PUBG Logic Supercut (funny sketches about PUBG)

Okay, okay, okay, okay? What do you need, what do you need, what do you need, what do you need i’m good Come, on i’m out, again okay Strongman, okay, you’re strong turn the frown upside down alright yeah you recon. you feeling better? yeah Okay, okay? He hasn’t killed you is to try and bait me out on asleep honestly he minds been watching for a While but it’d be bored now please, your turrets pose jumping so shellfish and coming home i’m not being selfish because if i come out, and revive you, we all died Lord we’re gonna, die we’ll get a jar out guarantee you if i come out And try and revive you then he’ll kill me rohit stop being such a. Pussy, god damn it Fine fine here we go fine I’m gonna walk over to you, quick i’m nearly dead come to me first great so why, do here we go like This, and i’m starting and now that i’m nice and still he’s going to shoot me see it’s fine he’s gone One more game one more game, oh yeah i’m ready i’m ready let’s do it really ah Hold up just gonna check the map i think we go to the blue pin okay sounds good where the hell is ben oh? My, god his, games crashed, again, god damn alphas okay, we have to leave here right now we’re in the red zone oh god damn Okay, cool here we go? Hey, come on ben come in i need a run-up hang up Flight slightly earlier been slightly earlier Then you got a. Jump crouch Run just leave, them just leave them Rocking her to sleep which, is great but, that was a thing yeah, oh, by the way how’s your, sara i’m she’s Yeah, you’re kind of still bad person yeah you know. You’re a, bad person though how. Much well yeah what Again, they’ve been together for five years Heather the gala, bring together five years repeat yourself Oh, wow that’s much better, whose side are we supposed to be on in this situation it’s like a brother, oh here we go? Okay, here we go, we have to get to the other side of patinkin wait wait wait wait wait is going on i’ve got slightly low, health Oh, my, god drink it while we’re driving then, go let’s go here we go, oh? Wait what are you doing i said i need to have a drink, what are you talking about we’re Gonna, stay here i’ve got to drink My, energies all right so pretend they just do it what we’re driving it’s don’t forget they all know That it’s physically impossible to drink a can of drink, while i’m here stu can you can What are you talking about 30 minute drink put it up see mouth dry. The chi Goddess both of the game, why, can’t you just drink the drink is gonna drive you might as, well, ask me, why Can’t you, fly, why, can’t you run a million miles an hour it is physically impossible to drink a can of drink Whilst in the moving vehicle then, drink it right now. Quickly, while we’re waiting go Okay, thank you now, we can restore i’m in the driver’s seat, okay, sorry we’ve got, no time, who’s coming in That’s just over that way, right i’m gonna throw. A flashbang Holy, crap! What, oh good, we’ll go get it? Yes yes nice work nice work rowan what in god’s name are you doing, why Do you, still not have any armor on i don’t need, any armor ben because i have The pan that is absurd holy, crap Holy, crap rowan throwing. You down to the final two there’s only one guy laying there Hey, guys, we’ve got the perfect, hiding spot don’t take any shots and as you absolutely have to because We don’t wanna, give away our position okay Let’s get that chicken dinner Nest damn i inside say duck Really i’m just gonna go get a drink yeah Okay, let’s do this probably ready up yeah i already That man’s good no i got lucky head man you got a ready rod no i really don’t i just go i’m gonna show You, why, you might be you might have Time to reach out before i when you’re, gonna drink i read it up agent, we have written it up but, what play again Come on come one hell i mean have you really done yeah i really i’m gonna go adam have you really done yes i’m ready ben have you ready dup i Was ooh, it wasn’t it ben so what Yes yes it was me i’d yep so it was it was you wasn’t it yes i didn’t read it up yeah just clerk so Just the whole time it was you, wasn’t it yes rowan yeah? Yeah, well i hate me too? What are you doing, why you wiggling you, look, ridiculous yeah, well to the chick were in this corner hang on Okay, i see two guys there I’m not sure if they’ve seen us i don’t the head Okay, i think it’s just those two right, okay? Okay are you feeling, okay? Right and now i think i’ve got they’ve got and i think i both got amps right so they didn’t get much equipment. That’s good Okay, okay, you go, okay i’m gonna throw. Good night here we go? yeah Gloves yeah right are can, we go to watertown. Okay how, about rosa? huh, war town mineral yeah sure i you know it’s one of my, favorite places it’s kind of got its, gotta let, the loop i mean like if we go Ellen yeah, you’re the leader right yeah, did you turn off what i mention We’re coming, yep yep not the school though no okay, we gotta go guys the blues coming in I’ll get him you guys, go to cover i’ve got a rose coming no no, no, no you, guys go you, guys go you, guys! Go, to, cover the blues coming in thank you thanks Let’s get you? thanks man I just chicken you got the last look, drop, yeah man i was so jealous when. You got that i was? Like probably, let, me get it do me there Okay, you know, what do you don’t are you gonna revive, oh you know just – sorry yeah bit of it what is it? If it’s prompting you on the screen right now. You’re. Oh yeah, yeah, okay here we go let’s get you rest As, well yes ron it came with an eight-time scope yeah I would have loved to have gotten, okay, okay i’m almost did oh? Oh, what oh i thought i heard some what are you doing, oh? They are damn, oh, well, ah okay so i mean i’m Happy to loot you bonnie because i mean it’s they’re pointing at going to waste oh Better grab your loot alright it’s so annoying, oh? So, sorry i couldn’t revive you but a bit of gosh it blows coming in a bit ago, sorry bro Did he go damn it oh? Eat a dick run

