Pressure Cooker vs. Slow Cooker

– Hi, I’m Sandy, and I’m back in the
kitchen with Pampered Chef. Slow cooking and pressure cooking offer people a convenient way to get food on the table
without a lot of hassle. If you’ve ever been wondering when to use a slow cooker versus when to use a pressure cooker, you’re not alone. I’m gonna show you some tips on how to choose the right
tool for the right time. (upbeat music) The key difference between slow cooking and pressure cooking is
a very simple one, time. Slow cooking cooks food slowly, while pressure cooking cooks food quickly. They’re both options for hands off cooking when you know you have a lot of multitasking in the kitchen to do. You actually get very
similar outcomes from each, with very different cooking methods. Lets dive in. Now I’m making garlic Parmesan chicken with cauliflower mash in the slow cooker. I love this recipe ’cause
it really highlights the benefit of cooking
with the slow cooker. So I’ve already seared my chicken thighs. What’s so great about
our slow cooker stand is that you can sear your chicken right here in the
Rockcrok on the stove top and then transfer it
over to the slow cooker. And then I just have one head of cauliflower that’s cut up into florets, and I’m gonna go ahead and
press some garlic into it. So this recipe works
great in the slower cooker because if you were to
pressure cook cauliflower it would turn to mush basically. I love using garlic in recipes, it’s a great way to add a lot of flavor without adding too much sodium. Okay just gonna give this a stir. And then on my chicken, before I seared it, I seasoned it with some Italian seasoning and just salt and pepper. First I’m gonna put the cauliflower in the bottom of the pan, top with chicken. Also chicken thighs are great when you’re slow cooking because they get so tender and fall off the bone. And they’re actually less expensive than chicken breasts, which I like. Okay and it’s that easy. I’m just gonna cover with a lid and I’m gonna cook it
on high for three hours. You can also cook it on low for six hours. If it was the weekend I’d probably cook it on low because I’m
usually not doing anything right in the middle of the day versus around three or four I’m running around with my family. So now my food is done. I’m gonna go ahead and remove the chicken. It is smelling delicious. I’m taking the chicken out so that I can mash the
cauliflower right in the pot. All right that’s looking good. And then I’m gonna mash my cauliflower. I like using cauliflower in this recipe, but you can also sub out red potatoes. Cauliflower’s a good way to sneak in some extra
vegetables for my family. So how does slow cooking actually work? It uses a moist, gentle heat to cook foods over a long period of time, usually about three to 10 hours. So because of this long cook time it requires a little bit more planning, but the great thing is that
you can leave your slow cooker and go to sleep or go to work and come back to a nice hot cooked meal. All right so this is looking good. So I’m just gonna transfer
some cauliflower to the plate, (soft music) top with my chicken thigh, (soft music) some Parmesan. So beautiful. I love this recipe because
it’s a family favorite. But the other things I love
about the slower cooker is that it keeps food
warm for a long time, so it’s a great go to for
when you’re having people over or having a party. I also always use it on Thanksgiving for my mashed potatoes
’cause it keeps my stove top free for other dishes, and you can serve straight from it. Now that we’ve explored slow cooking, lets move on to pressure cooking. Now I’m gonna make chicken Parmesan pasta in our Quicker Cooker. This recipe really highlights pressure cooking in a few different ways. First, I already seared my
chicken in the inner pot of the Quick Cooker. This is a great feature
of many pressure cookers that you can just sear
and saute right in the pot and not have to dirty other pans. Secondly we’re making pasta. Pasta in a slow cooker
would just turn to mush because of that long cooking time. But because of the sped up cooking time of a pressure cooker
it cooks really nicely. Third is that we use liquid. I’m gonna use a jar of sauce and a cup of water. You always want liquid when
cooking in a pressure cooker, that’s what helps create the steam and the pressure to cook your food. So I already had my chicken
that’s been seasoned with some garlic and herb rub, two cups of Penne pasta, just a whole jar of marinara sauce, (soft music) and then your water. The garlic and herb rub
really flavors this recipe so nicely, so much flavor from the rub and from the sauce. So now that’s all stirred together. I’m gonna go ahead and put on the lid. I’m gonna hit custom and set the time for five minutes. Now that the pasta is done cooking we wanna release the pressure. There are two different ways
to release the pressure, manually or natural release. Now I manually release the
pressure for this recipe. This works better for foods
that cook quicker like pasta. For longer cooking food like potatoes or big cuts of meat you wanna let the pressure
release naturally. This sort of extends the
cooking time a little bit longer for those longer to cook foods. Now once the pressure is totally released the pressure indicator will go down just like this is right now. This means it’s safe to open. This smells delish. This is a really fast go
to meal for my family. So lets talk about how
pressure cooking works. If the temperature of the
liquid inside the pot increases it builds steam. The steam increases pressure, which decreases the cooking time. Now let me tell you why
I love pressure cooking. Number one, it really locks
in the flavor of foods. Number two, because of
the shorter cooking time it preserves nutrients. And number three, since I’m
not always the best planner, it really comes to my rescue. You can cook a variety of foods, from oatmeal at breakfast all the way to a cheesecake at dessert, and you can cook from frozen if you forget to take the chicken out of the freezer for dinner. If you’re still not sure when to choose a slower
cooker over a pressure cooker, here are some tips. Choose a slow cooker if you wanna come home
to a hot cooked meal, or you wanna keep food
warm for a long time for a party without burning, or you need to free up your
stove top or your oven. Choose a Quick Cooker if
you need food done fast. Also if you wanna build flavor by searing or sauteing right in the pot. And if you need to make a variety of dishes from oatmeal
all the way to cheesecake. As you can see, both slow cooking and pressure cooking offer
great ways for hands off cooking in the kitchen, with the end result being a delicious home cooked meal. Thanks for watching. (soft music)

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