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welcome back to my channel smoking and
grilling and today I’m getting ready to show you guys how are we going to turn
this into that with me ” AB ” now listen you guys read the title you already know
we make it red beans or rice and if you’ve been following this channel you
know we gonna take the mystery out of cooking and we’re trying to simplify
these recipes but I can’t take no credit for this one right here you’re talking
about like just super easy and I’m sure a lot of people don’t know how easy it
is to make otherwise everybody will be having it’s like all the time
listen I’m not going over talking we finna get right into the meat and
potatoes of this video and let’s make it happen y’all now we’re gonna go over the
ingredient list you can see that I’ve post them on the screen right here and I
also you know point out just so you can see them I just want to let you guys
know listen this was a super easy recipe to put together and I’ve already done
the under work so there’s no need for me to just show you know like chopping you
know the onions or the celery and things like that but I want you to pay
attention to that meat that’s got in Dewey’s sausage you know how it comes in
like two two links one I just cut you know in slices and the other I cut in
quarters and then we got to react any beans if you look down into the
description box below I will show you you know and give you another method so
that you just in case you did not soak your beans overnight I can show you and
tell you how you can just do it with an hour and five minutes you’ll be good to
go now once you got everything done when it’s soaked your beans are ready and
your ingredients are already pre top go ahead and add everything into your crock
pot now what you seeing me do right here is more so for the video just so you
guys can just see it but I’m gonna tell you this if everything is on your
chopping block like that you can just push it all inside of there it doesn’t
make a difference because that’s the end of this when I get ready to uh when I
get ready to turn on a crock pot I’m a stirred up all anyway again this is just
for the you know for the presentation of this video hey you know what it looks
good there too so just add all of my ingredients into the UH into the crock
pot and then we gonna add our seasoning and then what you did not see in the
beginning was I had chicken broth that’s getting ready to come up in just one
second listen you’re gonna need four cut excuse me you’ll need six cups of liquid
right now I’m putting in four cups of chicken broth and then I’m gonna add two
cups of water that’s just I’ve been making this so
long that’s just too I like it you know you can tailor make
it and do it the way you want to you can go six cups of chicken broth however I
just suggest you you know do it my way see what you like and then go from there
now here we coming back with the water so that’s equal our six cups of liquid
we get that in there and then we’re gonna go ahead and add our water you
know what let me just go ahead and say it like I always say that’s that W sauce
now you want to add your chili powder and your salt after adding that maybe
you just want to go ahead and stir it you remember what I was telling you
you’re gonna end up doing this anyway so you can add them all in together or you
can chop them up put them in one by one it doesn’t make a difference the end
result is you just want to get it like this you want to mix it up and believe
me I know it’s simple listen if you want to make red beans and rice and you want
to add their traditional taste to it there you go
now when it comes to time to the time you just want to go ahead turn it on you
want to set it on high for six hours and then when you’re done I promise you
you’re gonna think it mantid I don’t see how it’s gonna come out that way you got
to give this a try and once you do you’ll figure it out hey you know what
is the mystery has been you know taken out of this and this is what you get
right here and then for your rice I use a long grain white rice you know you
suck to you whatever type of rice you want to use but listen that rice with
just combination of juice and all of the flavors in here it’s just hands down
awesome and there you have it for red beans rice
easy fast and delicious so tell me what you think about that they’re super easy
to make on you know what it’s a big name red beans and rice but a lot of people
didn’t know it was just that easy you know what I’m sure if they did it’d be a
lot more people making that you know what and this is like yeah you guys a
protip did you like the way that I put that there four cups of that chicken
broth then I came back with two cups of water
that’s up to you you can go with all you know six cups total of chicken broth
that’s really up to you you know what that’s just like the perfect blend for
my palate and how I like it and then another thing is don’t forget we can
turn it up and treat it like it’s greens or something like that we can go ahead
and put that smoked turkey leg or we can put that ham walk in there either way
hands down this is it if you guys try or thinking about trying it I want you guys
to go ahead and leave me a comment down in the comment section below and
let me know hey what do you do hey if that being said you guys listen if you
new to my channel then you go ahead and just thank you for watching my channel
you know what if you like what you saw don’t forget to smash that like button
you know tell everybody listen there’s a channel out here just taking a mystery
out of cooking and simplifying these recipes and with that being said you
guys come on please

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