[Music] few friends welcome back to another video I’m so glad you’re here and today I’m going to be spending the whole day with my three girls and I’m excited to share what our routine and schedule is when it’s just me solo with my girls I have a four and a half year old daughter and then my twins who are seven and a half months old I usually work full-time outside of the home in public relations but periodically I get days off like this to just be mom which is my favorite we have a lot going on today and I’m really excited to share this special day with you [Music] this video will definitely be more vlog style but here in the morning I just wanted to get moving get going before my twins woke up because it kind of can be the craziest part of my day although I have crazy parts throughout my day considering I have twins but because I’m trying to get up get moving to get Avery to school it was just easier for me to do these voiceovers before my girls got up and luckily I get to sleep in until 7 a.m. which I know that this is not going to last so I try to sleep in and soak it all up before I have to get up much earlier and typically I do get up earlier for work so I slept in until 7 a.m. Avery is already up at this point but luckily with her age and her being 4 I can just let her go she plays and I can get up get my coffee going get the bottles ready and get myself ready before I go and wake the girls up I get asked a lot how I accomplish everything in one day and so that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you throughout the vlog hope that maybe I can make you smile or give you a little bit of motivation to accomplish everything that you need to accomplish in a day [Music] good morning I don’t even know if I’ve opened up the vlog yet but we are home from taking a big sis to preschool and now I change these girls and we already got to go down for a nap and it’s like 9:15 I’m gonna get these girls down for bed and then we’ll catch up here in a minute and I’ll check with you guys I’m really excited because I want you to know that this video is a collaboration with a longtime friend of mine here on YouTube Ali from wonderfully Ali she is a mama to two sweet boys and she’s pregnant with her third baby boy she’s also a fellow working mom who works as a flight attendant and she documents that on her channel and it’s super fascinating to me but the best part about Ali is not that she’s a flight attendant it’s that she is one of the sweetest people here on YouTube and I am not lying to you guys you have to go check out her channel because not only do I love her videos and you will too you will also love her personality I promise so go over send her some love and tell her you came from my channel she’s doing a day-in-the-life so I will have that linked down below [Music] so the girls are down I just made some coffee I made my to-do list for the day I’m ready to roll I don’t feel ready to roll but I’m ready to roll if you guys are coming over from Ali’s channel I want to say hi I’m Jamie I am married to my high school sweetheart we met in fifth grade camp and we went to high school together we went to college together we have three girls we have a four year old named Avery she goes to preschool that’s where she is right now and then we have twins who are seven months old which is crazy Addison and Emery and we struggled with infertility I have I documented that whole process here on YouTube but we we went through IVF to get pregnant with them we had a failed IVF transfer and here we are with our two miracles there rainbow babies because we did have a miscarriage before them but luckily our second transfer worked where we had we put in two embryos and we have our girls and we are just over the moon and so happy to have our girls every single day I make a variety of videos here on YouTube cleaning an organization as something I’m really passionate about life is not easy at all but I know that if my house is clean and organized I feel better about myself so I make a lot of videos on cleaning an organization I do vlogs routines just my goal is to motivate and inspire you so I would love to have you guys subscribe and join my journey so girls are down for about an hour and a half I have some free time but I am A list maker so I get a lot of questions on how I stay organized and I stay organized by making lists so I have my list of things I want to get done I’ll show you guys what I want to get done and even though like right now I would love to just to sit on the couch and the complete quiet and drink my coffee I can’t do that because I need to take advantage of having this downtime and I would like to work out this afternoon when the girls nap and if I don’t get other things done then I’m not gonna be able to work out and working out is super important to me and I would love to say that I would be that mom that would get up super early and work out I can’t can’t not right now not with the stage I’m at with my kids it’s just not gonna happen so I’ll just work out this afternoon my workouts usually are only about a half an hour 45 minutes and I probably I mean the girls should at least nap for that I known abs aren’t guaranteed but they should at least get me that so I can get in a quick workout but I think what I’m gonna do right now is clean everything up house is a mess like a mess Christmas decorations I’ll show those to you guys a little bit later so yeah I just want to get the house cleaned up I know a lot of you may not want to see me clean it so if you don’t want to see me clean you can skip forward a couple minutes I’m not gonna be cleaning in the rest of the video and I have a lot more fun stuff I want to show you but I’m showing you guys what my day is like what my routine is like when I’m home with my girls and I need this house to be cleaned up or it’s gonna drive me crazy just kidding there’s a baby who’s up I’m hoping that I can just give them the pacifier and then we’ll go back to sleep hey that seemed to work we’ll see how long that lasted maybe I don’t have to work out today I can just get my workout from going up and down the stairs a once felt don’t weigh the defense draw back and count over your friends hired to show show you