Resep Masakan Ala Anak Kost: Mac n Cheese Pakai Rice Cooker doang! ANTI GAGAL!!

Halo guys, welcome to Auntie Gembul Recipe In this video, I will share to you a simple recipe to make MAC N CHEESE, using only Rice Cooker This is very suitable for you who cannot cook Who never use cooking knife, nor stove! You may also cook this in your dorm room without kitchen This cooking won’t let your room dirty Ingredients are very simple and easy You may buy them at mini market or at any one stop shopping area You may store the ingredient in room temperature, you do not need chiller or refrigerator First ingredient is MACARONI, around 200grams or 2 cups This will make enough for 4 portions next, MARGARINE I will use 1 tablespoon in the beginning and 1 other before finish Fresh MILK, Full Cream 250ml ALL PURPOSE FLOUR, 2 tablespoons CORNED BEEF I use this sachet, around 50grams CHICKEN STOCK POWDER, or SALT half of teaspoon BLACK PEPPER, half of teaspoon and the last, 5 slices of CHEDDAR CHEESE Firstly, let’s prepare the cheese You want to chunk it like this with fork If you use cheese bar, you can use grater Or if you use mozzarella, just chop it Like this, is enough To cook the Mac n Cheese Let’s pour 2 cups of macaroni to the pot Water 1 cup Fresh milk 250ml Margarine 1 tablespoon Chicken stock powder, half of its sachet And pepper, half of its sachet Okay, let’s put the pot in rice cooker Ow yeah we need to add 2 tablespoons of flour And stir them well When you’re done, set the rice cooker into “cooking” And wait until macaroni is tender Do not forget to check it every 5 or 10 minutes, and stir it So that macaroni won’t stick each other After 20 minutes, I think macaroni is almost done Bite it a little to check Then put the cheese and corned beef And another cup of water Stir it, and let it cooked a little more Around 5-10 minutes until the cheese melt This is it done, MAC N CHEESE Just using Rice Cooker And the taste? soo cheesy Very tasty and delicious, add chili souce for better taste You want to store those ingredient for unexpected time, anytime When you are so hungry but you want to stay at your room Okay, Thank you for watching Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to our channel We’ll give you more video about easy cooking By the way, previously I made a video for how to cook Mozzarella Cheese Stick Check on the video in description below Thank you ūüôā

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