PUBG Makers Start Suing Over Copyrights And Frying Pans

Heavy is the head that wears the crown of success, especially if you’ve made a successful game. Because if you’ve made a successful game
other companies are going to copy it to the hilt. Which is what we’ve seen with
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. Very much like with survival horror and Resident Evil,
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds didn’t invent
the Battle Royale Genre. I played Battle Royale games
before I played Battlegrounds. And if someone happens to come along
and does the thing you were trying to do but better and they have even better success with it,
you’re pretty fucked. In a way you have to feel
for Player Unknown and the Battlegrounds team, because they did create a popular successful game
and popularized the Battle Royale genre. And their success led
to the standardization of subsequent games, they’ve added their own twist, you know Fortnite
has the building mechanic and just looks way better. We could argue that Battlegrounds was
the World of Warcraft, or the Modern Warfare,
the thing that kick-started a new breed of shooter. Something that blended together
a lot of good ideas in such a way
that many other games copied the formula. Because the formula in that ratio all of the different elements work so good. Except, you know,
World of Warcraft remained king of the MMOs, and Call of Duty remained king of the FPSs
and Battlegrounds is not, Fortnite is. While PUBG is still immensely popular
Fortnite captured pop culture attention
and more or less stole the game’s spotlight And the PUBG teams handling of that
has not exactly endeared it to the common populace, when Fortnite started to gain major traction
Blue Hole Entertainment began to grumble about it. Talking about how they were copied
and even floated the idea of legal action out there, which pissed a lot of people off because they were like: “you can’t claim trademark on game mechanics you’ll kill business” And there’s a lot of talk over who owned what.
What invented what? Did Player Unknown invent the Battle Royale genre? Or was (unintelligble for me) being deluded? One of the unfortunate crosses to bear
of success in the video game industry is cloning. Cloning happens people will rip off your format.
In fact that’s not just true for the game industry. If you’re successful at anything,
even if you’re moderately successful at shit, like I am,
someone will try and chomp your flavor. But in general all you can do is protect your brand, the titles that you give the stuff,
the original artistic look that you give your content. Mechanics typically, you can’t get a trademark on. But you know they’re named Battlegrounds,
anything in the game that’s not an asset from
the Unreal Store, they can claim as their own. You can’t just lift that sort of stuff. You can’t lift the audio visuals directly
to put them in your game. You can’t just publish PUBG mobile as PUBG mobile,
unless you’re Blue Hole Entertainment. But in general you can make a game that looks
quite a lot like PUBG and plays like PUBG,
and you can stick that up. And that, that is what Blue Hole Entertainment,
Player Unknown and the PUBG team
currently disagrees with. Despite calling Fortnite a ripoff
and promising further action against Epic Games, the PUBG team is instead focusing on the mobile market, PUBG mobile has been out for a little while. But there are – because it’s the mobile market –
plenty of clones to sift through, and legal action has been filed
to stop these mobile clones. Chinese developer NetEase put out
Rules of Survival and Knives Out, two Battle Royale games for mobile which are
PUBG ripoffs, they are, there’s no two ways about it. But nonetheless people are taking
quite a bit of umbrage with the lawsuit, because of some ludicrous claims to originality
that are in there. The most notorious contention to come out of the lawsuit that’s been filed, is the use of a frying pan. NetEase’s games
have a frying pan as a weapon, But the Battlegrounds team claim that frying pans are uniquely associated with them, its part of their brand. SARCASTICALLY:
“One very beloved aspect of creative expression in Battlegrounds is the game’s iconic
– yeah, they used the Ubisoft term – frying pan.” “Previous shooter games
did not include the use of a frying pan…” “The imaginative treatment of a frying pan
as a melee weapon is made even more remarkable by its further treatment as armor against
shots to the butt of a character.” Now I won’t be the first to tell you that a frying pan
is not unique to video games as a melee weapon,
in fact it’s not unique to shooters. I distinctly remember using one a.k.a. the skillet
in Left 4 Dead 2, I think it was L4D2. And if I recall correctly
it’s a weapon in Team Fortress 2 as well. And I also, I distinctly remembered using a frying pan, now this isn’t a shooter,
but I distinctly remembered using it in a horror game. I went and double checked,
you can use a frying pan in Silent Hill: Downpour Now this is where we get
into a interesting discussion about branding and mechanics,
and how trademark plays a role. Now I’m not versed,
you know supremely educated in trademark law. I just know what I know from years of covering the game industry. But as I understand it,
you can’t go claiming rights to a simple frying pan, to just a standard frying pan. If they’d have called it something original, if they’d have called it the ‘Fry Blaster 3000’
or something. You know, something, anything,
it doesn’t have to be clever. So long as it’s original
they can slap a little TM on that surely, and say right: “you’ve called it the ‘Fry Blaster 3000’, that’s ours!” But just an average frying pan, that’s weak! I’m also a little concerned
that they show a side-by-side comparison of the frying pan in Battlegrounds
versus the frying pan in Rules of Survival. Now I’m not saying that Rules of Survival
looks like a better game per se, LAUGHING:
but they do have a better frying pan. They argue there’s a rubber chicken
in Rules of Survival which evokes
the ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ award that you get for winning Battlegrounds,
on its own very flimsy, But they also point out that if you win Rules of Survival you also get ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’. Now there’s no doubt, no doubt at all, you couldn’t even begin to contest
