Pulled Pork – Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder on the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Smoker – Kasket –

Hey, welcome back. This is casket. It’s August [9] 2015 Good day to smoke good summer day today. I’m smoking a [6] pound Boston butt and three and a half pounds of pork Country Ribs Now last night. I did inject the the pork shoulder [I] used A 50/50 mixture of Apple Cider [vinegar] [and] Apple [Juice] and a little Worcestershire sauce and I coated the shoulder and the pork ribs down with some vegetable oil. [I] applied my rub to them and They sat [in] the fridge overnight and today. They’re going on the smoker this will be about an [eight-hour] smoke I’m going to shoot for 250 degrees for my pit temperature, and I’m being be using Oak and Applewood today, that’s all I have on hand I prefer some hickory and pecan but no such luck So about maybe five hours into the smoke I’m going to foil the Meat also known as the Texas crutch, and that will help speed up the cooking process somewhat I’ll be shooting for an internal temperature of 195 degrees in my pork shoulder and That’s about the time. I’ll pull [it] and let it rest and should be good to go So here’s the process Stay tuned here we go you you Well, it’s been almost five [hours] the internal temperature of the pork shoulder the Boston roast has Stalled at 153 degrees, it’s been right around there for the last hour I’ve been keeping the internal temperature At around 250 degrees in the pit. I just wrapped my country ribs The pork country-style ribs are wrapped with butter Apple juice and some brown sugar [and] There’s the pork shoulder It’s coming along real nicely we’ve got an excellent mark, and I’m probably going to wrap that here in just a few minutes Okay, so we’re at the [five] hour mark I’ve stalled it 153 degrees And it is time to wrap the pork shoulder Add just a little bit of apple juice some apple juice cider And back on probably about another three hours okay, so it’s been eight [hours] and Coming up on 198 degrees on the internal temperature of my pork shoulder I’ll show you 198 and I’ve Kept the internal temperature of the pit pretty constant at around 250 [to] 275 degrees I’ve posted the last probably hour and a half on some lump charcoal and a few briquettes of Kingsburg, but mostly love Charcoal So we’re going to pull this pork shoulder off And we’re going to let it rest for about a half hour Okay, so eight hours on a smoker. Let’s take a look all right let’s take a slice and see there it is folks wow I did a pork shoulder once before twice before and I don’t think It came out this well the Bone Okay, so I’m going to trim this up and we’re going to pull it Be back in a moment Boy, it just pulls apart so easily This is hard to do without eating it. We’re not going to be much left with a touch Get this all pulled apart Let’s smoke ring fantastic Why she’s falling apart? Okay, here’s the finished product I can’t express to you how Flavorful and moist this turned out to be I’m gonna just a little bit of sauce to it not a whole lot You certainly know? Want to cover up? taste [of] the rub and the injection and the smoke flavor just layers of Flavor folks There it is Okay folks, so there you have it There’s the pulled pork It’s amazing. I’m very happy with it. I won’t change a thing when it comes to this recipe and The procedures I used to make this and There’s the final product the Coleslaw Little Pasta salad pulled pork and [I] do have the pork ribs in the house So that’s it. Hope you enjoyed the video and We’ll see on the next smoke

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  1. Jason Murray says:

    Looks amazing! Good job! Did you ever have any issues with the RTV adhesive?

  2. William Kasper says:

    Thank you for the compliment. I have had no trouble with the RTV sealant. It hasn't ran or dripped and seekingly has stayed in place. So far so good.

  3. Jason Murray says:

    Awesome! I just added some to mine and wanted to make sure. Thanks!

  4. Nathan Phillips says:

    now i'm drooling…and its 11:30 PM…

  5. Taco Meat says:

    Nice smoker….I'll assume by your shirt and hat you're from the Wooster area by chance? Anyway where did you get that smoker? Happy cueing!