that I was so you where shrugging your shoulders and cause stuff that’s what I told y’all soon enough everything started to change back no going back there’s no coming back to your own living in the past brother I’m feelin it right running on the dizzying felt like nothing could stop bus sunsets remember the colors they were wrong it was way more than a dream [Music] [Applause] is all right I have in my mind so it’s already 11 o’clock I got the kitchen and living room cleaned up and I wake the babies up still sleeping I hate to wake them up but most of the time they are still sleeping when it’s time to go get Avery the hard part is we’re gonna walk in the door it’s gonna be time for the babies to eat and Avery because it’ll be close to noon by the time we get home so I get their bottles ready I don’t get them fully ready but just kind of have them sitting out so I can just dump the formula in it and then I already know what I’m gonna make Avery oh I wanted to show you some of the Christmas decorations I have already bought and I have more that I’m going to get so I have this Merry Christmas sign this candle holder and then this pillow so stay tuned for my Christmas decoration at cleamen decorate with me and a home tour that will be up the week after Thanksgiving new attire baby you didn’t want to wake up the can take it so make sure [Music] this right I sold up my best to be with you tonight tonight Oh Justin what are you girls doing what are you doing Avery playing playing with sissies Emery hey Addison Oh you see the kitty huh that’s our kitty chase you guys gonna be moving soon you’re gonna be crawling they’re gonna be all up in your toys Avery Avery actually didn’t start calling until she was 10 and a half months then she doesn’t start walking until 15 and a half months so I feel like these girls may be crawling before Avery did which is just crazy because the twins were born seven weeks early so they have an adjusted age so they may be late crawlers just because of their them being born early and Avery was born at 39 weeks so I’m gonna see I bet these girls will be crawling cuz they already I can tell they’re ready to move I think because they want to chase after their big sister so stay tuned we may have crawlers soon and then it’s gonna get real and crazy Reese you want to be in the picture too that’s our doggy Reese Reese stop stop stop you’re a crazy dog but you’re a good dog get her get her out of sin you like the doggy [Music] you want to apologize that my kids all have snotty noses today I’m sorry about that if you guys are grossed out by it but I’m assuming that a lot of you are moms or have been moms so you probably understand that’s just how it goes so I hope hope you’re not grossed out by it it’s just the time of the year Donny noses all day every day all around so I’m trying to get ones going we have this one who scooted down what did she put on you a band-aid that sister I can’t turn my back for one second huh all right so I’m getting Avery her lunch we are making tortellini Turf one of her favorites she requested it avocado carrot chips she just mixed the baby girl’s food and now we’re gonna feed them you guys ready trying to get lunch going and I also need to start a crock-pot chili it’s a white chicken chili that looks super good so if you guys want that recipe stick around for it but I got to get that going oh it’s crazy that was a funny face Addison get the other spoon for Emery okay Emily okay look No jennife an another way to say this but I think we were meant to be super stressful time right now but you guys I want to be real here and I don’t want you watching this video and be like look at her she makes things look so easy well when Abe or Emery was sitting there I could smell that one of them pooped it was Emery and it is a massive blow-up so I’m sitting here holding her legs Avery had to run up because we ran out of whites like poop is everywhere and Addison is just hanging by herself in the kitchen and the highchair but she’s got try cuz I am like knee-deep in poop right now so she’s just gonna have to cry I feel bad and I probably need to put the camera right down but when twitch wins sometimes you have to let a baby cry unfortunately Thank You Avery hey can you go can you go help Addison for me please Thanks thank God for Avery [Music] this might be a fail but when I cook for the most part I only cook with a crock-pot there’s very few recipes that I want to make that isn’t what the crock-pot especially soups and so I just was in a hurry I was looking for a white chicken chili easy simple recipe and I found one that had a really high reviews but I didn’t check and it wasn’t for a crock-pot so I’m not really sure how this is gonna turn out I’m like I don’t know how you could screw it up with the ingredients like it was pretty basic so I’m just gonna go with it I guess we’ll see you soon if it’s good or not no it’s almost it’s about two o’clock and I’m just getting this started so it’s later than I wanted to it’s probably not gonna be ready for dinner just the afternoon got away from us and Avery asked to do a puzzle I wasn’t gonna say no door so it’s a little bit later than when I wanted to this probably won’t be ready for dinner but that’s okay I can just use it more for like weeknight meals maybe I’ll have Mike pick up some chick-fil-a on the way back because we have soccer tonight so we need something quick and ready probably before 5:30 okay just got my workout in and if you guys are curious I just did some interval runs I did I’m 30 seconds of sprinting and then two minutes of jogging on my treadmill and now I’m just sitting here trying to finish some of those things up I need to do on my list so I’m doing our grocery list and I do that on we do Walmart grocery pick up just that way we don’t have to go shopping and it’s nice because if I think of anything that I need I can just quickly add it using the app on my phone so I’m like oh we’re out of toothpaste then like when I’m brushing or as soon as I’m done brushing my teeth I just add it to there you know what I mean so don’t even have to necessarily make a separate list I can just add it and I can also have it on his phone linked with my account and it goes all