Republicans Freak Out After Chick-Fil-A Stops Funding Homophobic Causes

Yesterday, fast food chain Chick-fil-A, they
announced that their Chick-Filet foundation is no longer going to be giving money to groups
who’s basically their main goal is to attack the LGBTQ community. Now, this has been something that has plagued
Chick-fil-A for a very long time, years and years and years. Ever since it was revealed that they’re basically
paying lots of money to these groups who go out there and tell us that gay people are
horrible people. Well, yesterday, Chick-fil-A said, you know
what? We’re not going to do that anymore. Instead, we’re going to use our money for
things like improving education, fighting hunger, and fighting homelessness. That seems like a good shift, right? This seems like a company trying to do the
responsible thing, saying, Hey, we’re, we’re sorry. We’ve been funding hate for so long. We’re not gonna do that. Instead, we claim to be Christian, so we’re
actually going to do Christian like things who could object to that, right? The answer is quite literally every single
Republican out there, former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee, Dave Ruben, Ben Shapiro, all
of them and many, many more took to Twitter to express their outrage over the fact that
Chick-fil-A decided, Hey, we’re actually going to start helping other human beings. Mike Huckabee tweeted the following in August,
2012 I coordinated a national Chick-fil-A appreciation day after they were being bullied
by militant hate groups. Millions showed up today. Chick-fil-A betrayed loyal customers for money. I regret believing they would stay true to
convictions of founder Truet Cathy sad. They betrayed people by no longer funding
hate. I mean Jesus Huckabee. What does that say about you and all your
followers? Well, to be honest, it doesn’t say anything
that we all didn’t already know. You hate monger then you have Ben Shapiro
who had, uh, two tweets cause he couldn’t fit it all into one cause he was so mad at
Chick-fil-A. He said the following, he said, Chick-fil-A has survived and thrive because
they served everyone and refuse to cater to the cancel culture. Now they’ve caved at the behest of the censorious
left. This is a terrible move and just the latest
indicator that the center cannot hold a country in which we only eat at restaurants where
we agree with the owner’s politics when the owner’s politics does not affect anything
happening inside the restaurant is a country that cannot survive as a unified entity. Will Holy crap there, Ben, you’re telling
me that the entire fabric of the United States is made up on the backs of fast food chains. Jesus Christ. Man, it’s not apartheid. It’s fast food. Chicken. That’s not gonna pay for hate anymore. Dave Rubin said the following. He said the decision makes absolutely no sense. Chick-fil-A was actually cool because it stood
up to the progressive mind virus, which is cancel culture. I’m not going back to that sad, dry, pathetic
burger King chicken sandwich. No way. No. How back to the home cooked frying pan. Dave Ruben, who actually, even though he’s
a conservative, should be glad they’re not funding hate because he is openly gay, is
so mad, but he refuses to go to burger King because I guess where Dave lives, they only
have a Chick-fil-A and a burger King. So instead he’s going to start cooking more
at home, which is great, Dave. That’s wonderful. You should probably be doing that anyway,
fast food’s not that great for you. But here’s the thing, folks, can we stop as
a country freaking out about fast food chicken for a week? Honest to God, that’s all I want right now. Seven straight days where there’s not some
kind of freak out over fast food, chicken. I, we got people getting beat up at Popeye’s,
chickens over there, chicken sandwich, Chick-Fil-A funding hate. Now they’re not funding hate. So they’re getting hate for not funding hate
from the right. It’s fast food people. It’s fast food. It’s not even that great. So maybe maybe put your chicken sandwich down
for a while and focus on the stuff going on in this country that actually matters.

100 comments on “Republicans Freak Out After Chick-Fil-A Stops Funding Homophobic Causes”

  1. Quaker Joe says:

    Oh, I'll believe it when I see it. They've got penance to pay and a lot to make up for. When the scales are evened out, then perhaps I'll consider dining in one someday. I want to see this happen, but I won't hold my breath over it.Call me skeptical, but I call it pragmatism. I'll hope, but won't expect. "Expectations are just disappointments waiting to happen." We'll see.

  2. Butch 1952 says:

    Please don’t say that the huckster was from Arkansas. I live in Arkansas and we all know Huckleberry is a friggin idiot.

