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I love that noise hey everybody welcome
to tummies reviews today on tummies reviews we’re gonna be reviewing a smart
pressure cooker very much like an insta pot and the pressure cooker we’re gonna
be reviewing today is the Sinfonia smart pressure cooker it’s a 10 in 1
multi-function programmable pressure cooker so we’re gonna get started with
this thing I’m gonna unbox it we’re gonna take a quick look at it and then
we’re going to cook up some pork chops in it and just see how they turn out so
everybody let’s get ready and cook up some pork chops in this symphonia
pressure cooker here we go one thing I noticed right off the bat is this has
some heavy duty packaging so there’s some heavy duty styrofoam here the other
thing about this heavy duty styrofoam is is once you take it out of the box it’s
really gonna fill your trashcan up so that you’re not gonna pull to fit a
whole lot of stuff for your trash camper trash day that’s a real big plus just
kidding it’s good to have a nice packaging right and this sucker is heavy
you see it down in here it is heavy gonna lift this with both hands that’s a
big boy if any of you are familiar with the insta pot you’ll notice this dial
right here and that’s why you see one a classic in step up I think that’s pretty nice I’ve never
seen a pressure cooker come with something like this so very cool and
keeps your fingers cool it looks like this is something maybe you can do pasta
in so it like drains itself it’s got one book of recipes and just some
specifications right here comes with a nice large pot here so this is big and
nice as the pot as I’ve ever seen inside a pressure cooker before we’ll get this
stuff washed up and I’ve got everything cleaned up now and as mentioned this has
got a really nice sized cooking pot with us
he’s got measurements on the side of it and then also the measurements are on
the inside there too as well let’s plug it in and see what happens
okay so I got plugged in the screen came on plastic off here real quick okay so I’ve taken the liberty figure
out this cooker and the settings on it and they are very simple so all you have
to do is turn this to turn it on and you’ll see that there are multi settings
right here see we got poultry soup bean chili
porridge cake eggs slow cook rice pressure cook saute steam and yogurt
right there I’ve ever made honey garlic pork chops before but I am going to show
you the recipe that I’m using just in case you want to make them yourself so
the recipe calls for four bone-in pork chops the recipe also calls for one
tablespoon of honey two cloves of garlic so I’m gonna be
using minced garlic it actually said you can substitute minced garlic so we will
be using this so we’re gonna be using 1/4 of a cup of soy sauce in this – so
I’m gonna mix all these ingredients up here real quick and then I’ll show you
that when we get that started and we’ll see how the cooking goes this does call for a mixture of a
tablespoon of cornstarch and a tablespoon of water together these are only supposed to cook for 10
minutes on high obviously we got to wait for the pressure to kick in and then
they’ll cook for 10 minutes so I’m gonna show you how we set that on this
symphonia pressure cooker alright so we’re gonna set the pressure cooker or
pressure cook think about that pressure level is low but we won’t gotta set too
high then the temperature we’re gonna set that temperature to high as well okay I’ve got to get the lid locked on
here and then we’ll get to cooking and now the lids on and on the top here
their settings for sealed so sealing there and then it’s vented over here we
got to turn down to ten minutes all we got to do is push this button go beep
three times and then it starts pressurizing and then cooking so now
it’s done pressurizing and preheating and the timer has started so we’ve got
10 minutes now oh boy we’re in the homestretch now we’ve got less than a
minute left okay it’s saying that it’s all done right now she blows yay they have cooked for the
full 10 minutes on high okay so I cooked the pork chops for the full 10 minutes
on high like I said and I don’t think they’re quite done they’re still just a
little bit pink so I’m going to let them cook for another 10 minutes because I
like my stuff a little bit overdone I don’t think this is gonna do any damage
so we’re cooking for an extra 10 minutes so that’ll be a full 20 minutes pressure
cooked and we’ll check him out that hating see here at 10 minutes they just
still look a little peak so I’m gonna let them cook for another 10 minutes so
here we go okay so the second set of 10 minutes just ended and release the
pressure once again here we go in that fun that’s a lot of fun that’s it
hi the writers just saying how long keeping the same warm soap kept it warm
now for one minute I love that noise okay so now those really look like
cooked pork chops yeah they’re simmering in their own juices now along with the
seasonings we used it’s cooked thoroughly they’ve heard out these pork chops smell
like heavy garlic and I’m not really crazy about the smell but they taste
really good this symphonia pressure cooker cook them
to perfection they did take longer than we thought it was going to take but you
know let that be a heads-up to people that are gonna be using one of these
things this symphonia pressure cooker with its
simple appears to be a winner it’s something
that really wasn’t in the plans on this but I thought I’d go ahead and share
this since I’ve got this going is I’ve got some sweet baby race sweet and spicy
I’ve never tried the sweet and spicy before but I’m gonna dip one of the pork
chops in it and see what it tastes like it smells good it smells like classic
sweet baby Ray’s alright so I’ve got a good glob of the sweet baby Ray’s sweet
and spicy on here and what taste it let’s see what it tastes like the sweet baby race sweet spicy tastes
just like regular ol sweet baby Ray’s it’s just got a little tiny bit of zing
to us so that’s an added plus because I like spicy foods so just a little bit of
spice to this excellent all right so after all said and done the symphonia
pressure cooker turned out to be a really good pressure cooker it did take
20 minutes to cook the pork chops but they were extra thick and I do like mine
cooked really well done it’s got a really nice setup on it it reminds me a
lot of an insta pot it’s a really nice pressure cooker
so this symphonia pressure cooker is the nicest one I’ve ever used I’m really
glad that I got it I do like it a lot I’ll be giving it a really high rating
on Amazon and speaking of Amazon if you’d like to order one of these
symphonia pressure cookers there’ll be an amazon link down in the description
if you’d like to check out any more of my kitchen product reviews just click on
one of these links here and if you enjoyed the video today please remember
to Like subscribe comment and share I want to thank you so much for tuning in
to tell use reviews and god bless you you

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