into the same account so I’m just gonna submit this for next week I’m gonna submit this and then if you want to see what our Christmas pajamas are gonna be for this year this is what I’m getting so we’ll shout out to the hills you guys Lauren Elsie was my favorite in Laguna Beach and the hills I was in college when those shows were on and me and my friends in the dorm and then in my apartment would all get together and watch it when it was on so anyways love Lauren not why I’m getting these we looked at Target I really couldn’t find anything so I’m really excited this year only excited because we’ve gotten I think last year did we get matching pajamas but it’s just gonna be a lot fun now that our family is complete and all of us can have them so I’m super excited I’m gonna go ahead and order those and I have two coupons I love Kohl’s so I’m gonna go ahead and order those I can check those off my list get a load of laundry in and hopefully rinse off get a shower I didn’t shower this morning because I knew I’d be working out so they get a shower all before it’s 3:15 right now and the girls have to eat at 4:00 and hopefully they’re not up before I showers I’m going to order these really quickly get a shower and then we have soccer so I don’t check with you guys later the only way that I can manage to get as much done as I can in a day is because I have good sleepers like the girls sleep all night like we don’t wake up at all and we haven’t since probably two or three months I don’t remember but we’ve always had good sleepers like I hear these stories of other moms saying you know they’re six month old they’re nine they’re over a year old babies are still getting up in the middle of the night and oh my heart goes out to you mamas my girls have Avery was an amazing sleeper the twins are amazing sleepers they always have we’re not getting up the dog is barking she wakes up those babies anyways where was I baby sleeping really good sleepers for the most part they do take good naps and that allows me to work out get some things done when I’m home which is really nice and also gives me a little bit of a break and I just mean obviously not every day they have good naps I’ll say that I’m not turning to act like they do but for the most part they take at least an hour nap in the morning and in the afternoon which thank the Lord that’s why I’m productive so if your kids your babies aren’t napping they’re not sleeping well then I would not get anything done like I would not be able to clean or do anything because mama needs our sleep and the only way I’m able to keep up is because I get my sleep and I get these little moments sprinkled in where I have some time to myself so I shouldn’t I sat down I don’t want to get up like I’m sitting here and I’m just like I don’t want to get up the thing is it’s 3:19 they could be up at any moment and it’s just really hard to shower with two babies like I know it’s hard to shower with one baby but at least with one baby I could put them and like a bouncer see and I would manage but two babies I need to get moving or I’m not gonna get to shower and I need to shower I’m sweaty or I was sweaty all right I’m gonna get it I promise it is after soccer it is bedtime for the girls I’m sitting here Mike’s putting Avery to bed Edison what are you doing what’s Edison doing what are you doing Edison huh are you gonna cross hey big girl hi big girl hey big girl are you gonna cry are you gonna crawl the girls doing hi amri don’t mind the dirty diapers in the background yeah huh we got clean those up they’re not poopy though they’re not poopy huh you’re gonna come get mommy look who came to say hi hey guys it’s a briam bed yep that’s a big one to bed she’s the hard one so now we get the butt sometimes yeah I’d taken the monster yeah now we have the easy ones to put to bed they’re in a happy mood I can also you don’t want to put him to bed like usually we’re like get to bed because they are cranky right now they’re in a good look but you guys said you want to see more of him so I’m here today hi hi so I am going to go ahead and end the vlog for the night I am sitting here in bed ready to go to bed I am exhausted actually going to sit here and answer some of your comments on my video and on Instagram because you know if you follow me on Instagram I try my absolute best I always answer your messages and your comments on YouTube so I said I was gonna do that and you guys know that I will do that that’s one of the last things I have to do on my list if you saw from this morning that I wanted to do except for you fold laundry but laundry’s still not done so somebody else is gonna take care of that for the night lucky me teamwork makes the dream work right yeah exactly so we are going to you know he’s gonna pull the laundry and I’m gonna go to bed but that’s gonna be it I hope you guys enjoyed my vlog again if you guys like these vlogs you have to let me know I think I said this earlier in the video but even though it’s not about views I’m not going to these vlogs or any video pretty much for the most part other than cleaning or routine videos get less than half of the views and I just can’t put in the effort or the time to editing and filming when people don’t watch the video that’s what it comes down to because filming and editing takes time away from my family so if you guys like these videos you have like please watch them give me a thumbs up share them with your friends and family and I mean I’ll still make them but I just won’t make them as frequently if nobody watches them so hope you guys enjoyed this day in life follow me on Instagram and don’t forget to subscribe if you already aren’t a part of my journey I would love to have you guys join and if you guys are over from Ali’s video I’m so glad you guys came over and you’re still here you guys are rock stars for making it through this whole video but if you guys are if you’re one of my subscribers make sure you go check out Ali’s video I will have that linked down below I love her she’s honestly one of the best people that I have ever met here on YouTube so go check her video but I will see you guys next time [Music] make nervous


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