  3. Lizzet Torres says:

    Why doesn't anybody talk about W. Hurt. He's horrible. I wish he would get booed

  4. Vox Populi says:

    Womp womp, Republicans. Womp fucking womp.

  5. Jay Chris says:

    Don't eat fast food! It's just bad all around: bad for you food, bad for the environment production of waste, harmful animal rights practices, and they make sure their employees cannot support themselves financially.

  6. Gary Wesley says:

    Didn’t actually know That Dave Rubin was gay. What a shit head, don’t get him at all, can’t be the chicken has to be the money. Sellouts galore on the right. Lol

  7. Nii Osa Mensa says:

    This is the CHEXIT>Chicken Exit

  8. Debra Tracy says:

    I have never eaten Chick filet food and I am 65 yrs. old.

  9. gramps2matt says:

    Well if this is true I may now seek out one of the Chick-Fil-As near me and try what several family members say is an awesome sandwich.  I've always been in a certain limbo not liking their politics but not having one of the franchises near enough to actually boycott.  Now several are in my state and I know a bunch will be coming home at some point to satiate the desires of those living here who've lived in the South and love them.

  10. gfear24 says:

    The guy in the background laughing kills me every time.

  11. jake glenn says:

    Bizarre GOP

  12. Luis Reyes says:

    So Chick-fil-A abandons their "Christian Principles" for the All Mighty Dollar.

    Don't you just love Free Market Economics? 😆

  13. Ryan Donahue says:


  14. Jessica Bushell-Hale says:

    I love the person laughing in the background. Like, Ben Shapiro is so stupid it's become sad.

  15. Ken Kw says:

    This PROVES that if enough people complain and boycott a business, they will see their income and public persona going down the drain and they WILL make changes!! Kudos to them for their about face but i still wont patronize their business after all the prior harm their owner caused to completely innocent people!

  16. Joey Mathew says:

    When I was in FCA that is exactly what we did. We would devote hours and even days to make sure that every gay person was hurt even to the point that they were suicidal. Okay this is satire. Why don't these hate mongers state the real thing FCA doesn't state that homosexuality is wrong ,- the Bible does! Call it what it is.

  17. Daniel Sheaffer says:

    You are full of crap, the salvation army is a great organization.

  18. Peter Krug says:

    I love it, republicans are pissed that a company is no supporting bigotry. That tells you all you need to know about them.

  19. Kevin Blanchard says:

    I still refuse to eat their holy chicken. There are many chicken chains that don't support Neo nazi agendas and this is only one of their many they do support.

  20. Bonnie Peele says:

    These people are unbelievably indescribable. I did not know the upper crest of the Republican Party were this insanely stupid.

  21. Cheryl Sahawneh says:

    The conservatives complaining about this should try being homeless for a month and see what they think after that. Frankly, I wish Chick-Fil-A has done this back while I was homeless.

  22. Sharingantwist says:

    Popeyes is overrated

  23. meaux gendron says:

    If it was up to me, I'd tell the alphabet soup of whackos to mind their own damn business and I'll give MY money to whoever I damn well please… In other words, STFU…

  24. DMG2FUN says:

    Chick-fil-A is just showing America who will suffer when they bow to the perv lgbt clowns. Those organizations take care of needy people. And just because those organizations do not agree with the tolerant perv lgbt clowns. No one can donate money to them so they can help the needy. The perv lgbt clowns are not tolerant. They are a hate group!

  25. Lets do this says:

    Some sane and patriotic Republicans are starting to see this party as nothing but hypocrates and fake Christians and leaving. I would be ashamed to call my self a republican if I was one.

  26. wwozanewmusical says:

    What I want to know is these biggest are all ok with taking our money and getting us to work for them, they p[robaly don't know that half or more than half of people working for these republican jerks bare gay bi and such or have open relationships and they are ok with taking our money for their toes and jobs and such. suck it up butter bitches and get your heads out of your skanky asses and ugly pusses. this goes for all republicans who think they are better than anyone else. I would love to be part of all the attacks on men who cheat on their wives and wives who cheat on their husbands and such. just shut up and let people live their lives.

  27. Samuel Kilby says:

    I will not spend money there.

