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Hi everybody welcome back to my kitchen and today another pressure cooker recipe today we’re gonna be making mushroom risotto yes i said risotto have you ever had risotto and if you have have you ever tried to make it yourself i’m gonna show you a pretty foolproof way to make mushroom risotto or any kind of risotto for that matter in your pressure cooker comes up perfect every time and i know you’re gonna love it let’s go see how this all comes together We’re gonna go over all the ingredients for our mushroom risotto and we’re gonna be making this in our pressure cooker Today i’m going to be using my par pressure xl and that’s a 6 quart and this is so easy and so delicious you are gonna love it you if you are a fan of risotto and you love that creamy rice dish and You’ve tried to cook it before on the stovetop where you Saute the rice well or at hell’s kitchen and you add a little bit of the stock and then you stir it you wait you add more stock and you stir it you wait and it can take up to an Hour to make risotto on this stovetop that way but in the pressure cooker it literally takes seven minutes Once the vessel is up to pressure so What you’re gonna need is two cups of arborio rice there is no substitute this is the type of rice you need to have when you make risotto i’m using this kind No, endorsement i’m just using this kind because it’s non-gmo Sustainable and i happen to love the the lundberg line of rice’s So when i’m gonna use a specific type of rice that’s the kind i use so that’s two cups of arborio rice i have four cups of chicken broth that i made for my shirley jay chicken bouillon i have one cup or so of finely diced onion we’re gonna use a half a cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese i have about four or five cloves of garlic that is minced i have two tablespoons each of butter and olive oil i have one pound of cremini mushrooms and then we’re gonna season it up with a teaspoon of dried thyme and a tablespoon of dried parsley and then this butter is two tablespoons that we’re gonna finish it off with at the end and this parmesan cheese also goes in at the end so let’s go get that pressure cooker and we’ll bring it on over here and we will start this show on the road all right i’ve got my butter and my olive oil that i melted down I have my onion and garlic in your sauteing i also have a pinch of pepper that i put in there? it does smell amazing Okay, so what i want to do next before We add the mushrooms is i want to put the rice in here because i want to give it a little bit of a toast just get this golf coated with that oil and butter Kind of like you’re going to know when you make rice a roni or something like that or rice pilaf? same kind of idea here and now we’re gonna go ahead and i’m gonna add our parsley and our time in here right now give it a good stir and then our mushrooms Now we’re going to add our liquid you can use chicken stock chicken broth I made mine with shirley j chicken bullion cuz i thought i had some chicken some butter then so you know That’s how it happens okay Now that’s that we’re ready, to move on i’ll grab my lid? Make sure that your pressure valve is set to sealed and then i’ve got this set See i’m gonna do this for rice I’m gonna do seven minutes And then we’re gonna bring this up to pressure let it cook for seven minutes and then i’m going To quick-release it and when it’s ready, to go i’ll come back and i’ll show you what happens next our mushroom risotto Came up to pressure cook for seven minutes came down from pressure and i quick released it and i’ve taken the lid off and given It a bit of a stir now what we want to do you can see how beautiful it is And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna turn it into a creamy delicious finished risotto we’re gonna add two tablespoons of butter and just let that melt on in there we’re gonna add a half a cup of heavy cream just, stir that in this is gonna make it rich and delicious The heavy cream is optional i also wanted to tell you too that you can add a half a cup of white wine To the vessel before you pressurize the risotto we just don’t happen to enjoy wine in our cooking, so We leave it out but i did include it in the recipe and then a half a cup of freshly grated parmigiano-reggiano and I might like it to be just a little bit looser so i’m gonna add just a little more stock okay i have the jar that i made that you can bullion in and i’m just i’m kind of rinsing it out and adding a little more liquid in here because risotto should not be it should be really creamy and rather than adding more cream and this is already hot enough everything is going to just heat up fine this is one of those places where you just got a eyeball it and it’s personal preference we’re not cooking for we’re not cooking for gordon ramsay we’re cooking for our family and they’re gonna love this because it’s absolutely wonderful you can see how creamy it is and now that it’s loosened up a little that’s exactly where you want it just beautiful okay i’m gonna go fix your plate and we’ll be right back and i’ll show you what this looks like there you have it there’s delicious mushroom risotto that we made in our pressure cooker which made it super simple and really foolproof i mean this beats cooking it on top of the stove and adding liquid every five minutes any day You are not gonna believe the amazing flavor That you’re gonna get from this and then the only thing that i do want To do is i want to take my micro plane and i want to hit this with just a little bit more parmesan cheese? Because you can never have too much cheese? So that’s how you make a delicious mushroom risotto and your pressure cooker i bet you didn’t even know you could do that and if you are pressure cooker fan if you just got a pressure cook or an instant pot for christmas i Hope that you give this a try because you will never cook rice the same way again you will never boil eggs the same way Again you will never make a risotto the traditional way again once you do it in your pressure cooker so i hope that you loved this video and if you did please consider giving me a thumbs up and If you are new to my channel and you just happen to pawn here buy some rabbit hole that you went down well welcome i love inviting new people in and welcoming them into my kitchen Please hit that subscribe button and if you are a tried-and-true member of the noreen’s kitchen family always know how much we appreciate That you are here and be sure and go down and hit the bell notification button because we don’t want you to miss out on all the real food for real people real easy recipes that we present all the time right here on our youtube channel and straight from our kitchen i hope that you give This mushroom risotto in the pressure cooker a try sometime soon and i hope that you love it and until next time i’ll see you oh

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