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Welcome back to Guga Foods everybody. I want to thank the National Pork Board for sponsoring this video. Today I’m
making an amazing porchetta. Check it out! Yes it is crunchy, fatty, flavorful and a
very memorable dish. If you’ve never had it this video will change your mind to
make sure you make one. And the best part of all it’s easy. And everything starts
off with this cut of pork to be precise it’s a pork belly. One thing I
look forward to the most is to make sure that it has a good amount of meat. And as
by default it already has plenty of fat. another thing to keep in mind is the
skin if you get one that it’s skinless that’s not good for this dish. As you saw it
previously, you want that crunch. Talking about that the first thing I like to do
is to scrape the skin, and what that does is remove all the moisture that there is
on top of it. You want to grab a nice sharp knife and scrape it all over. The
enemy of a crispy skin is moisture and by doing this you are ready expediting
the process. Just take your time and remove as much as you can. The next thing
I want to do is to make as much surface area as possible and in order to do that
I gotta open it up. With a very sharp knife I want to split it right in the
middle. When cutting the one thing you want to keep in mind is to keep them
even. I recommend doing nice slow strokes and don’t rush, it’s not a race. When
getting towards the end be careful not to cut all the way through. When you’re
done it has basically doubled its size, this will give us a lot more surface
area for the seasoning. To ensure everything is nice and flat and the same
exact size I like to use a meat mallet. Now this one you don’t have to be gentle,
make it as flat as you can. Now let’s talk about seasoning. Remember as always
exact amount and ingredients are always in the description down below for you. I
started with the master of all seasoning that is salt. You want to make sure you
season it well. Then I jump right into freshly ground black pepper. I recommend
you ground your own it does make a difference, to make it short it just
tastes better. Then we went right into the herbs and I started with sage. I am
not using the dry stuff, this was freshly chopped. Then I also added thyme and
rosemary, again everything was fresh. This one is the one
that takes your pork belly to the next level. And a lot of people make a crucial
mistake when putting lemon zest most of the time they just don’t put enough. This
is a big piece of meat add a lot of it. But most important only use the yellow
never the white. If you do you will taste bitter. For this entire pork belly I use
a total of three lemons. And once I was done you can see every single surface
was covered. To make it even better I made an amazing stuffing and here’s
how to do it. Under medium-high heat I added a little bit of oil and saute some
onions. You want to cook them until they are translucent. Then add freshly chopped
garlic. Mix everything well until it has a nice golden color. Then throw in
minced pork. Now you want to lower down your heat and cook it all the way
through. To make it even better I’m also gonna be adding some bacon. And for bacon
you don’t want to add the oil to the pan just throw it in and cook it until you
have a nice golden brown color. By that time my minced part was to fully cooked.
Then using all the bacon and its fat I threw it right into the mix. Now all there’s
left to do is to mix everything well and that’s how you make an amazing stuffing
for your porchetta. You want to make sure you spread everything evenly, that way
every bite will have a little bit of everything.
The next thing to add is parmigiano reggiano. Add the good stuff try to get
the real deal, it is better. You want to grate it yourself and there’s a few ways
to do it. You can either use a box grater, a micro grater or the quickest way
use your blender. Just keep in mind if you want to make an amazing porchetta
don’t use the pre grated one. Once my cheese was added the last layer is some
prosciutto ham, this will give a nice finishing touch. Then we want to roll
everything into a cylinder. The important thing to keep in mind is to make it as
tight as possible. And to help me even more I’m using butchers twine. As I’m
tying this up it gives me time to talk about today’s sponsors; the National Pork
Board. They represents America’s pigs farmers who are committed to giving back
to their community throughout the entire calendar year but especially at the holiday
time. I partner up with them to celebrate their ham Across America program, which
is all about paying it forward with pork throughout the holiday season. In 2018
this program saw over half a million pounds of pork donated across America,
which equates to 2.2 million servings of pork. And I am very happy to take a part
of it. Food can definitely make a world a better place . And the Hams
Across America program is a great way to say thank you. Give a meal to someone in
need or simply do something nice and pay it forward. This program is all about
improving the quality of life in your community, and it’s something that I am
very proud to be a part of. So make sure you pay it forward this holiday season.