  28. ReflectionEternal2 says:

    You mean to tell me a gay conservative bashes the left for cancel-culturing a restaurant because the ownership was homophobic… so in return he cancel-cultures that same restaurant because they don't overtly fund groups to legislate against people like him anymore…?
    The word "irony" is starting to lose meaning in this reality.

  29. Carlos Perez says:

    Conservatives are bad people, they predicate hate and racism!

  30. Elijah James says:

    A Christian company trying to do what Christ instructs us to do. Outrageous where will the hypocrites go to eat? From fast food to fasting those poor poor people I feel sorry for them.

  31. Philipp Schwarz says:

    Hens are used for eggs, so their meat is from males. "Come for our Man-meat." — Chick-Fil-A

  32. Turd Furgeson says:

    The Salvation Army is homophobic???


  33. GT Nismo says:

    Mike Huckabees half dead sperm produced a one nippled, walleyed cow.

  34. Harry Baalsonya says:


  35. i'am first says:

    Dave rubins tweet & I lost it 😂😂😂

  36. Flash says:

    I saw both sides on Twitter last night. The left still doesn't trust them because CFA has been caught lying before and the right is freaking out because of some imaginary Sky Daddy being upset and strawmaning homosexuals with perversion and bigoted shit like that.

    Also as someone on the left, this is not the first time I've heard from them that they're going to stop donating to anti LGBT groups, so I'm highly skeptical despite the amusing outrage from the right. One of the reasons the company refuses to go public is because they don't want to have shareholders who don't have the same anti LGBT religious socially conservative views, public statement or not, I still won't dine there.

  37. Dave Wurst says:

    Who gives a shit to be honest CHIK FIL A SUCKS if want chicken i goto KFC or Popeyes or make it myself i dont even like going to Chik Fil A i always feel like a Bible Study will break out anytime

  38. Joe Kherr says:

    Remember republicans defending a homophobic baker's right to refuse to make gay cakes a while back? Their reaction to the chik-fil-a thing proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that they were just spewing bullshit, or they'd be down to let the business do what it wants.

  39. Silmarrillion123 says:

    Freaking out over lack of funding for homelessness and hunger? How very compassionate…hypocritical.

  40. Icecream Headache says:

    I have never eaten at 🐥 filA because they hate. Pretty sure I would choke if I did.Hobby lobby wants to not cover birth control. They don’t get my money. I know it’s a small stand but over the years it does have a financial impact.

  41. Dave Wurst says:

    And another thing it wasnt like they where donating alot of money to either group out of the Billions they rake in it was a pittance Evangelicals are the stingiest fuckers ever but only give if someones looking worst of the worst

  42. Stanbchillin Treeyo says:

    So God made us in his image so God love both of course God dose gods beautiful creations love each other until it's not right to love someone for their gender , race , religion, hire cut , job they have or don't have , it's like being conditioned to have to find perfection when homophobia is just a phobia of yourself being attracted to the same sex that's y they act like that sexy guy turning them on sexy girl do 2 closeted bi let the hole world be gay IDGAF sad ppl runnin from them self's😂

  43. TheBlueFox_ Rech says:

    Finally. But there’s still the Salvation Army and other groups that hate on gay people.

  44. Frank Markus says:

    Shapiro is in the closet

  45. lil1will24 says:

    Well I guess those idiots are going to start setting their chicken sandwiches on fire like they did with their Nike's

  46. Carlos Delgado says:

    KFC will donate for them with all that profit from selling the chicken sandwiches..

  47. Gene Miller says:

    Shapiro is an idiot. Loss of unification? This is pretty hypocritical because the Republican party is so big on divide and rule. What unification are we talking about here? I'd rather be united in neutrality than in hate. Why didn't Shapiro just say, "All haters raise their hands and say they won't go to Chick-Fil-A?"

  48. Clay says:

    You just said the Salvation Army's main goal is to attack the "LGBTQ community". Can you hear yourself? That is utterly asinine. Cowardice is cowardice; the bloodthirsty tail-eating liberals won't stop here. Have fun Chick-Fil-A.

