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  1. lisamr40 says:

    Ok, you've been watching way too much PBS! Lol
    I used to cut it into strips and then fry it up! So delicious! Tfs!

  2. Michael Wilson says:

    I love making cinnamon apple grits for breakfast. I make it with dried apples that have been reconstituted, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Its a great breakfast on cold winter mornings.

  3. 1timby says:

    Te PA Dutch call that mush. We add pork & seasoning to make scrapple (Pan Haus). LOL

  4. David Kuhns says:

    Grits are made from hominy-corn; polenta from ground corn, as is corn meal. People keep saying they are the same. Well, you don't know grits. But I like your channel anyway.

  5. Tracy Bruring says:

    why have i never tried this; i love grits; thanks for the video; love the labs in  the snow; cute noses

  6. Katie Cooks and Crafts says:

    I have only made polenta on the stove top and it turns out much thicker than that, I would think it would scorch but using 4.5 cups of water for a thinner consistency looks like it works perfectly in the pressure cooker.  Always love good pressure cooker recipes/videos.  Thanks!

  7. 1new-man says:

    What a nice post.
    Down here that's just good o'le Mississippi grits for sure.
    All that's missing is country ham, biscuit's n red eye gravy…yum yum!

  8. Teresa H says:

    "What snow.? I don't have snow on my nose." The labs are too cute. Yeah, I'm from south Mississippi and was thinking the same thing, you need some eggs over easy, some ham with ham gravy, pat of butter and some good old southern biscuits. Don't even need to eat for breakfast, good for supper too. Great video. God Bless.

  9. KnitOutTheJams says:

    Yes! More pressure cooker videos please! Thank you so much Garden Fork

  10. Jill Madigan says:

    Why does the PC method take an extra cup of water 4-1/2 c as opposed to 3-1/2 c. for both stove top and microwave methods.  I have a really cool polenta pan that just might beat the PC on my stove,

  11. Tim Lewallen says:

    Question – What is the difference between polenta and grits? I ask because that looks a lot like grits to me.

  12. Hugh Janus says:

    Great video! Your dogs were doing their Al Pacino/Scarface impression

  13. joesph zappadianlo says:

    Hey Erick have not wrote to u in a wile this is Joe I use to live in Brooklyn  a long time ago so you might know who I am ok Polenta I remember it very well My parents are from Italy and my mother made this lots of time I  gave it a name being she made it so much I called it dynamite cake cause after a wile it sits in your tummy  like oatmeal  she did the frying bit also put  sauce on top and Grated cheese  but the cheese is the best to put  take care hope you was able to dig your self out after the storm …. Joe I now live in Missouri

  14. Scott Hauser says:

    Let's do Duck (s) in a caja china. I have one, but have also built two.
    Have done 12 ducks at a time—resembles Peking Duck–GREAT !
    You are accomplished at carpentry and producing great videos.
    You can do this—-or borrow mine.

  15. Lawrence Hallman says:

    Eric, please take the time to look at this website: http://www.ansonmills.com/biographies.  Polenta and grits are about the same.  There are two different kinds of corn that are used for either.  Polenta is a little coarse while grits go down a little like oat meal.  Basically, they are the same thing.  It was so funny watching you "discover" polenta!  Try making cheese grits with garlic, salt, pepper and butter!  I think you might take to it.  Keep in mind that this is all a secret best kept in the South!  So do not go spreading the secret around! 

  16. Lawrence Hallman says:

    I have some friends from up your way who come down for a visit on occasions.  If you serve them "grits," they gag, but if you sprinkle a little grated cheese on the grits and call it "polenta," they cannot get enough of it.  It is all in you mind.  Dried raw grits (correctly called grist mill corn) that is not pre cooked needs to be soaked overnight like you do dried peas.  If you do that, they will cook the next day in about 15 minutes.

  17. Theyitness says:

    Sounds good. Where can I get a pressure cooker?

  18. EricG says:

    I just love your channel, lots of good stuff. Next you should try a nice risotto! 

  19. Susan Sarver says:

    My G-ma called it Cornmeal mush, so I love it.

  20. Uncle Bernie says:

    I enjoyed your video. It is one of the few on grits out there.

  21. stephen coleman says:

    I love my Magefesa! Best pressure cooker I ever had and they really do back their guarantee.

  22. Elizabeth M says:

    Thanks for the info. It was just what I was looking for. I found the cameraperson's comments distracting. It was hard to concentrate on the details.

  23. stephen coleman says:

    I have a Magefesa pressure cooker for 18 years, I use it 3 time a week or more. Never any repairs or replacing the gasket.

  24. Susan Kelland says:

    Thank you, that was really well explained. Some years ago I found a recipe which was great too. You added crystallized ginger to the mix before frying it just roughly chopped. I have never found it again, but it was fabulous! Have you heard of it?

  25. Larry Early says:

    I came up with my own recipe for the microwave and now I want to try it in the pressure cooker. I've always known this as mush and used to make this for my brother and sister. He' deceased now but I still like it once in a while myself. I like the looks of this recipe and I'm looking forward to making this in the cooker.

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