Quick and Easy Chili Recipe – Crazy Quick Crock-Pot Chili

Hey. It’s Derek with Excuse Proof Fitness
here with Shane, and this another episode of Excuse Proof Fitness in the
kitchen. Today we’re going to be making “Crazy Quick Crockpot Chili” The first ingredient in the chili is some
sort of ground meat. I have some ground turkey. Actually got it on
sale it’s organic, which is normally pretty expensive, but a quick money saving tip if
you get meat right before the sell by date it’s usually on sale. So you can use turkey, ground chicken, ground
beef, ground bison is great. Whatever sort of ground meat you want. If
you don’t want to use beef or any sort of meat, you can use extra beans for a vegetarian
chili. The next ingredient we have are some canned
beans. I have some canned black beans and kidney beans. You can also
used dried beans, but since we’re going to make this extra quick I use canned beans for
convienence. The next ingredient we’re going to use is
some organic brown rice. This is going to add a little bit of extra substance
to the chili. I like to use some bagged vegetables. You
can use any variety of bagged vegetables but I like to use mushrooms.
They’re extremely healthy for you. I have some pre-sliced mushrooms already washed and
ready to go. Now we need the spices. One of the things
that you can use is of course garlic. I don’t like to take the time to
peel the garlic and all of that. You can either use pre-peeled garlic and chop it up with
a hand chopper, or I have some pre-minced garlic here ready to go. Finally I like to use dried spices to flavor
the chili. Of course you have chili powder. You can add in whatever
sort of spices you like. I have some Italian seasoning. This has some oregano, rosemary,
sage. I also have some taco seasoning. This is something I enjoy,
you can add whatever you like. Most chili recipes call for using canned dice
tomatoes. That’s fine, but just to save a little bit of extra time,
once again this crazy quick, I’m going to use some vegetable juice. You can use V8 or
any sort of vegetable juice blend. This is already going to have the tomatoes
and some celery and some other vegetables in it. Let’s make the crazy quick crockpot chili.
The reason I love this recipe is I’ve made a recipe very similar to this
and all sorts of variations all through college when I was busy. I’d be gone all day, I’d
come back home and literally about 10 minutes before going to sleep I’d
be able to throw these ingredients in the crock-pot and have about two days
worth of food whenever I woke up in the morning. We’re going to start out here with the turkey.
Most chili recipes call for browning it on the stove ahead of time. What
I’m going to do is by using a lean meat not even bother with that. That can be done to
improve appearance and trim off some of the fat, but it’s not necessary.
So this is going to save us quite a bit of time by taking it straight into
the crockpot. You can just chop it up here. I’m going to
add a little bit of my seasoning to it right now. I just sort of eyeball it
but that’s about a tablespoon. Now I’m going to chop it up here and get that seasoning
mixed in here. I don’t take too much time to do this. After it’s
done cooking it falls apart pretty easily. Then I’m going to take the rice and add it
in. I’m going to add in half a cup of dried rice. Not that much. So four
ounces. Then I add in water two-to-one ratio of water
to rice. So if I do half a cup of rice, I’m going to add in a cup of water. I’m going to add in a little bit of extra
water. I don’t mind a chili that’s more like a stew. Add in one more cup. Next we want to drain the beans. We’ve already
done that. Of course, you can use dried beans which you’ll need to
add in the extra water. I don’t recommend using dried kidney beans because you’ll need
to pre-soak them first. But for other beans like black beans it doesn’t
hurt to just put them in the crockpot and let them cook. We’ve got the beans added in. I’m going to
start stirring it around a little bit here. I’m going to add in a little more of my spices.
A tablespoon of my chili powder. It doesn’t hurt to go easy on the
spices because you can always add more spices after the fact. You can’t take out the spices
if you add in too many. I’m going to add in some garlic. I’m going
to take a tablespoon and mix that in. I’ll add in my mushrooms. You can see this recipe is just a matter of
dumping ingredients in and mixing it. It couldn’t get much simpler. Now I’ll add in the vegetable juice. It’s
up to you how much you want to use. I’m going to use 2-4 cups. We’ll add 2 cups. I’m going to add in another tablespoon of
chili powder. You can sometimes get spicy vegetables juices. Now I’ll add in some Italian season. A tablespoon
here. That looks pretty good. I’ll add in another cup and a half of vegetable
juice. We’re going to let this cook. You can let
it cook on high for three to four hours or low for six to eight hours. We’re done with the chili. I let it cook about
six hours. I set my crockpot to shut off automatically. The convenient
thing about that is I can make this recipe right before I go to bed or right before I
go out for the day. Then I just let it cook and the next morning I have food
for at least a couple days. It only took about 5 minutes to make. If you think this is great, we’re going to
add one more special ingredient, and that’s some pinapple. Dude, that’s delicious.

