Rice Cooker Pancake with Strawberries (Easy Recipe)【超簡単】炊飯器で作るパンケーキ!

good morning good morning what’s for breakfast would you like a direct em pancakes pancakes all right let’s make one big gigantic fluffy pancake how do we do that easy in the rice cooker yummy Oh you you so here you are here your slice of good fluffy thick pancake up boy so shut so yeah really good you know chemos those are those are those are mm-hmm okay fluffy hello yeah wow it’s really good wise that’s really good I love this so much we can just pop the batter in the rice cooker go take a shower or whatever come back and your pancake is ready and you don’t have to stand in front of your stove right flipping it over one after another of course you don’t you know that’s fun but when you don’t have time I mean this is great this is really great today we used strawberries and whipped cream because Satoshi loves strawberries but of course you can just eat them plain with butter and maple syrup it’s really great that way and you can use blueberries chocolate chips whatever you want just get creative so we really hope you guys enjoyed this recipe let us know what you guys saw the comments below what are your favorite types of pancakes and if this is your first time you’ve heard of a rice cooker pancake would you like to try this let us know that as well thanks for watching give this a thumbs up share comment subscribe and see you guys again real soon take care guys bye bye you

70 comments on “Rice Cooker Pancake with Strawberries (Easy Recipe)【超簡単】炊飯器で作るパンケーキ!”

  1. Treat Factory says:

    Never would have thought to use a rice cooker to make pancakes. It look looks so fluffy as well 😋

  2. Katherine Nelson says:

    I love the idea and will be trying it soon. One of the reasons I don't make pancakes is because I hate standing there taking care of them. Now I have the perfect way of making them. 🙂

  3. とっとちゃん says:

    ぐりとぐらのカステラみたい( ˊᵕˋ )‼︎

  4. Silsilia Lienardi says:

    this should be called "rice cooker cake" though

  5. JÖYの貓 says:

    Going to try!! Gotta fund my rice cooker first,lol

  6. Critical Eats Japan says:

    This is cool —I'm not much of a fan of traditional pancakes, but this looks lighter, more like a cake…

  7. allmyjm says:

    I just got a new rice cooker and have been looking through easy recipes online. This comes in handy. I love cheese pancakes personally. 😊

  8. Laura Evans says:

    I'm jealous of your rice cooker because it has a timer on it. For those of us with rice cookers without a timer, how long did you cook it for?

  9. ChickenStamps says:

    This looks awesome! I will try it this weekend! You two are so creative and fun and your recipes are always so delicious. Thank you!

  10. angelwhooo says:

    Instant. Cake

  11. Jinah Tokko says:

    Very unique!!!! Ill have to try it sometime!!!! If you didnt know i am a 11 year old Cambodian-American that is alone most of the time so i need things to eat so I mostly look at your videos for easy recipes and im really inspired, and every thing i make from you channel turns out great!!! Also can you try to make a Cambodian dish? Please and thank you!!!!

  12. rona rona home cooking channel says:

    Thumbs up…. Looks very delicious

  13. Erin Uber says:

    This is a great idea! I hadn't heard of it before, although I've heard of using the rice cooker for baking cakes or other types of cooking. I made takikomi gohan in the cooker before, and I use it to make rice porridge (congee) often. My version of congee is a little odd, because I like to make a vegetarian version with a lot of mushrooms, some carrots, and I use shiitake and kombu broth for it. It's very tasty though.

  14. Frederick König says:

    After having watched this video I had to watch it once more because I am hungry without a rice cooker (I like the speaking Japanese ones….)!

  15. Juanelo1946 says:

    Guys, I watch your videos for the gorgeous videography as much as for the great food you make. You succeed magnificently in both endeavors! These pancakes couldn't be easier, and they look delish!

  16. Sarah Palmani says:

    I have never heard of rice cooker pancakes.  I've only made oatmeal other than rice in my rice cooker.I am going to try it though! Thanks!

  17. Cat Sieja says:

    You guys just made a rice cooker a multitasker…Chef Alton Brown would be proud!! Very clever, very yummy.👏

  18. Monstarcookie says:

    I would definitely try a rice cooker pancake! I just need to get a rice cooker 🙂

  19. La Mer says:

    Soooo COOOOLLL :O

  20. paranoiaprincess says:

    I will be making these. I am disabled and the flipping is the hard part for me

  21. Hiroki Noda says:

    Great idea! Made it this morning for kids and they loved it! Thank you

  22. Tanuki Kai says:

    I wanna try! I love this recipe. I love pancakes, especially blueberry ones!

  23. Mavisiko Kueck says:

    Will I need to grease the pot before making these? ><

  24. Nicole Romero says:

    Do you know approximately how long it took? My cooker is also a food steamer so I have to set it for a specific time.

  25. Thomas S says:

    What are the white power you sprinkle on top of the pancake?
    It looks so delicious❤️

  26. Steven Rowe says:

    Very ingenious, we will have to try that!

  27. darian roscoe says:

    I would very much like to try this. I like pancakes with ¼ tsp each of lemon and orange flavoring and, of course, with real maple syrup on top. Since this is a "cake", maybe a bit of orange or lemon zest could be good. Thank you for this idea!

  28. Jack D says:

    The beginning made me laugh, he came out of nowhere.

  29. Stop looking that intense at my name, you pervert. says:

    Soo.. what ingredients exactly are in such a pancake mix?
    Because we don´t have something like that at my place.

  30. IAMMAI says:

    This is so simple! I love pancakes 🙂 YUMMY!!!

