Rachael’s Mean Green Pulled Chicken Chili

We’re making a green chicken chili that tastes a lot like enchilada suizas, if you love that. This is a quick pulled rotisserie chicken chili with fire roasted tomatillos. Okay. It’ll be ready in literally minutes, and you know me me and my 30-minute meal routine, right? You are gonna pull chicken. Okay. One rotisserie chicken, just pull all the meat off into bite-sized pieces. Beautiful. Meanwhile, in my Dutch oven, I coated the bottom of the pan with some olive oil, couple of turns of the pan of EVOO, and I just grated in a few fat cloves of garlic. To that we’re going to add an onion (sizzling) cook that down a bit. These guys we char all over, and then you let them rest, just like roasted red peppers. Right? Once we let them rest in a bowl so they’re cool enough to handle… Whenever I’m dealing with with charred peppers, I like to use a little paper towel to help me wipe away the skins. Now we’re gonna add best friends cumin and coriander. Now we’re going to add a little bit of protein and fiber to our chili with pinto beans or white beans, ’cause it’s kind of a light colored chili. Yeah, I was gonna ask how you decide what beans to use in your chilies. Of course you can use red beans or black beans if you have them in the pantry, but because we’re making a green tomatillo-based chili, I just thought, keep it light, so pinto or white just to go with the color. Sure, yeah. It doesn’t really matter. You can use any bean you like. Then we’re going to add in those fire-roasted store-bought tomatillos. Two packages that are the same as two cans. Then, to that, we’re gonna add in our combination of our mild to medium-heat poblanos, and our nice spicy jalapeno. Yeah, nice. And then we’re gonna add, just for a hint of sweetness, light agave, which is plant-based, or you can add a little drizzle of honey. Now, Jess, let’s add in that chicken. Okay. And we’ll let this all cook down together. Beautiful. And then you can add as little or as much chicken stock as you like to make it as thick or as thin as you like. (Crowd cheers) To top this, we’re doing this kind of suiza style. We have Swiss cheese and Jack cheese, or Pepper Jack cheese. We are just gonna put in a couple little crushed tortillas or strips of tortilla. All right, our pulled chicken, gorgeousness. What’s great about this, too, is, you we’re saying it earlier, it’s healthy. It really is. It’s actually a great option. It’s good. It’s super good for you. We’re just putting a little bit of cheese and a little tortilla instead of tons of tortillas and lots of cheese. This is a much healthier, great flavor profile, though, ’cause it tastes just like a bowl of chicken suizas enchiladas. Little cilantro. You like cilantro, yes? I love some cilantro. You want some jalapeno? The hotter, the spicier, the better for me. A few pickled jalapenos on top? Absolutely. You want just a drizzle of Mexican crema? Give me a little drizzle. Just a tiny little drizzle? Yeah. Just a little something something. There you go. Okay that’s good. How good does that look? Amazing. It’s gorgeous. (audience cheers) (twinkling)

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    im making that tonight!

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    Looks delicious!

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