Pressure Cooker Polenta – how to make & slice it!

Here’s how to make polenta in Instant Pot or any pressure cooker! bring water to a boil using the brown or saute’ setting Remember not to fill the pressure cooker more than halfway as the cornmeal can expand. Sprinkle the cornmeal into the boiling water a little bit at a time stirring constantly until the mixture starts to boil Now, move quickly and get pressure cooking! Release pressure SLOWLY – this cooker does it by itself. But, if yours doesn’t , slowly open the valve and let a little pressure out at a time Stand back to avoid splatters. It’s going to look a little lumpy so stir vigorously to smooth it out. Pour this polenta directly into bowls to serve creamy and warm.. ..or pour it on a wooden plank to cool. Wait about 10 minutes before slicing. I’m using a string so it’s easier for you to see on camera but.. sewing thread does a better job. Wet it first. Keep the string tense and make a sawing motion back-and-forth and then slide the string underneath. wipe, and do the next cut! Slide underneath to un-stick. Now it’s ready to serve or… it’s time for a little fun!! Click on the linked article for the recipe and more serving suggestions including how to grill, bake… and even FRY this pressure cooker polenta. CIAO!

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  1. Truth Hurtz says:

    Awesome vid !!!!
    Curious….what kind of pressure cooker are you using ? I have never seen that one before.
    Thank you !

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