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– Hi, my name is Katie and
I’m a registered dietician with Brenner FIT. I want to show you a
really quick and simple recipe today that you
could serve to your family. It’s called sweet potato black bean chili. We got this recipe off of
the Eating Well website. It’s a great one dish meal that you can do on cold nights or in
the fall and the winter. So we’re gonna start by heating up our pan and we’re gonna add some
extra virgin olive oil. We’re gonna add one tablespoon and two teaspoons to our pan. Next we are going to add
one medium sweet potato. We have actually already peeled and diced the sweet potato, so we will add this to our olive oil. Next we’re going to add one large onion. We’ve already diced this onion as well, so we’ll add it to our sweet potatoes and our olive oil, and I’ll stir to get it going. Now I have this on
medium-high heat for now. We’ll let this cook and we’ll start to add some of our spices. First we’re going to add four cloves of minced garlic. We’ve already used the pre-minced just to make it faster. That means we’re gonna
add about two teaspoons of this pre-minced garlic. Next we will add our chili powder. We will do about a
tablespoon of chili powder. Woo, almost make it too spicy. Next we will do our cumin, and we’re gonna do four
teaspoons of cumin. And then we’re gonna
do just about a fourth of a teaspoon of salt. You can actually eliminate
the salt if you do not normally cook with salt in your meals. And we’ll stir this around. And the sweet potato
and the onion will begin to soften the more it sets. All right, so now we’re
gonna add some water. We’re gonna add about two and a half cups of water to this mixture. And once we do this, we’re gonna let it
simmer for a few minutes. So I’ll add the lid so
that it can get going. So we’re gonna let it sit
there for about 10 minutes. So while it’s cooking, I want to tell you a little bit more about this recipe and how this is a great meal for your family. This sweet potato black bean chili fits really well on our balanced plate. Now we do not have a protein, an animal product protein, so our black beans will actually fall into our protein category. Black beans give us a
lot of fiber and protein, so they’re very filling and satisfying. And since the black beans
fall in the protein, the sweet potato then becomes our grain. So our sweet potato is our grain, and then we’ll eventually
add diced tomatoes, and so that’s part of our vegetables. We’ve already add diced onions, so that’s another vegetable. And then we’ve added spices. So to round this balanced plate out more, you can add fruit to this meal. For example, fresh apples. You can have the apples
sitting on the table for your family whole like this or you can pre-cut the apples. Kids do much better if
they’re ready to eat, so if you go ahead and
pre-slice the apples, they’re much more likely
to actually choose them and make them a part of the meal. With sweet potato black bean chili, it doesn’t actually go on a plate, right? It’s in a bowl. So whenever you’re fixing
something that goes in a bowl like a soup or a chili, you want to just dissect the ingredients to figure out how would
this fit on the plate if we were actually
laying it on the plate. And that’s how we figure out
if we have enough protein, enough grain, enough
fruit, and enough vegetable in the meal. So that’s why our sweet
potato black bean chili ingredients fall on this balanced plate. It’s a great filling
recipe for your family. So while the sweet
potato is getting ready, we have already rinsed and
drained our black beans, so we chose the reduced sodium. So anytime you choose
canned products like this, you want to aim for a
lower sodium product. We’ve drained and we’ve
rinsed this to get this ready, so we’ll go ahead and
add it to our mixture. So we are going to add one can of black beans. And then we will add one
can of diced tomatoes. And again, we chose the no salt added diced tomatoes since it
was a canned product. We’ll stir this around just a little bit. Next we’re gonna add a
little bit of lime juice to give it a little bit of a tang, so we are going to do four
teaspoons of lime juice, and I just squirted a little
lime juice everywhere. I made a mess. Two, two more of these. Three. Four. Now you can use fresh lime juice, but we’ve purchased this lime juice just to make the dinner go even faster. So after your lime juice, you’re gonna actually return the lid and let this simmer. This is all of the ingredients. The only thing left would be our cilantro, and we can top that off
at the very, very end. So we have a half of a cup of cilantro. So once this simmers
and it actually becomes thicker like a chili, we will pour half of a cup of cilantro on the very top, and then it’s ready to serve. That’s how quick and
simple this recipe is. And again, this recipe is
perfect because it falls on the balanced plate. You can add fresh fruit
to this meal to make it even more balanced and it’s super quick and easy for a busy
family that doesn’t have a lot of time to cook in the evenings. If you make this ahead of time, it’s great to put in the freezer. Make sure you use a freezer
bag that’s appropriate for freezing food, so just make sure it’s a freezer bag, stick it in the freezer, label and date it so that you don’t forget what it is and how long it’s been there. You can pull it out, defrost it, heat it up, and it’s even
quicker for your family. So thanks again for
tuning in and I hope you enjoy the sweet potato black bean recipe.

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