Rachael’s Chili Dogs or Chili Burgers with BBQ Coleslaw

6 comments on “Rachael’s Chili Dogs or Chili Burgers with BBQ Coleslaw”

  1. giselle joseph says:

    Yum oh

  2. Fatima Amorim says:


  3. Torey Phillips says:

    This looks so Yummy and delicious food…!!!!

  4. EgidioSavelli says:

    Looks very tasty.

  5. Amythyst LáBeet says:

    They look so delicious but I have a Severe Anaphylactic Allergy and can't eat anything with red seasonings nor red sauces, what would you recommend substituting the ketchup and barbeque sauce with? Or can it done? Hmmmm?

  6. I have Faith-In-Pete says:

    Wow this burger is Awesome. God i love you Rachael😍😘 Gotta make this 😋

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