Rainbow Cake In Pressure Cooker – Under ₹100 | #Decoration #Bakery #ShrutiArjunAnand #CookWithNisha

We are now a family of 1 Million & Today we brought for you an awesome “Rainbow Cake” recipe we’ve made this cake if you too want to make it so first hit LIKE to this video and also SUBSCRIBE to my channel “CookWithNisha” we had got positive response on our last video so I am back here and if you like our Jodi & if you like this combination of Cooking with Beautification so get this video to 20,000 LIKES now lets start with Cake recipe so for this cake we need All Purpose Flour (Maida) – one Bowl can we make it with whole wheat flour? yes we can but here we’ve used Maida Powdered Sugar – 1/2 bowl So first we mix all the dry ingredients add Baking Powder – 1 tsp which makes the cake fluffy now for wet ingredients take three eggs you can also use Curd instead of Egg or you can add condensed milk then you need to add a bit more Baking Soda to make it spongy Egg makes the cake spongy so if you don’t want to use egg you can use these substitute ( Curd or Condensed milk) & the cream which we gonna to use is a Non dairy whipped cream you need to these ingredients at room temperature now add butter you can also use oil instead of butter now add condensed milk and mix them well now mix wet ingredients to the dry ingredients we need to make it like this of ribbon consistency if you find it thick you can add some more milk then add vanilla essence Meanwhile I Grease this container with butter so that you can take out the cake smoothly tap it like this to remove all the air bubbles We bake this cake in a pressure cooker so pre heat the cooker adding a layer of salt in it pre heat it for five minutes at medium flame Is this Black salt?? this is normal salt as I’ve used it so many times thats why its colour look like this now put a stand like this remove that pressure regulator and pre heat it for five minutes now place the bater inside it cover it and allow it to cook for about 20 minutes at medium flame after that check it like this no bater sticks on this knife that means our cake is ready After cooling take it out from this tin this is a two layered cake so one we layer we’ve already prepared it now she gonna to decorate this cake allow it cool well before its Icing/decoration otherwise icing would get melt so put these cakes aside also you can put these in freezer for some time For its icing we use this Non Dairy Whipped Cream so take about 1/4 of the product from its packet now we gonna to whip it whipped cream is ready so first we gonna to do is Crumb coat so for this cut the cake like this so first apply this cream like on the cake stand like this you can use plate as well instead of this stand spread the cream like this put the second layer again apply cream on it now we gonna to make rainbow colours so here we use gel food colour if you want you can use only single colour here I make pink colour so add it little as gel food colour are concentrated likewise make 3 to 4 colours here I’ve yellow colour gel food colour gives good colouring here I’ve mixed blue & pink to make purple colour you get 100 plastic piping bag at Rs.200 means Rs. 2 each here i use star shaped nozzle now fill the colour in this bag here I put second colour not worry about the mixing of these colours as we’re making Rainbow colour so we need colour got blend well now push the cream downwards hold the bag like this & support the nozzle with your left hand try to keep the design of same size & there’s a trick to it just start count like this so lets give it a try for star shape keep the nozzle over the cake release a bit product and pulled it towards outside so that we’ll get a beautiful stat shape done with our first layer now we gonna make rose and wherever gap remains there we’ll fill that gap with star shape make sure while do icing you are sitting just in front of the cake so that you can see the designs properly so thats our Rainbow cake this cake is quite enough for a small gathering of about 15 people so try out this cake for your kid’s Birthday party and its inexpensive too

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