26 comments on “Pressure Cooker Short Ribs Recipe, Easy & Quick – GardenFork Cooks”

  1. Rev John O'Toole says:

    could I use Dr Pepper instead of wine?

  2. Flannel Acres says:

    Wait….chickpea soup??  I'd love to see a recipe for that!  (Oh, the short ribs look great, too)  🙂

  3. ultratec66 says:

    Big fan of Black Box!! Good stuff.

  4. Hugh Janus says:

    I never used a pressure cooker. Too much…pressure…..?

  5. snnnoopy says:

    I own a pressure cooker but can honestly say that I don't get it. Why do people use a pressure cooker? Is it just faster?

  6. snnnoopy says:

    Can you describe the difference between pressure cooker and slow cooker?

  7. DBIGMAN812MANY says:

    Hey Eric & TCO First off that looked delicious !! When the cooker came up to pressure did you turn it down to medium or low for the remaining cook time ?? 
    Keep the info and updates growing our way :-{}
    Happy Holidays !!

  8. Kenny444 Tourist says:

    Thank you, you lift me and make me feel better.

  9. Nell McCoin says:

    You two(the People is what I'm talking about) are so cute. I just love watching you. I especially like that the videos are short.

  10. dascooker says:

    love the video and the recipe! coat the ribs in a nice flour before you drop them in. Creates a nice fond. does the trick with the meat as well .. 

  11. russtex says:

    Looks delicious!

  12. BarbecueTricks says:

    I don't own a pressure cooker but now want one… wAY more manly than a crock pot! :). Looks great as always

  13. Diane Milligan's Favorites says:

    To @snnnoopy  … another reason people use pressure cookers is because it saves time and energy. It cuts down on the time it would take for long-cooking types of food, therefore saving energy usage by approximately 25 to 30 percent.

  14. Tc Anderson says:

    Wow!  I can smell that from here (in Barcelona!)  LOL!  Thanks for sharing this delicious recipe.  I have never had the courage to use my pressure cooker, but now I think I'm inspire to pull it out of the pantry and give it a try.

  15. Beverly Faison says:

    I am looking for an easy way to start my garden this year and I hope you have a suggestion. I thought about "Lasagna Gardening" but you have to ready your garden spot six months in advance. I am not waiting that long to start my summer garden.

  16. Far North Weaver says:

    We love Short Ribs, bone in.  I have a really nice large sized Slow Cooker that we make Asian Short Ribs in.  I like your recipe too.  I used to love my pressure cooker, it got old and I didn't buy another one.  Although I've often thought about it.  Because I do Can.  So I'm very happy you have reviews!  That's Great!!
    Can't wait, Yummy!!

  17. Richard Morris says:

    Hi Eric.  What happened to the recipe link?  It is not showing on this page.
    Love all your videos and podcasts!

  18. Craig Smith says:

    I tried this tonight, first pressure cooker experience. Delicious! Ate half of it for dinner, will finish it for breakfast. More pressure cooker recipes, please.

  19. BensBQ says:

    good short ribs !!

  20. Mikah _0 says:

    I just purchased a pressure cooker and needed a recipe for short ribs. Really delicious! Thanks for the video!

  21. A Guy Seeking The Truth Of God/Jesus says:

    I notice that people's videos of pressure cooker meats usually shows people not using the rack at the bottom of the pressure cooker. I always thought you needed to use the rack. Any comments would be helpful.

  22. Alpha says:

    Eric: You can do fine if you want
    Me: Oh I'm doing very fine

  23. Adventures with Frodo says:

    same pressure cooker I got. thanks for the video.

  24. Devin Thomas says:

    Great video, thanks for taking the fear out of pressure cookers.
    A lot of people worried about them, they shouldnt be, great tool to have

    Love the Lab too

    Devin Thomas
    Mutts and Butts BBQ

  25. Carolyn S says:

    I didn't see the recipe for the chocolate cake. You mentioned that you were going to bake or pressure cook a chocolate cake and you would include the recipe below. Did i miss something?

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