  49. no ididnt says:

    And THIS is an issue with the neo-nazi right? SHIT! You assholes are REALLY hard up for something to be pissed about. I haven't heard of ANYTHING so stupid. Well if you INSIST, you just go right ahead and hate the fast food chicken store. I'm SURE the owners and employees will hurl themselves to the floor in despair, crying their angst and pain over not having to listen to you mouth breathing, shit for brains , whining and slobbering your chicken shit complaints. HEY ! There's your chicken for you, your chicken shit complaints. But no sauce for you.

  50. Teddy Swagger says:

    Ah, the hypocrites speak out.

  51. Guapo Desperado says:

    Republicans are just upset because they are so internally repressed that they can't enjoy the awesome gay sex they so deeply desire but can't admit to.

  52. SaavikL says:

    Cripes, I'm waiting for the holidays…ooops I mean Christmas, don't throw stones at my head! Never seen more hate than from the evangelical/white supremacist bunch. I'm waiting for the next thing that will set them off…perhaps McDonalds will put the wrong color on their Happy Meal? Please folks, just try and enjoy the next few months without having a fit over something that really doesn't matter.

  53. jan sultan says:

    C'mon…CFL has gluten free buns option for their sandwiches, and you can order the filet without a bun, if you dont like bread at all. How democratic can you get?

  54. Bezz80 says:

    They figured out that America will have to put up with peoples mental illness, because no one wants to tackle mental health issues in America for real, as that would require fundamental economic changes and we see thats nearly impossible in today's political climate…good for them to focus on feeding hungry people, just saw on television a guy managing one around here is collecting pillows for a shelter. The sexual disorders that are being forced on America is appalling and will be a factor in Americas final implosion.

  55. Daniel Duquette says:


  56. Bobby Elliott says:

    The Ben Shapiro thing surprised me. Didn’t realize he was a homophobic asshat

  57. Hunter 02 says:

    You need a certain iq to see both sides, which clearly some don’t have, Ben’s quote was actually a statement that is becoming relevant, and you’re just becoming a part of the system

  58. Tony C. says:

    Blaze TV? No, thanks.

  59. pfalconology says:

    So I can start spending money at Chick-fil-A again? 🙂 I miss their delicious little chicken sandwiches. As a CDL driver that spends a large chunk of life on the road and likes warm food on more than just a rare occasion, this is good news

  60. mvtelectra says:

    Ben Shapiro must have been dropped on his head when he was born. I've never heard anything so ridiculous. ..except from Trump, of course.

  61. Gauntletwielder says:

    Giving money to anti-LGBTQ groups, is just throwing money away. It serves no practical purpose and does nothing.

    As long as at least 10 humans are on the planet, at least one of them will be a member of LGBTQ community. That is reality.

    Fact: Homophobes would have better luck removing all water from all oceans than eliminating the LGBTQ community.

  62. Jorge Martinez says:

    Hey Dave, guess what?! I have Whataburger! Awesome. Buffalo Ranch chicken strip sandwich I had last night.

  63. Dietmar Steinhaus says:

    Rubin and Shapiro aro so laughably pathetic! I really would like to met them in person where they can try to show me if there big mouthes holding up, pathetic, little wimps they are.

  64. Margaret Dimick says:

    I've never eaten at a Chick Fil A. The closest one to me is four hours away.

  65. Troy Powers says:

    Republicans are acting like rich guys: assholes by nature. God how far they had fallen over the last 40 years. A once great party that mlk was proud of being in, this bullshit has gotten twisted, I mean seriously they turned their own tables over the last 40 years.

  66. shonenlad one says:

    Man, all these lefty, leftist SJW's and safe-spa… Uh, wait, what?

  67. Chet Simmons says:

    They finally realized that by being so biased towards a people who's money is just as valuable as all others is not the way to do business. Any first year business school major could have told you that. Hate or bias is not a productive nor profitable business model, it only limits your potential. But I'm still skeptical, lets wait and see if they walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

  68. gina says:

    Farron, I'm sure you'll be hearing from Chick-Fil-A for saying there not that great. But really, this is such a stupid thing for anyone to get out of sorts about. You're cool.

  69. Beatrice Kelley says:

    Hey! The world is a little less awful.

    I'm still not eating any of their MSG injected bullshit from that bunch of bigots.
    Maybe in 40 years when all of the current crop of said bigots are dead I'll try a single chicken sandwich.