  31. Melinda Fan says:


  32. therealParisHilton says:

    for how long did you keep it in the rice cooker? just one round?! also i would add some butter to the batter to enhance the taste

  33. Afrieal says:

    I now have an excuse to replace my old rice cooker thank you. *HUGS* from Seattle and if you celebrate it Happy Easter

  34. pumpkinbox says:

    Amazing!! I'll try!!

  35. crispadilha says:

    definitely trying that! hope it will work on my cooker!!
    ps: さとしさん可愛い!

  36. Moonlight Mist and Memories says:

    Wow Guys ! Great job thinking outside the box ! That was fun ! And Strawberries ! ( ^ . ^ )

  37. Amy Chou says:

    I love making pancakes in a rice cooker 🙂

  38. FoodishBeauty says:

    OMG this looks soooo light, fluffy and delicious, I'm sooo gotta try this since I'm a sucker for pancakes! I love all kinds of pancakes, too hard to pick a favourite!! 😋🙌🏻

  39. astroboy3507 says:

    That's Donna hay pic quality!!!!!! 😉

  40. JonWashburn says:

    This looks easy enough for me to make without ruining it.

  41. Tatiana A says:

    This is like the best idea evea! I am so excited to be making this! Thanks guys!

  42. phunkcity says:

    So it has arrived! I've been waiting for this. Thank you guys. Perfect University dorm recipe.

  43. Cheryl K says:

    WOW…. nice,the pancakes look amazing!

  44. din bradpitt says:

    oishi <3

  45. Yoshiko Yeto says:

    Whoa, that's thicker than normal Japanese-style pancakes! Looks good. Thanks for this great idea! 🍓✨

  46. TabiEats says:

    +Sakura Spring we'll be coming up with cheesecake and regular cake soon! I just bought this shirt recently for spring. I like how western it looks! Satoshi is usually really energetic at the start. By the end though, we are both kind of tired after all that filming, especially if it's our last filming of the day!

  47. Emma Crawford says:

    Today I learned how hard it is to find a decent rice cooker in Houston Texas. All I can say is that it was totally worth the 5 hours it took! These are crazy delicious!

  48. Secret Scarlet says:

    I want to try this! Nice idea! Maybe I'll try to slice it, then add some cream in between and layer them?

    In an unrelated note, gotta ask, have you tried using/making rose syrup in cooking/baking? It's easy to make and it has a unique taste. 🙂

  49. SusanIvanova2257 says:

    Now I need more pancakes in my life. Yummy!

  50. Spoon Fork Heart says:

    Rice Cooker Pancake love to try and i love Strawberries too Thumb UP!!!!

  51. HalfwayHomestead says:

    So now I need to buy a rice cooker. But I have no room for one! Nooo! I've never been able to eat pancakes in the morning, but clearly you two have made a cake. It's a cake with not enough powdered sugar on top. And I need to eat it. BUT I HAVE NO COOKER!!! I'll just drool over your food instead!

    Btw, I meant to say, you have an adorable apartment and I just want to give it a big hug and like….lounge on the floor there and bask in it. Just saying. 😉

  52. bcgrote says:

    I generally dislike the pancakes you get at restaurants. "Lard balls" that are heavy in the stomach. But this is so light, it looks far better! I wonder if you could put in some pre cooked sausage, so when you flip it over there are sausages peeking out of the top?

  53. WanchaiFerryWonton says:

    NEED to make this now!

  54. Ruthy Pie says:

    i never knew you can bake in it..Good idea once again..love you guys.

  55. Koonieful says:

    Did you oil the rice cooker first before adding the mix?

  56. Cherokee M says:

    🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗LOVE THIS!!!!!!❤💖💙💓💟💞💝💜💛💛 Does it taste more "pan or cake" LOLLLL!!!!!!! SO EXCITED TO TRY!!!!!!😚😙😗❤💖💙💟💝💜💛💚🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  57. Weaver Games says:

    Man this looks amazing! I'm tempted to buy a rice cooker just to make pancakes in lol

  58. Greg Harris says:

    Holy sh__t! That looks amazing! Is that rice flour or reg. Pancake batter? Thanks guys. Peace

  59. MNeko says:

    I always have to put the pancake through two cooking cycles on my rice cooker. It's also great that there is not a lot of dishes to clean!

  60. じぇす says:

    OMG! This is a very useful video! I just moved to a dorm in Osaka and we don't have any ovens here so yeay! Thank you! ^^

  61. Chop Happy says:

    I am so going to try this!! Genius!

  62. ruena omictin says:

    thanks it gives me an idea… love it guys 😊

  63. Schnubsi Ente says:

    amazing 😍

  64. SOOK YUN CHEW says:

    Does it only works with a Japanese rice cooker? Does it not work with other rice cookers?

  65. Tusk says:

    Im here from 9gag

  66. Neka Sarano says:

    What brand pancake mix would you recommend? I tried with Aunt Jemima which calls for an egg and oil along with the milk. It took almost 2 full rice cycles to set and the top stuck terribly to the rice cooker. Does it have to be Japanese?

  67. Keisha Parker says:

    I want to try this now

  68. Gamer_Shrimp 88 says:

    This is so neat 😀

  69. JMcmstr08 says:

    I’m going to impress my girl with my rice cooker now. Thanks guys

  70. Amber C says:

    Finally tried this recipe out. We christened our new rice cooker making this recipe. Came out pretty good. Will try Japanese cheesecake or corn bread. This gives me so many options for easy stuff to make for pot lucks.

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