Protein Packed Vegan Chili

Hello, Jack Middleton, The Empowered Vegan
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whenever I post a video. Now this video is kind of exciting, because
this is the first one-pot dish video in the one-pot dish series for Veganuary. Last week, I showed you how make a vegetable
stock, and this week, I’m going to show you how to put that vegetable stock to work in
this delicious, hearty vegan chili, so let’s get started. The first thing that you’re going to want
to do is chop up your veggies. Once you’ve got your veggies chopped, get
your pot on the stove, put some oil in it, and turn on the heat. You’re going to want to heat it up nice and
high. Once the pot’s nice and hot, then you can
crumble in your tempeh. The reason that we’re putting the tempeh in
first is because we want to get a nice sear on it so that it develops flavor and it develops
a nice crust. Once your tempeh has got a nice, golden color
on it, then you can add in your onions and start cooking them down. Once your onions have cooked for a little
bit, then you can add in your sweet potato. After your onions and your sweet potato have
cooked a little bit, you can add in your corn. Then you can add in your garlic and cook it
for another minute. Once you’ve let the garlic cook, add in your
spices. You’re going to put in your cumin and your
chili powder. Give them a good mix around and make sure
that you get the veggies well-coated in the spice mix. You’re going to toast these for about 30 seconds
to a minute. Once the spices start smelling really fragrant,
then you’re going to want to add your liquids on top of that. Now when it comes to cooking dried spices
in a pan, they can go from toasted to burnt very quickly, so what I recommend is that
you already have your cans of tomatoes open and ready to go right beside the stove once
you add your spices in. Once you’ve added in your tomatoes, you’re
going to cook out that sauce in medium-high on the stove top until everything in the pot
is nicely cooked. While your chili’s cooking on the stove top,
you can make your sour cream. This sour cream recipe is dead easy. This is an adaptation of the one that we used
to make when I worked at Green Bar, and it is super-fantastic. All you need to do is take all of the ingredients,
combine them into a blender, and puree them until it’s nice and smooth. Once everything’s cooked, then you can add
in your beans. Make sure to check the sweet potatoes to ensure
that they’re done, because they’ll be one of the last things that’ll be cooked all the
way through. And finally, you can add in your stock and
give it a stir. Bring the chili back up to a boil and then
you can drop it to a simmer and cook for about another 10 minutes to let all the flavors
mingle. Once that’s done, it’s ready to go. Chili is one of my favorite winter dishes. You can use whatever chili powder you want. For this one, I used an ancho chili powder
which has a fair bit of kick to it which I really like, but you can use mild chili powders,
you can use really spicy ones, you can use different varieties, whatever you want. You can make it your own. So let me know what other one-pot dishes would
you like to see? What other easy meal prep recipes are you
interested in? Put it in the comments below so that I can
get a heads-up on what you want. I hope you found this video helpful, and I
will see you in the next one.

4 comments on “Protein Packed Vegan Chili”

  1. Jonny Red says:

    Love a good chili like this! If I make one with sweet potatoes I like to bake them in the oven first (wouldn't be one pot anymore). I find it gives the potatoes a different texture in the finished chili

  2. Cindy Szoke says:

    Looks yummy.. I will try it very soon.. maybe today thanks Jack

  3. Nichola pollock says:

    scrumptious looking Jack! Have you ever made a peanut sweet potato stew? I'd like to see your take on something like that….

  4. Tracey M says:

    Mmmm, tempeh in chili sounds great! And the sour cream – so good.

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