Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake | Japanese Hot Cake Mix

Hello friends, today we’re making rice cooker chocolate cake. I use this Japanese hot cake mix in a lot of my recipes. Take the hot cake mix, cocoa powder mix that together in one bowl. Ollie’s helping me in the kitchen today. You can’t really see it but we’re wearing aprons that say Umma and Ollie on them. in another bowl, take your sugar and coconut oil and two eggs. give it a good whisk If you’re wondering if it’s messy to cook with a toddler… the answer is YES But it’s fun for all and the clean is fast and easy. Take your wet ingredients and add it to the dry. Also add your sparkling water. Ollie wanted to help so I like him stir for five seconds. Then Umma stirs for five seconds. It’s fun to count and cook together. Use a paper towel to rub some coconut oil inside the rice cooker pot. So the cake doesn’t stick to the sides. go ahead and add your batter. and I had my little chef add chocolate pieces. Just make sure those chocolate pieces are nicely covered with the batter. Ollie is taking the rice pot over to the rice cooker. We put it on the cake setting and I had him press the button. When it’s all done you will have a nicely steamed chocolate cake. The top is a bit round but you can cut it level so that it sits flat after it’s been cooled. Place the plate on top and flip it over. let it cool down to room temperature before decorating. Ollie’s favourite part of cake making is decorating. Isn’t it everyone’s favourite part though? we use sprinkles, strawberries and whipped cream. we don’t use frosting to keep it relatively healthy. The cake itself isn’t too sweet and have a lot of flavour. And it’s soft and springy. Ollie had a lot of fun decorating and even more fun eating it. The whole family loved this recipe and I like it because it’s easy to make. Hope you enjoyed that, thank you for watching. Bye bye.

12 comments on “Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake | Japanese Hot Cake Mix”

  1. Sydney Suh-Lee says:

    So good!! 😍😍

  2. Neerja Kumar says:

    Can we just do the normal recipe including baking soda in the rice cooker and for how much Time as it doesn't have the cake mode
    Please reply fast

  3. Tabassco Productions says:

    witch rice cooker you used there

  4. Jovz Zamora says:

    if i need a bigger cake, should i double the ingredients and follow the procedures? or should i just do it twice to make two cakes and then just join them together.

  5. Michelle Ng says:

    what if i can't find japanese hot cake mix? will any other pancake mix be the same?

  6. Pei Rong says:

    need how many minutes to bake it

  7. zirah bahar says:

    can i use normal cooking oil instead of coconut oil?

  8. Linda colgan says:

    Loved your recipe can you please tell me how much of the hot cke mixed you used ,1 or 2 cups measurements for this can't find.Thank you so much love your recipes.

  9. mike tan says:

    Thanks….your awesome ollie

  10. mari.j mjm says:

    can i use normal water instead of sparkling water?

  11. Dark Empress says:

    my rice cooker doesn't have a cake setting what should I do????

  12. Pinta Pippiew says:

    Ollie is so cuteeeeee…

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