  6. Randy Davis says:

    awsome vid man looks great

  7. Chris Bennett says:

    looks great

  8. Ruben Sanchez says:

    great job that pork butt looked great!

  9. William Kasper says:

    Thank you. Pork butts are fun to smoke as they are forgiving of temperature fluctuations.

  10. SirDaddyCarami says:

    noticed put in bay on your shirt Pat Daily and the round house saloon ahaha i love that place

  11. Dickie Denton says:

    I have the exact setup! Oklahoma Joe's Rock! I've also been using the same seasoning and injection method for around 10 years. Best Style of BBQ hands down! I use Wickers marinade and Rendevous Rub. It's my favorite combo BBQ recipe. I'm Rollin coal as we speak!

  12. ALIAS Detective says:

    Dang, I bet its better without the sauce. I just ordered the OJ highland, can't wait to get it.

  13. Nack67 says:

    I have the exact same setup. I have a couple questions.

    1. Where did you get that heat shield with the holes in it?
    2. I am planning a backyard bbq for ~50 people, can I fit 4 large pork butts on there you think?

  14. Allen Heaps says:

    if you can pull the bone out it's done brother, good job!

  15. Redbeard says:

    Wow I can almost taste it. Great video.

  16. Joe L says:

    I have the same setup. What does the elbow and heat plate accomplish? Does it make heat management better?

  17. Barry Resvick says:

    How the hell do you get your smoker to heat up without gaskets?

  18. Terri Newman says:

    Bill, how big in pounds was that butt?

  19. Terri Newman says:

    forgot to tell you that I have the same smoker but I put two thermometers down at the grill level for a more true temp inside the smoke chamber!

  20. Brent Turner says:

    Good video man…looks delicious.

  21. AddyPaddy09 says:

    Thank you for making this video. I have the same smoker and I always enjoy learning different techniques.

  22. David Ramsey says:

    Can you tell me where you got the Convection Heat Plate for the Oaklahoma Joe…?

  23. Brian Doyle says:

    How long did you leave the ribs on for? I'm following your cooking instructions tomorrow with a pork shoulder, ribs and 2 tri tips. I've already injected the pork and will let it rest over night. I plan to start the cook at 0800 hours. Any cooking tips for all three meats would be appreciated. Thanks brother.

  24. Mart Mennen says:

    Jesus Christ dude! I just got into smoking and bbq'ing and seeing this moist, squishy pork gets me salivating like a dog! I'm definitely going to be cookin' up one of those when the temperatures are going up again..

  25. Scott Mizzell says:

    Nice job,thanks for your experience!!!!!!!

  26. Robert Keenan says:

    Looks fantastic man! Great job!

  27. gfam777 says:

    Best pulled pork video I've seen thanks

  28. easyrider750 says:

    if all you have is a hammer…..make everything look like a nail

  29. Morris Lightman says:

    Great video!! Is it just me or does it seem that you don't have any modifications? As i am curious because it seems like it didn't leak to much ?

  30. shermvlog says:

    Great video! Thanks for making it, tried your recipe today and it came out picture perfect! Tasted great, good job!

  31. Chiras Chagas says:

    eat it before I come and steal it, man it looks good, I bet it is delicous, thanks for sharing the recepit.

  32. Phil N Florence says:

    Hello Kasket, Just watched your video and that was some great looking pulled pork and country ribs. They really turned out nice. I just subbed your channel, so I'll be checking out your other videos. Actually, I already watched the UDS build and first cook. Awesome. I am a newcomer to smoking meat. Please stop by my channel and check it out. While there, I would appreciate it if you would subscribe and help me get started. Thanks bud

  33. joey price says:

    aw forgot to let it rest looks at all those jiuces your missing Nooo!!! But still yummy!

  34. Matthew Blackburn says:

    How much goes into the injection part

  35. Chris Carter says:

    Impressive my friend. Great video!!!

