Pumpkin fritters with bloody sauce

Hi everyone, my name is Son Hyun-Jung Today, I’m going to show you a wonderful dish you can make with a pumpkin. Let’s start Today I am using the hokkaido pumpkin First chop it in half Then scoop up the seeds and the peal the skin then cut into smaller pieces then i will grate it While it cooks, I’m going to tell you something special. As youu know, we usually use pumpkin to make soup Even though there might be other ways to use it Life is also like this We use ourselves in certain ways. For example If you have a certain diploma, you only work in that area if you have a certain skills you will use them in one way and not another You do not try to use your skills in different ways Usually you complain about conditions and circumstances But the truth is that you don’t use yourself in different ways to unlock your bright future You don’t just have to make soup with pumpkin You don’t have to live life the way you are told to You don’t have to become the person you are supposed to be It’s not about pumpkin. It’s about your life Now I want to show you how to make a bloody sauce. to dip your pumpkin fritters in. mix three spoons of tomato ketchup with one spoon of chili paste Now is pumpkin fritters are ready to eat This is bloody sauce with tomato ketchup With chili paste. I will try it Mmm, it’s very good. It goes well with a glass of wine Mmm, it’s a wonderful Don’t forget if you use your skills in various ways Definitely, you will have a bright future Thank you for watching if you like this video Please share it and give it a thumbs up and the follow my Instagram. Thank you See you next week. Bye Happy Halloween

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    우와~~~건강이 느껴지는 요리네요 ㅎㅎ

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