that they copied that from Battlegrounds. However does it constitute a breach of copyright? I mean the phrase ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ isn’t the intellectual property of Blue Hole Entertainment or Brendan Greene
or anyone involved with PUBG. Could you brand something
‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ ? And say: “Right, this is trademarked to us, this is ours,
and it’s only for use in Battle Royale style video games.” If you get very specific and slap a trademark brand on it,
now you’re cooking with gas! That’s how ZeniMax was able to stop
Mojang from calling their game ‘Scrolls’, at least until they reached their own agreement.
And Mojang eventually was able to use Scrolls. But up until that point ZeniMax was like: “No you can’t! Because they were like: “Right we’ve trademarked
the Elder Scrolls for use in video games.” Now I’m not saying that was cool to do, or that trademark law itself isn’t in need of a severe update to catch up with the modern bloody world. But again typically, if you want to protect your copyright and especially your trademarks, you gotta be specific. And I feel like some of the claims in this lawsuit
are just a bit too vague. The lawsuit also lays claim
to environments, which I think is a bit rich, because PUBG’s environments did come from the Unreal Store, again if I recall correctly. Many people have called PUBG an asset flip,
I don’t necessarily agree with that, because I believe asset flips are just basically
you know a game built with Lego and no actual design or thought,
and everything’s just thrown together without cohesion. PUBG is a cohesive, fun to play game,
but it does use a lot of pre-made assets, and you can’t,
I just think it’s fucking rich, to go after them on that. Again I’m not saying that these Rules of Survival,
these Knives Outs
and probably loads of other games aren’t clones. They are blatant, shameless, pathetic clones. But there’s a reason why Nintendo doesn’t go after
every game in which you catch your monsters. Now they’ll go after the ones that blatantly
have a Pikachu in them, because they own Pikachu. But they don’t own the concept of small monsters
that you capture and make fight for yah. And looking at this lawsuit this appears to be
what the Player Unknown’s team has done. They’re trying to lay claim to basic gameplay concepts. And we’d have far fewer games,
far fewer great games in fact
on the market if you could do that. I mean Darkside (that’s one of my favourite IP’s)
wouldn’t exist in the world that the PUBG team wants, because Valve would say:
“Hey, Darksiders took our Portal gun!” Nintendo would say:
“Hey, Darksiders took our everything!” I’ve always said for many years, that it doesn’t matter in the game industry if what you’re doing isn’t new, The important thing is that whatever you do,
new or not, you do it well. And that’s where we come
to the real contention with PUBG and why this whole thing looks like sour grapes, because Fortnite did the PUBG thing,
but deeper, better-looking, richer, and most importantly more successfully. And after calling Fortnite a ripoff
and then going after these clones, the legitimate clones,
but clones pursued with some flaky claims, it just smells of bitterness to me. I say this is as someone who likes PUBG,
someone who has played PUBG more,
than Fortnite even. But the grapes seemed very very sour,
that the PUBG team, that Blue Hole, is only on the second-to-top rung
on a ladder made of pure fucking money. You know, how else do you look
at this side-by-side comparison of an energy drink in Battlegrounds versus a sports drink in whatever it was Rules of Survival? Again I’m not denying that Rules of Survival
is a ripoff of Battlegrounds, it is. It’s just you can’t claim legally that it’s a ripoff,
on a basis like that. You know, I do feel for anyone who worked on PUBG, seeing all of these other games come out and seeing Fortnite in particular surpass it. Again, I’ve been there, and I’ve not even had a gigantic mega success like PUBG to fall back on and say: “Well at least I made millions and millions, at least my creation was literally
on top of the fucking world for a while.” I just had to suck it up and be happy
with the success I have, I’ve been there. I hate ripoff merchants, but dealing with it this way
is not going to make you the good guy. Clones happen. It’s a sign of success, and if you’re gonna try and stop clones on the mobile market good fucking luck. It’s a shitty cost of doing business. But if you start stamping down on them
in the way that this lawsuit wants to. You’re gonna piss off not just the peanut gallery, but other people in the game industry, because no one wants to be told
that mechanics are off limits. Nobody wants to be terrified to use a healing item or a weapon in their game for fear that another game has used it before. They also go through all of the similarities,
and the similarities are more than just abundant,
they’re almost 1 for 1. And no reasonable person could look at Knives Out
or Rules of Survival and say: “Oh that’s a different game.” But PUBG, still one of the biggest games in the world,
is not under threat from these rip offs, and there are so many rip offs because
PUBG is massive enough to be under no such threat. I feel like they’re gonna have a very hard time proving
that this Chinese company
is taking money out of their hands. And they only risk making themselves look like shitheads in their pursuit of this claim. And right now I think that PUBG needs goodwill, more than it needs these little mobile games
taken off the App Store.

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  7. Chrono Ryono says:

    7:13 – This does bring up the question though as to where do we draw the line between a traditional asset flip (e.g. The Slaughtering Grounds) and an asset flip that only qualifies as such because it uses pre-bought assets, but otherwise avoids all the usual connotations – it's designed cohesively, it's clearly been play tested, it has little to no bugs, its developer communicates with the playerbase and acts on feedback, etc.

    It extremely rare, but I believe it's possible that someone with just the clothes on their back and no money (except for a Unity license) can build a proper game. All you need to do is sit down and plan things out, and give a shit about what you're doing. I don't think such a person should be called an asset flipper with all the usual stigmas that accusation carries.

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