  36. MemphisMike says:

    9LB Picnic Shoulder and 3 Slabs of Ribs going on my OK Joe Smoker tomorrow. 2nd Time to use. Just got it 2 weeks ago. I like the space as compared to my Weber 22" Grill.

  37. Matt Young says:

    Awesome video! Thanks for the info, I feel much more confident attempting my first smoke in my new OK joe's!

  38. RUDE OUT says:

    Great video, but because you have juices from the injection and pork, cutting on or in the foil or metal tray will give it an aluminum taste. The only thing I recommend, pull in a plastic bowl or glass baking dish. Day and night.

  39. Lewis Evans says:

    I want to thank you for your video on the pulled pork. I made your pulled pork for my family reunion & it was the talk of the reunion.

  40. mixwell1983 says:

    I think tomorrow im going to smoke pork shoulder but cheat. Im going to smoke it 4-5 hours and then pressure cook it for another hour. Ive been wanting to try it and just got a pork shoulder so i'll see how it goes.

  41. MrJohnCitizenSmith says:

    you can tell a mans passion for pork when he handles it like a mother to her child

  42. 0211Josie says:

    Nice video! Would you recommend the tuning plates you have there? Thx!

  43. mgavaghen says:

    As the owner of a new offset smoker, I can't tell you how helpful this video was. There is so much information out there, from People of the Smoke, and so much of it is contradictory, that it was hugely beneficial to follow one approach from beginning to end, and be able to duplicate it. You've performed a real service, dude. And the pork was fabulous.

  44. Shaan Brown says:

    beautiful m an the pork was nice and tender i appriciate the ingredients u were using.

  45. Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine says:

    Nice looking pig

  46. Hamburger and a Shake says:


  47. NewVenari says:

    Displays date as "September 8" and says "hey it's August 9"


    But otherwise: Good video 😀

  48. Jason S says:

    sorry but I've seen and done way better.. please go check out Malcolm Reed .. How to BBq right.. You well thank me later

  49. baker T says:

    Thanks for sharing William. Great job and looks very tasty. Did you make any modifications to your Oklahoma Joes??
    Keep up the great videos. Smoke on

  50. Mike Janson says:

    Nice video. Will be coping ur way. What’s in ur rub? Btw I subscribed

  51. Casey Rose Stammerjohn says:

    Smoking a pork shoulder for the first time for my new grill so I YouTubed just to see what someone else would do and you have the same grill! So that was helpful. Hopefully dinner tomorrow will be good enough for my brother who’s coming in town haha

  52. Douglas Reeder says:

    Looks like ya knocked it outta the park brother! Thanks for the lesson. God Bless ya, and God Bless America.

  53. JonahC says:

    Three pairs of tongs and you pick up the meat with a towel wtf lol

  54. Jose Barreto Jr says:

    Sup Kasper, did you make this Oklahoma Smoked or bought ?

  55. Justin Dillon says:

    I’ll add a little sauce not a whole lot, just a shitload

  56. Justin Dillon says:

    Great video however

  57. Tim Nutt says:

    Let me know when it’s time too eat,pulled pork sandwiches delicous,I have a Oklahoma joe awesome grill.

  58. Tim Nutt says:

    I’m sure you have done baby backs so good on a stick burner low and slow ,I spray my ribs with apple juice ,and water pans close too firebox for extra moisture.i don’t do the 3-2-1 wrap .just lite coat of Wesson oil or mustard then some pork rub the nite before cook and keep moist every hour with apple juice at 250 on the pit.. Use apple wood or hickory small splits over lump charcoal.try too get finish temp between 200-205.i don’t like fall off the bone ribs.

  59. Robert Kohut says:


  60. MICKIN310 says:

    try injecting with fresh squeezed orange juice and BBQ sauce 50/50 mix very distinctive flavor

  61. stang jones says:

    Nicely done

  62. RJamesMusic91 says:

    'It's so flavourful and moist….i'm just gonna add some sauce to it…'

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