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  1. Jacky Wei says:

    9:30 DisguisedToast killed Rowan with Jade Druid???
    Nonono, is cancer Druid!!!

  2. ELiaN /11010101011000101010 says:

    force field: iam comin for you little ant
    Me: sees tsunami force field Mother f*** aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Sσαкιиεя says:

    Titolo in italiano e niente sottotitoli in italiano… Bene…

  4. bilbobagpipe says:

    ha he made a swear

  5. Rizal Rock says:

    6:40 really?knocked out by a slingshot

  6. Daniel Harahap says:

    Loading zone, lmfao 🤣🤣

  7. Muhammed Sabir says:


  8. Human Resources says:

    Lol at the sneaky ZF shoutout. Looks like ZF is operating just as well as we're used from them.

  9. robloxgamerkid2491 YT says:

    I once got 18 kills

  10. Hamode_ Game- says:

    We Arabs love the clips of the game pubg when filmed by foreigners you are wonderful, foreigners making movies pubg You have impressed Arabs I have translated speech from Google

  11. johnny lian says:

    😂😂😂 so funny

  12. Waleed Mughal says:

    Haha, nice job, pretty funny.

  13. Halim Poslama says:

    Kerenan ini real

  14. Halim Poslama says:

    Real pubg

  15. Halim Poslama says:

    Real pubg

  16. Otaku hunter says:

    F for Adam

  17. Thufail Ahamed says:

    any flare gun epic???

  18. Shah Hurrem says:

    Fire Panic yup… I laughed so hard.. cuz that was so me..

  19. Jerico Doloriel says:

    The pan is wrong couse the enemy that kill his temate is on the other side why did he fire in the other side ?

  20. Elena Mariela Mendez Pinto says:


  21. Jasse Tuukkanen says:

    The killfeed is priceless

  22. WhileOneEqualToZero says:

    Im laughing so hard at the panic under fire bit… thx guys.

  23. Timothy Marco says:

    Cyanide? Edberg? You guys knew them?

  24. Muhammad bayu edi says:


  25. uganda knuckles says:

    I died at 13:00 XD I used to do that when I first played the game

  26. Ian Mark Clerigo says:

    Hey Stonemountain64 is a youtuber or a username I've heard of from somewhere am I right?

  27. Buckley Ennos - SL Gamer says:

  28. Xy 999 says:

    The Drink Driving Part is useless why
    You can Drink and drive in Pubg 2019

  29. Omgilovesteak says:

    Oh you guys.

  30. CaptianCaleb says:

    rowan, tha ultimate blue falcon

  31. Ever Green says:

    Hilarious 🤣

  32. Tety amaral says:

    No fucking enemy out there😒

  33. THE BUDDHA 420 says:

    So many reasons to kill somebody

  34. THE BUDDHA 420 says:

    PUBG the movie

  35. The Lord says:


  36. The Lord says:


  37. Mattley says:

    9:28 Killed with jade druid.

