Quick and easy Pork vindaloo – Kochi style l Pressure cooker recipe

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  1. Tech Gain says:


  2. Day with Ousumi says:

    Looks delicious 😋

  3. Life With 'Queen says:

    heey :), I just checked out your channel its amazing, I subscribed I hope you can do the same 😀

  4. Tkhaa.com says:

    exquisite cuisine….. very neat!

  5. Indian Vlogger Soumya says:

    looking very testy dish u also watch my all videos

  6. sheenaamaryy says:

    r u from fort kochi?

  7. Serene Issac says:

    simply delicious..yum

  8. Thomson Elenjickal says:

    so yummy

  9. Rahana Rani says:


  10. Creative Kitchen says:

    Great recipe!I have to try it!

  11. Varghese Samuel says:

    excellent….simple presentation……………….

  12. catharine paul says:

    is it spicy

  13. Kaduva Nanu says:

    i tried this and came out really good

  14. Bengali Home Kitchen says:

    Delicious looks… fantastic recipe

  15. Sister's Kitchen India says:

    it's looking tasty

  16. Indra's Kitchen says:

    Cookingatmayflower , Amazing recipe looks delicious Thanks for sharing.

  17. Stavros Antoniou says:

    It looks absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe!!!

  18. Kutty Dane Dane says:

    Do malayalis eat pork!?

  19. Namma veetu Kitchen says:

    great cook!

  20. TIPRASA RECIPE says:

    yummy recipe

  21. Tony Paul says:

    I just tried it. Wonderful !!! Many Thanks

  22. Thiago Himo' says:

    Itz looks delicious… Is it fine if I don't use vinegar??

  23. Michael Nathan says:

    very good lady.

  24. Deepak Sony says:

    amazing tried it…super

  25. Indian Mom's Kitchen says:

    Nice n easy

  26. Ramesh Kumar says:

    Ugrram aayitendu chechi.

  27. Martin Chanel says:

    Great Indian pork recipe. Love it. Thank You for sharing.

  28. Arundhati Sen says:

    "for Cooper chevalier Poseidon virtue agenda"- Google trying to figure out Malayalam 😛
    Thank you for the recipe!

  29. Joy Kunchumon says:


  30. വസീലി സയത്സേവ് says:

    ജീരകം, പെരുംജീരകം ആണോ നല്ല ജീരകം ആണോ ??

  31. Delma Josraj says:

    Mustard cherthu arachaal bitter taste varumo?

  32. Ashwani Lohot says:

    whaaa ooooo

  33. Ashwani Lohot says:

    whaaa ooooo

  34. BEENA'S RECIPES says:

    very nice!!!!!!!

  35. Samson Francis says:


  36. Wagon R rock says:

    nice korma

  37. Nobin thomas says:

    Pork oru 7..8 visil വരണ്ടേ കുക്കറിൽ ..

  38. Princy Jose. says:

    Perum jeeragamano?

  39. Ash Ashroff says:

    Ah curry Pinney oru choodo vellum and beeda.

  40. daksh TV channel says:

    hi vindalo Kochi-5 is good .l will try.

  41. Out_Of_Sight Apellido says:

    what does it mean by 2-3 whistles?

  42. What's cooking says:

    Nice video dear friend; yummy pandi curry; do visit my channel and check my Pork recipe; stay connected.

  43. sumith ks says:

    Chechi yeeeee super ayittu oddu😁😁😁😁

  44. Shijo Varghese says:

    I had a go last week and it tasted really great! Quick and simple but very tasty. Thanks for sharing the video.

  45. Rajeev Rajeev says:

    Pork ney urukkille? Kurach Ney urikkiyaal kooduthal tasty aayrikkum

  46. Pravin Thapa says:


  47. ויביאן ג'אבז says:

    I tried it , it came with excellent taste but I added lemon because I forgot to buy vinegar

  48. Appu Kutty says:

    Goa spcial

  49. sandeep s says:

    Thanks a lot ….i will try this…

  50. Darth Vader says:

    Looking yummy.

  51. Promothash Boruah says:

    awesome pork 🙂


    Spicy dish😍😍

  53. Shajeera Jalal says:

    ഇത് ചിക്കന്‍ ആണോ ബീഫ്ഇണോ

  54. Siju Mohan says:

    ഹായ് കൊള്ളാം

  55. joy Cyril says:

    Vindallo എന്നാൽ ഇത് രാജ്യത്തെ വാക്ക് ആണ്

  56. poke_master XD says:

    Super I tried your recipe and all are appreciated the taste

  57. Nag Babu says:

    bhasa samajh me nehin. aata kya comment karun firbhi super video dekhke

  58. kuttanpillai72 says:

    സൂപ്പർ രുചി..ഞാൻ ഒരു 5 തവണ ഉണ്ടാക്കി..കലക്കി

  59. Veera reddy Reddy says:


  60. Edna Rodrigues says:

    How to make bitter gourd stir fry

  61. gagandeep singh says:

    I like this nonveg

  62. vanessa pereira says:

    Hi. Did you use coconut oil ???

  63. vidhya udhayan says:

    I tired this ..it's awesome ..best pork I ever made

  64. Sohoj Bengali Ranna says:

    Wow! very nice cooking style…. just join to your cooking studio & enjoy a lot. thanks, dear…

  65. Adithya Shyju says:

    Çgmmmmjn ä nn mnñbnlüünhmnñbnlüünhejuuu kj vbo

  66. Stuart Allen says:

    It is AMAZING!!!!!!!>>>ur2.pl/1035 It is as GREAT as "Eric" in the TV Infomercial/YouTube Video said it is! I love it!!!!! I purchased one for myself and one for my sister and she loves her Power Pressure Cooker XL as much as I love mine. Easy to use with step by step instructions. Cooks the food fast as promised with the flavor of hours of preparation and cooking. Eric, from the TV Infomercial and YouTube Videos, is an Excellent Instructor for this product. The Power Pressure Cooker XL also comes with very easy to follow instructions.

  67. സൗമ്യ അനിൽ says:

    I'm your new subscriber… tried it now… outstanding👌👌👌

  68. Tips For You A TO Z says:


  69. Syed Reshma says:

    Pork curry is the best treatment for psoriasis

  70. Gerald Coutinho says:

    no need of coriander powder?

  71. Sanjay Forex Trader says:

    Did u add kachampuli? Or no mam?

  72. ravindar toriya says:

    ‌हिन्दी में भेजो

  73. Open Minded says:

    Was this on high medium or low flame?

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