    Fuck Chick-fil-a.
    FUCK Huckabee, Rubin, and Shapiro both in general and for bitching and whining in support of bigotry.

  70. Native Level says:

    HAHAHAHAAAAA 😆😂🤣!!!!!!

    More chicken – less humanity! 😆🤣😂

  71. さくら says:

    Let me get this straight (pun not intended), Dave Rubin complains about "cancel culture" and then says he's going to "cancel" going to a place because he doesn't agree with the owner's new policies?

  72. UberHeroMystic says:

    Republican tears are the best tasting drink on the planet.

  73. Cynthia Brent says:

    This decision is LONG OVERDUE!! This company needs to realize that kind of behavior will NOT be tolerant of companies who support hatemongers who turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to that kind of conduct.

  74. Robin Sage says:

    If chickafilet does start helping instead of hating I will actually try them out.

  75. 456t123g says:

    Oh, yeah, the Salvation Army is known for their bell ringing ANTI-LGBT campaign at Christmas.

  76. Carl Taylor says:

    Fuck Chick-Fil-A anyway 'cos it's too late to RuPaulogize…

  77. Fantomas says:

    It's called invoking religious freedom. You dolts. What's the Left's OBSESSION with homosexuality?

  78. Richard Russell says:

    Christian like things? LOL. Is that Christian Inquisitions? Dumbing down education? Bring back everyone back to the Dark Ages? Having our taxes go to religious schools? Most Christian TV ministers say the same thing but are lies and the money goes into their bank accounts. Well, let see if Chick-Fil-A speaks the truth by deeds not words, but don't hold your breath.

  79. Dante McCloud says:

    I wish Ben Shapiro would cut the line at Popeyes.

  80. Georgitte Singbiel says:

    Hmm.. might have to start eating there again? My boycott might be over!

  81. Miguel Cervantes says:

    Mike Huckabee,Ben Shapiro,Dave Rubin….The Manny ,Moe,and Jack of Idiocy…..

  82. Barney Potter says:

    Screw them for doing it to begin with fuck them and their fucking crappy chicken

  83. Akai Maho Miru says:

    Heaven forbid they get blockaded for doing the right damn thing~!

  84. T Razz says:

    Well they did betray their beliefs for money. Too many people eating at Popeye's.

  85. Red Hunteur says:

    I'm sorry… Aren't these the same hypocritical idiots who scream "Lefties are fragile snowflakes" and "embrace captitalism and the free market!"? What's changed except your logic, republicans?

  86. Charlie Cross says:

    Maybe I can eat at chick fill a now I heard they have tasty sandwiches

  87. kazemizu says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually had chick-fil-A

  88. highjix says:

    lol, he makes a great point, if he won't eat at chick fil a, and he doesn't want to go back to burger king, he can go to popeyes, maybe they will enjoy his company there 😂

  89. Kevin McDougall says:

    Huh. Now we'll have to not eat there because KFC and Popeye's make better food.

  90. Christer Jervhall says:

    Dave Rubin is an idiot.

  91. Ariana Fabella says:

    Good thing they are sooo Christian, if not I don't even want to think what they would do. 🙄

  92. Ariana Fabella says:

    I always love it when the guy on the back laughs. I like that guy.


    Omg don’t even mention that kook Huckleberry!!!!!! His daughter is a liar, disgusting, hater who hides behind he cloth of the wizard of Oz!!!! They are sickening weirdos who need to get under the rock they cane out from!!! HUCKABEES ATE HATEFUL PEOPLE!!!!

  94. Robert Hirsch says:

    dave ruben? really?

  95. Peter Hockley says:

    They lasted three days in the U.K..

  96. Dave says:

    Chick Fil A is giving away millions and millions of dollars to organizations that promote education, help homeless youth and fight hunger. That some religious fanatics have a problem with that is quite telling.

  97. Derek Brandell says:

    Further proof that republicans are all either stupid or horrible. No in between.

  98. Phil 488 Pista says:

    Republicans spread hate every chance they get!

  99. idpro83 says:

    Once again Republicans prove to be anti free market.

  100. GoldenState says:

    Chick-Fil-A for me.😆🖒

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