  38. Morbid says:

    7:56 Yo sombrero GG is wretching the whole ZF clan 😂😂

  39. Clancy Alu says:


  40. معا ذ says:


  41. Vince ALFONSO says:

    Stonemountain 64 YEY

  42. Doot Doot says:

    11:15 guys in kill feed must have had fun

  43. Steven Tran says:

    Lol 🤣

  44. sarah salipada says:

    What nice sound it is 😂😂😂😂😂 pan sound

  45. Lynch says:

    11:16 "reamas knocked out arcadiau with a dildo"

  46. BaneHuntress says:

    OMG, the 'panic under fire' I was crying I laughed so hard! This is so me! ahahahah

  47. Semi Önder says:

    Bu adamları çok seviyorum en çok da Rowan'ı seviyorum PUBG'i en güzel şekilde anlatıyor gülmemek elde değil (TÜRKİYE)🇹🇷

  48. EMC2 eins says:

    Tha pan

  49. Deathy kat says:

    the pan 😉

  50. Emily Viernes says:

    Wtf adam you shot 20 time and drink red bull. He regen

  51. ᖀᖇᓮᙜᙦ 8 ᖴᕶᕓ says:

    DrDisRespect knocked out Ben with a slingshot.
    Best one I've seen yet.

  52. Ben Benz says:

    The grafik is real

  53. warnakula Fernando says:

    Love it bby 😂😂😂

  54. Giga F. says:

    6:48 best 😂

  55. pubg mobile says: لايك+اشترك😍

  56. Nintendo Fan Unity says:

    Why Is there no American people in the comments

  57. 8yoka aa says:

    هههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه مو صاحيييين والله 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💔

  58. TikTok2019 TikTok says:


  59. Prince Turk says:

    Lol love these videos

  60. Renegade says:

    He is still 51 alive.

  61. sh L says:


  62. Nasus Anubis says:

    Guy 1:Hey…hey !
    Guy 2: What man ?
    Guy 1: Creeper…
    Guy 1 and 2: AWWWWW MAN

  63. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 says:

    10:10 god what a perfect man

  64. Chris Goodwin says:

    ben's jump hahahahhaaaa wasd wasd

  65. Raiders Husky says:

    4 ads on a 18 minute video? That's gonna be a "no" for me, dawg.

  66. John Bower says:

    rotfl at that flashbang; how many times in wargames have I done that with grenades? LOL

  67. Siwalee Sansuriwong says:

    Ok thanks 5555noob

  68. محمد ابو احمد says:


  69. Treagan Raphael says:

    Am still cracking my ribs🤣🤣

  70. GZZANI 570 says:


  71. Ahstinf Ixsnhc says:

    12:47 his nipples are so hard

  72. DouDogo Games says:

    Я один тут смотрю это и я из рашы?

  73. Pierre Jonquères says:

    I don't know if I want to marry Rowan or if I want to marry Rowan

  74. NeilL says:

    The loading zone tho

    I CANT

  75. Romello Hodge says:

    6:59 When Mortals are trying to kill Gods.

  76. هيمو Im says:

    حلو جميل، 👀🤙😂😂😂🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

  77. Greg Whittle says:

    Shi* fuc* fuck* fuck* shit*

  78. JediFight says:

    These videos are hilarious.

  79. sajeer tvk says:

    Pubg ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  80. Hasnaa Ahmed says:


  81. Hasnaa Ahmed says:

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  84. Moses Berhane says:

    I'm dead

  85. Abukhair Hasim says:

    I just like when the guy use a pan😂😂😂

  86. Subscribe Me And I Will Double Subs You says:

    5:57 DrDisRespect Killed Duuk with AKM😂😂

  87. ForzaE2 says:

    Stop being a pussy ROWAN !

  88. Subscribe Me And I Will Double Subs You says:

    9:17 summit1g killed GoldGlove with machete ?

  89. Subscribe Me And I Will Double Subs You says:

    16:06 summit1g knocked out Alan with Aimbot ??

  90. Jeremy Hopkinson says:

    Funny stuff guys

  91. x UNKNOWNx LOSTx says:

    if you're filming budget wasn't so poor you would have bought smokes because when people getting knocked that's what you do you smoke them and revive like a normal pubg player instead of like you retards

  92. Ilham Yulfidan says:

    love indonesia this channel

  93. Ilham Yulfidan says:

    Siapkan beberapa subtitle

  94. Demnark Balcom says:

    ZfEdburg and ZfCyanide were both killed. That makes me laugh

  95. Foxalin says:

    17:49 – 17:53 Has Military Armor But Uses The Lvl 2 Police Armor

  96. Redline Aviator says:

    I haven't laughed this much at something in awhile these guys are hilarious.

  97. ahmad yoga maulidan says:

    Thats so funny

  98. KrazyKiwi says:

    I know I'm nearly 2 years late. Probably later. But was that THE Dacia Sandero?!

  99. Alfaz asraf Khatri says:

    One vidio for fler gun

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