Pumpkin Porridge (Hobakjuk: 호박죽)

(upbeat music) – Hi everybody. How do I look? You guys see my mask? I’m going to wear soon,
because I need to work. With a mask, I can’t work. Today, we are going to make hobakjuk. Hobakjuk is pumpkin porridge. You guys saw this
pumpkin in my previous videos. Actually I bought this
like almost more than one month ago. By time goes by this guy has a
little bruise so I just thought:
“Oh, I gotta make hobakjuk.” in a hurry. I need only one pound. Wow, I see the orange flesh. Huge. This is the line… Let’s see, some treasure inside, just like a children’s book. Open. Yay. Wow, oh my, so pretty. I like to, just a little bit taste if this is sweet enough. Good, I think I can
make hobakjuk with this. The pumpkin seeds are so big, huge. So I need one pound. This is one pound, one ounce. Remove the seeds. I’ll put it here. Add three cups of water. Over medium-high heat. So I’m going to boil
this about 30 minutes. Later, I will check it out. I should be able to scoop it easily. I’m going to add my beans. These beans are dried. I soaked in cold water, around several hours, and this is half a cup. Glutinous rice flour, one cup. Quarter teaspoon salt. And this is quarter cup rice flour, just a pinch of salt. And now, add half cup hot
boiling, boiling water. And mix. Now, it’s cool enough
to use my hand. Knead! I’ll wash my hands. I’ll wrap it in a plastic bag so
that it won’t get dried out. This pumpkin is now really boiling, nice. It smells like some kind of a sweet smell. These are pine nuts. I’m going to make rice
cake balls with the pine nuts. Pine nuts will be inside, buried. And so that when you eat it, give your friends or family a surprise, “What is it inside?
Oh, so nutty, delicious!” So, put some rice flour here. Let’s make rice cake balls. Pine nuts, maybe two. 15 minutes passed. I will add the beans. I’m coming back to my rolling job. So, these are pine nuts inside, but some left over. Just let’s make
plain rice cake balls. Make with two at the same time. Plain rice cake ball is easy, faster. Okay, rice cake ball is all done. And then, I’m just waiting. I will check it. If this is fully cooked, which means that I can scoop
this with my spoon easily, and then, it’s done, but
if this is not cooked yet, I need to cook a little bit longer. (upbeat jazzy music) 30 minutes passed. I think it’s cooked. So I’ll turn off. So I’ll just let it sit here. Remove this skin. This way it’s very easy. Gorgeous, beautiful yellow color. This skin. If this is a little cool down,
easily you can do this. But I cannot wait. I want to do quickly. Let’s taste beans. Mmm, good. And put it back after removing skin. And I brought this. I needed this weapon. I need to crush all this. I will add some water here. Let’s add three cups. I’m boiling over medium-high heat until really vigorously boiling, and then, I will add
this and sugar and salt. But I like to make a
really nice garnish today. Persimmon. Jujube, jujube flowers. Let’s make this, you will feel the seed, and cut around this. Then remove the seed. Then, just roll it. And cut. So this is going to be a nice flower. This is a really traditional
way of making garnish, so this is jujube flower, and I will just,
later I will garnish this. And then, I’m waiting until
this is really boiling. I boiled around seven minutes. After that, I see it
really, really boiling. Rice cake balls. I’m mixing with a quarter cup water. And open this. You see, so when it’s floating, that means that rice cake ball is cooked. Let’s add this more to
make it more sticky. All these rice cake balls are floating, but I like to cook longer,
around five minutes longer. I like to make it a little more sticky. Turn off, then I will
add salt, half teaspoon. Sugar, it depends on your taste. Even you don’t have to add any sugar here, but I will add just two tablespoons sugar. See? Pumpkin seeds. (laughing) I told you I’m going to wear my mask. So today we made so
beautiful, hobakjuk! Let me taste!
Kind of hot. Mmm, delicious. Pine nuts are a delicious surprise. Sweet, hot, and comforting. Always serve with this some kind of mul-kimchi, water kimchi – it’s nabak-kimchi. Last time, I made
this nabak-kimchi recipe. You guys make it
together, and eat like this. Well-fermented now. So any pumpkins, edible pumpkin, you guys can make it at home. Today, we made hobakjuk. Pumpkin porridge. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time. Bye.

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    This woman is adorable.
    Looks really yummy and perfect for cold weather.

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    Sayaka M (YouTube) submitted Japanese caption for my Japanese speaking viewers! Thanks a lot, Sayaka!

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    aliz (YouTube) submitted Hungarian caption! Thank you very much! https://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?bl=watch&auto=yes&v=wXAghE8wUA0&ref=wt

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