Give the gift of ham. So thank you National Pork Board for
sponsoring this video. But now getting back to our porchetta, and once I was
done tying it and this is what it looks like. To roast it I have a very important
step. Remember this is the belly, there is a good amount of fat and it will all
render. So you have to have something on the bottom to catch that fat. The last
thing you want is a grease fire. So for that I like to use a tray with aluminum
foil. A lot of people like to put vegetables underneath it that is a great
idea, the only problem with that is that the porchetta will cook for a few hours
and your vegetable will be done in just one. So, can you do it? Yes you can. But
just keep in mind you might want to take it out in the middle of the cook and put
a new one. But with all that being said I’m gonna be roasting it at 375 degrees
Fahrenheit in indirect heat. Then to finish it off and crispen in the skin I’m
gonna be using my torch. But now I say it is enough talking and it is time to cook it.
So let’s do it! All right everybody this is my take on
porchetta. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Now the only thing left to do is our
favorite part. You ready Angel? Oh he’s ready I must say
as soon as I cut everything open the family went like a shark attack. You know
what I mean? And they just took everything and we only have this one
left and one more everybody. That’s pretty much it it’s all gone already.
With that being said, me and Angel we haven’t tried it yet.
You ready to try it? Yeah everyone just savagely devoured it and we just like
yeah okay. Yeah we’re gonna set up the cameras. We kind of need that though. Anyway, are you ready to try it? Let’s go. Cheers! Cheers. Wow hmm that is amazing everybody. And it is super flavorful. And the
fattiness, the fattiness of that pork belly is just amazing let me tell you.
It’s got like a lemony taste to it. Yes there’s a little bit of lemon lemony
hint that’s because I put a lot of lemon zest. You know lemon zest? I love that stuff. I know right. Guys
when you’re putting the lemon zest on top the fragrance of it it’s absolutely
incredible. Mmm! And I’m seeing like some green stuff
I think that’s like rosemary, thyme? Don’t look at the green stuff bro. Did you
enjoy it? I did like it, but I know it’s there. We all know it Angel is not a big fan of the
green stuff. No but you know I do like rosemary any thyme those type of things
are fine. Well it’s there to make it more flavorful you know what I mean. Yeah. So you’re
putting additional flavor into it when you combine all those herbs together the
fat renders inside and combine it with all the herbs together with the spices
and everything, mmm. That is amazing everybody! I must say this now, I just
got a piece… Yeah. I think it’s from like this area. Oh the top part? Okay.
Whoa! Ha, ha. You okay boy? That was a good one! Is a completely different experience from the
Cuban pork that we did the other day. Oh this oh this will get the Cuban pork
a run for it’s money. If you have not watched that video make sure you check it out
everybody. I know this is good but there’s another way that I like to do my
porchetta as well, and that’s to put it on a nice beautiful sandwich. Oh
okay. He’s excited because he saw it. What I did was I butter up some nice
hoagie bread everybody, and then I chopped up the porchetta fine
into small pieces including this crispy skin as well and put it up on a nice
buttery bun and chop it up. That’s one of my favorite things to do. Oh it’s coming. I am not gonna let you hanging boy. This is probably one of my favorite ways to have porchetta in a nice sandwich with a
buttery bun, man. You ready for this one Angel? Are you? I think. I’m ready.
My Italian friends please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is the way
you guys eat it in Italy. And if it is please put it in a comment down below. If
you did it any other way, let me know as well. But porchetta you can’t go wrong
with it everybody. You ready for this one Angel? I’m ready. I’m pumped for this one! Cheers everybody! Mmmm. Mmmmm! Mmmm! That is amazing. Oh man mmm.
You feel a little crunchiness mmm. And you can feel like the lemon on your
tongue. Yeah I put a lot of lemons just put a lot of lemon zest everybody. Which
one do you prefer on the sandwich or… ha ha. I know you like this one. But which one do
you like better the Cuban sandwich or this one here? Bro if I answer that
they’re gonna try to fight me in the streets bro!
Why? I live in Miami bro! What do you mean why. I don’t think you can answer that one brother. It might be a little
bit dangerous to answer that question so we’re gonna keep that question
unanswered yeah. I plead the fifth. I must say they are both amazing you can’t go
wrong with anything when you’re working with pork it goes well on a sandwich it
goes well on a main dish it goes well as a side dish it goes well as an appetizer
like chicharrón. I mean there is indefinitely ways to make amazing pork
everybody. You can’t go wrong. That’s right. I hope you guys enjoyed
this video if you do enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up. If
you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if
you’re interested in anything I use everything is always in the description
down below. Thank you so much for watching and National Pork Board thank
you so much for sponsoring this video. Make sure you check them out in the
description down below their ham across America program give the gift of pork it
is easy to make it is affordable and there’s hundreds of different recipes
that you can try it. I hope you guys enjoy it and we’ll see you on the next
one take care everybody. Bye bye. Bye guys.

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