Red Copper Square Pan 5 Piece Set Review | Testing As Seen On Tv Products

Red Copper Pan Giant Pizza Cake | Testing ‘As Seen On Tv’ Products
Are you tired of wasting your
hard-earned money on sh**ty kitchen gadgets that don’t work Vivian calls the
BS with Vivian tries you just sit back and enjoy just like
hanging in your kitchen with a good ol friend hello you guys and welcome back to another vivian tries. you love the whole video so today we have another
copper product I told you we’d have a marathon today we have red copper square
we have tried the red color dance I will link that video down below
so that you can go check that out this is a 5 piece it is the 10 inch square
pan we’re gonna use it in a really unique way at least I think so we’re
gonna make a giant pizza cake so stay tuned you don’t want to miss this video
because it’s gonna be good boys and girls come back your losses going to be
good I don’t even know that silly I’m gonna definitely talk like that for the
rest of the video though because it sounds fun you all my subscribers
forever and you love all of my videos I just hypnotize to you with my dragula
power let’s get to the video you guys already know
some cathy Mitchell and you guys know I love me some red copper stuff Marty bias
I already love it let’s make a pizza cake from calm Dracula
what is it get the little spray at the bottom my husband just came downstairs
Dracula I will like you in your baby I am come back you like an item
Bravo here we good here and on but here’s the little trade that you can put
in there in the oven some stuff comfort ocula there’s a light could be fry stuff
yes yes yes I do that’s a lie so that’s one two three
pieces on the lid my miscount ah you let knows that account
what’s that Sesame Street wasn’t very Dracula on Sesame Street says that Wow Cathy this doesn’t count
they’re counting the book as a piece that’s not a set full I’m not gonna need
this today so I’m just going to put it back here I am gonna use this to cut the
pizza crust so that it fits right in there so first I’m gonna wash everything
I’m finna Alcala page dishes company long it’s pretty good what are
we gonna need I have here cheese I have beats of salt and then we have
some pepperoni we’re gonna just stack layers and make a cake
mmm cuz you know I can’t help Count Dracula just wants to come home this
busted open you know that these guys busted open when I was prepping so I put
it in a baggie hoping that it would be okay this is not a cooking show remember
people take this so seriously oh my god put food in it right to show you guys
what the hell’s happening I can’t give you my pin if I’m not using all right
there’s one we’re gonna wonder what we have for it so we’re gonna put these in
the oven for five minutes UDL example this extra dough we’re going
to use to do the edges of our cake I’m gonna do it bomb the counter just like
the guys at the pizza store I need a rolling pin okay take at least a piece
out of that so here’s our first pizza crust what’s freaking nuts we’re gonna
now use the tray to cut out the exact shape that we need like so okay
I’m just gonna cut that guy in half we’re gonna put these back into the oven
for three minutes while that cooked we’re going to drink this like this it’s
not perfect it’s not supposed to be guys make sure it’s like falling over there
like that and then stretch it down we’re gonna cut
just all the way around let’s drape this starting here pinch
this together so far that’s what we have got him folks okay we’re just gonna cut
like that piece right there now we’re gonna pinch the corners then
kind of pull that down a little bit he’s created it’s a piece of cake just as
good we got it that’s my masterpiece whoa we just have one more pizza crust
in the oven while that one cooked it should only be about five more minutes
we’ll go ahead and start layering but that guy in first perfect you see how
now the dough will glue itself to this guy lay no more okay now we’re gonna do
the sauce keep the sauce okay this little spin I’m gonna be enough we want
a lot of heat the sauce cheese brownie they are never wrong is the best but
then it put another layer on okay that’s good now we’ll do this layer there okay
pizza sauce I should have cut all of them based on the tray but I think
eyeballing it was close cheese or pepperoni
done okay another layer I’m gonna do this one like this since they’re a
little short sauce I hope this turns out cute kind of looks like a mess right now
we’ll find out soon enough cheese oh honey more cheese pepperoni
now I need my top layer and then we’re gonna seal it off put it in the oven for
30 mm and a why should I let these go to weight right but I stuck the side with
this come dog you little smart little bit sauce there on this side so our last
layer is here I am gonna cut it to the right size just because it is a top
layer we need it to be cute just like that this piece we’re gonna use in a
second this is the top layer and that’s not bad actually
it’s stuffing right there so our last layer let’s put the entire pizza sauce
okay more cheese no pizza all right now we’re going to do
pepperoni okay what we’re gonna do is actually
grab these pieces and we’re gonna tuck them like that over our pie pie I know
it people to pie but this is a piece of cake
tadam look it’s gonna be a giant pizza of cake now in the oven for 30 minutes
never gonna take it out cross your fingers
cuz I’ve no idea what the hell they’re gonna come out of on come off your loss
the pizza’s ready wait I need my blows four thousand pounds my pizza it’s a
giant pizza cake but many guys don’t come donkey la manna me it’s okay we’re
gonna try to transfer this to the tray I have no idea how I’m gonna do that we
remember our handy little red copper pan should be nonstick how am I gonna do
this maybe these like pop it out of here and
then like you know I’m soon I did not say any word I just make gestures but I
hope y’all understand my language Lou it’s gonna come right out
here and better a trick proper nonstick great we went through too much trouble
for you to break in a thousand pieces okay
I don’t know how good you to cover there guys I have I don’t live like this part
I did not plan it’s pretty flexible let’s say I got too crazy tools here but hand look nonstick oh my god my pizza
cake is freaking unbelievable look at that and it fit on this little
tray perfectly didn’t it sound dog you love make up beats okay
it’s beautiful thing yeah it’s not the prettiest thing come Bakula made up beat
sake so proud of myself are you guys proud of me I’m proud of me my hair is
flopping all over the place now come Funaki life’s falling apart I’m gonna
give this guy 5 vivian heads come on now you got to be impressed with that piece
of cake that is a deep-dish bow shelf because of
my beautiful red copper pan no oil you know nothing
cathy Mitchell has another hit the only complaint that I have is it is a four
piece set not a five piece just my opinion you guys tell me what you think
because this little 12 page booklet to me is not considered part of the set
that booklet comes in every box alright guys that is it for another minion tries
I hope that you have enjoyed at this video if you have give it a big old
thumbs up for me alright now question of the day has to do with pizza and cake
tell me which one do you prefer an ice cream cake or would you prefer a
pizza cake let my beautiful creation if you are new to my channel subscribe I am
putting he goes out like this every week for
your entertainment don’t forget to share with your family and your friends that’s
all that I have for you today I’ll see you in the next one ah I know some of
you guys are gonna ask me what it looks like I cut it so let’s go ahead and cut
it so you guys can see I should have got a bigger knife but that’s alright
just graphic like pizza good nice thanks for watching and come back

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