead and get all this meat mixed together With the bread crumb and all those other goodies in there. You just want to make sure everything’s evenly distributed like you see here There’s a big Honkin clod of bread crumb you don’t want that alright now that my meat is mixed up. I have a baking sheet I have it lined on the bottom with two pieces of regular aluminum foil and then on the top with one piece of nonstick aluminum foil and All I’m gonna do this is a number 24 Disher. It is a little bit smaller than 1/4 of a cup You can use whatever size, Disher you want what I like to do is just go ahead and scoop a Whole bunch and then I’ll go back and I’ll roll them in my hands, and this time. I’m not actually going to Put a pair of gloves on I’m just gonna wet my hands And then we’ll roll these up and get them ready to go in the oven I have my oven preheated at 375 degrees And these are going to bake for about a half an hour, so I’m gonna get these portioned up And I’ll bring you back when these are ready to go in the oven alright I’ve got them all rolled out except for these last four and I wet my hands just wet your hands And then just go ahead and roll these until they’re smooth and look like meatballs I mean that’s pretty easy and you can always wash your hands later So I’m gonna bake these at 375 for about a half an hour And then we’ll bring you back and we’ll pop these in the pressure cooker And we will make some delicious Italian style meatballs our Meatballs have come out of the oven they were in there for about a half an hour You can see they’re nice and brown This is the only way I ever cook meatballs Because they get done superfast and I don’t have to stand at the stove and brown them and everything gets Greasy, and this fat spits on you this way it gets done in the oven and I love it this way so all we’re gonna do now is take the meatballs and One by one I’m just gonna take them with my tongs and put them in the sauce I have one regular sized jar of pasta sauce my favorite brand and This way you leave the majority of the fat on the pan And I have to say this meat did not render that much fat So that makes me happy and you can always you know you can dab these on a paper towel if you wanna but I’m not gonna because you know fat equals flavor and there really is hardly any I wouldn’t There’s not even though I’d say they’re not even two tablespoons on this tray so now the meatballs are nice and Sturdy because they’ve been baked off. I did add a small can of mushrooms in here as well Just because we like that alright now I’m gonna put the lid on and we’re just gonna set it if you have a electric pressure cooker you’re gonna want to UM set this according to your instructions, and I’m gonna put these on because These are already cooked I’m gonna set it on fresh vegetables, and then I’m gonna put them in for five minutes That’s gonna infuse the meatballs with that flavor of the sauce it’s gonna heat up the sauce and it’s gonna make it Seem like you slow cooked these meatballs all day long It’s gonna make them nice and tender it’s gonna make them taste like they’ve been sitting simmering all day So this makes it super easy to make homemade slow cooked flavor meatballs in Less than an hour for sure, so we’ll be back when these are ready to come out our meatballs have done They’ve come up to pressure. They’ve cooked for five minutes, and then they came down off pressure I did release the pressure a little bit earlier Then it came down off of natural pressure because I kind of did half-and-half. I let it sit for five minutes After the beeper went off so then I and then I released the remaining pressure And when you open those you always want to remember to open it away from me And my ravioli is out of the oven and the meatballs are done boom look Meatballs that look like they have been slow-cooked all day, and they smell delicious And so what I’m gonna. Do now is I’m gonna go fix a plate And I’ll be back and we’ll show you what this looks like there. You have it There is our dinner tonight baked ravioli And this is just frozen ravioli that I put in a pan layered it up with a small jar of our favorite pasta sauce and I stuck at any oven for a half an hour and Then these are our meatballs that we just made and you see how tender they are and they are they’re beautiful Are you ready to taste this? What do you think? We’re hot Mm-hmm They seriously do taste like they’ve been cooked all day Mmm. That’s a great way to get slow-cooked flavor in a tiny little bit of time you can totally do this in an hour I Promise you I hope you like the video. 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