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  1. genkilife says:

    Can't wait to try this one out. Totally need the good but FAST mail. Thanks

  2. tamon fujimi says:

    Now I can do this at home:)

  3. mary jane says:

    hey look its gsp's younger brother..

  4. Dom says:

    like the vid but the sound the fork makes on the ceramic is like japanese water torcher. lol nice recipe tho

  5. CrockPotMixes says:

    Great recipe! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jhassee Jazz says:

    that's a lot of chili powder! I got mine from india and a teaspoon is hella spicy!!! but good job! im trying this!

  7. Wayne Hodge says:

    Hey Guys, Just an FYI, you don't have to soak any kind of dried bean before you cook it, that's an old wives tale. =)

  8. lionharehart says:

    You lost me at the mushrooms. I guess I'm a traditionalist. But, more power to us all!!

  9. LJ C says:

    The rest of your videos make out like you're vegan par this one! Are you vegan?

  10. grace vilches says:

    That looks so gross

  11. Roxanne Bryce says:

    To each his own tastes…..but it will be a cold day in Hell before we EVER use V8 just because it has vegetables that have been sitting in a jar in some warehouse for a while before it gets to the store and waits for it to be sold! You want healthy, get off your ass and chop FRESH veggies! ("Good thing I care about health, taste, and convenience than looks") Taco seasoning in a chili? Yet your recipe calls for a package of chili mix! Oh yes, when we think of a "healthy" recipe we think packaged chili seasonings full of declicious PRESERVATIVES! Whatever works….Pineapple? Possibly. God forbid you take the time to peel and chop garlic….much healthier to use jarred garlic! My Mexican mother in law hopes that you have learned something about healthy eating in the last three years……just sayin….

  12. DeAnna Mckinney says:

    Looks like vomit

  13. Benjy Bro says:

    I'm pretty sure shane is John Travolta's younger brother

  14. DjCole100 says:

    First off guys it didn't take 7 to 10 minutes it took 6 hours and 10 minutes.
    now i know why mothers worry about there children who are at collage.

  15. Chris Ward says:

    Convenience will kill us, use dried beans and fresh veggies peeps!

  16. G. Ming says:

    It would be nice if you wash your hands before starting to cook!

  17. Mso mso says:

    this looks good. I will absolutely try it with a few twists of my own. I love mushrooms,Italian and taco seasonings too and the brown rice is a plus for me too. did you add the pineapple to the chilli?

  18. 1990pommie says:

    great recipe. overnight cooking i like. hydro is cheaper overnight here as its off peak.fyi

  19. Teresa Ryder says:

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  20. kslice says:

    Awesome! Thank you! I wanted to try making crock pot chili today because my son and I have to go get his pictures done after his nap. (Not much time for cooking supper..). I was worried if I put everything in crock pot all day it would turn it all into mush. I don't use canned beans very often. And kidney beans can actually be poisonous if not cooked properly. (It's true! And I don't know if crock pot would get to a high enough temperature to render it safe or not. Better safe than sorry I say). So I'm putting tomatoes , onions, spices and meat in by itself. And I'll throw in already cooked beans and and corn when I get home. But I appreciate ur video because I've never made it in crock pot before.

  21. Onky Luna says:

    the music is distracting.

  22. william wallace says:

    OMG! Turkey, rice and mushrooms !!! You left out the free-range tofu, organic watercress and mung bean sprouts. Pardon my native Texas bias, but this sure as H— ain't chili.

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    Drugs are bad. Stop doing them.

  24. Anony Mous says:

    That looks absolutely disgusting. Is this a spoof channel?

  25. Elizabeth Shaw says:

    Canned beans pfff! I also cook kidney beans in my slow cooker and have never had a problem! Of course dippy all beans need to be soaked overnight before you can put them in anything!! I knew that at 8 years old.

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    This looks nasty!

  27. Deano Marshall says:

    Eww!!! YUCK!!!

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