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I’m starting with a beautiful 8.75 pound rib
roast the butcher is gone and removed the ribs and tied them back on. Let’s take the
ribs off and talk about them for a minute simply cut the butchers twine and the fall
right off. I like to remove the ribs off the roast or you can buy your roast already cut
like that. It acts as a shield blocking the heat in the herbs and spices on the outside
plus there a lot better cooked using a different method. Here’s little trick to remove the
large-cap of fat just wiggle your finger in between the fat and meat and will easily pull
away take a knife and just give it a little slice just keep going down with your finger
in loosen it up. Now you’re left with a gorgeous roast easier to cook because it’s nice and
round easier to carve with the ribs off now take three pieces of butchers twine and tie
it up. Sprinkle it was some kosher salt a few inches above to get a nice even coating
and just gently pat it in. Wrap up the roast with plastic wrap and place it in the fridge
for six hours but in the salt absorb into the meat. Now were gonna diced up a tablespoon
of Rosemary thyme and five cloves of garlic. With the Rosemary thyme and garlic all diced
up added to a bowl with 4 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil. Give everything a good mix place
on a layer plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for at least an hour two. To make the
rub start with 3 tablespoons freshly cracked black pepper. Once you have the pepper all
ground-up at 2 tablespoons of onion powder 2 tablespoons of garlic powder and 1 tablespoon
of smoked paprika. Give everything a good mix this is gonna make a nice rub for the
outside while creating the delicious crust. The rub is mixed and it smells great and added
to the shaker bottle so it’s easier to apply. To keep a good I on the temperatures of the
use and a maverick ET 733 one propyl go inside the roast keeping a good eye on the internal
temperatures and the second one clips on your grill showing you the exact temperature your
barbecues cooking at. Today I’ll be cooking on the Weber 26.75 inch barbecue let’s take
a peek how it’s all set up. Start with a clean barbecue make sure you burned everything off
from the last cook I took a ball tinfoil and just rub besides the clean up any excess ashes.
Take your probes from the maverick ET 733 and run them down through one of the air vents.
Place the charcoal on the barbecue and a C pattern around 3 inches high poured out and
then you can move it around with your hand to make it nice and even. With the charcoal
and a C pattern go around go around and take the pieces to get a nice even consistency
all the way around you don’t want air pockets or big chunks. After six hours take the roast
of the fridge spoon on some of the herb and oil paste and rub it on with your hand given
in a good firm pressing down. Once you have a nice coating on the roast take it place
it back in plastic wrap and place it in the fridge for at least an hour. Slice of one
onion and three cloves garlic and added to the drip pan. To get the barbecue lit using
a Weber started Q just place it at the one end of the C of the charcoal and that will
get going about 5 to 10 minutes. Once you have a nice bed of coals started placing triptan
with the onion garlic and salt-and-pepper on the grill and add 2 cups of water. Place
the cooking grade on the barbecue and attach your probe from the ET 733 that keeps a good
eye on the barbecue temperature. Place a cup and a half of water in a small pan directly
over the hot coals and get your barbecue set up stabilize to run at 200* to 225*. Just
before get the roast some barbecue sprinkle on a good liberal coating of the rub we mixed
up earlier and pat it in. Place on 5 ounces of would for a little bit of smoked directly
on the hot charcoal. Place the roast on the barbecue directly over the drip pan making
sure the fat sides up take the temperature probe to get right in the middle the roast.
Roast is on and that would is smoking away place the lid on making sure the vent is directly
over the meat. Sit back and let it cook. One hour and 20 minutes in of the cook just move
the drip pan over little bit the barbecue Signet 226* with internal temperature on
the roast of 80* shut the lid and let it keep cooking. The method I’m cook in the roast
is called a reverse sear you heat up the meat lowlands slow 200* to 225* until you get
5* below your target temperature I’m shooting for 130* internal temperature then crank
up the heat give it a good sear to get a nice crust on the outside. After three hours and
33 minutes the roast is an internal temperature of 125* I ran out of daylight and had to
click on the high beams. Pour on the hot chimney of lump charcoal spread it around so it’s
nice and even. If you like au jus sauce take the drip pan strain out the onions in the
garlic into a skillet. Reduce this by half and added 1 to 2 tablespoons of flour for
your desired thickness. Take the roast and place it over the hot coals keeping a very
close eye on it. And continue just to roll it gonna make a nice crust or bark on the
outside with a delicious grilled flavor. Prime rib hot off the barbecue and I can’t wait
to dig into this. Quickly check the internal temperature bang on at 130* let’s slice into
it. This is looking so good first thing cut the three strings off. Now the moment of truth
let’s cut it right down the middle
perfect check that out. Nice charred crust on the outside with a delicious smoked flavor
you can see that’s perfect medium rare let’s give it another slice. Ohhh I got a steal
at peice. Barbecue prime rib hot off the grill and it’s time to eat. If this recipe looks
good be sure to share with your family and friends because it’s easy to do barbecue food
for you give it a try. Yum… It’s like butter.

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