Rice Cooker Pasta recipe Ready in 20mins! Perfect One Pot Dish

hi everyone this is Eddie welcome back to my channel I know some of you guys live alone by yourself sometimes very busy for you to cook for yourself therefore today I’m here with you a brand new recipe now you can just throw all the ingredients into a rice cooker you press start after maybe 20 minutes then dinner is ready to serve so it’s very simple and you only need a couple of ingredients so please give this recipe a try hopefully you like this so let’s get started sorry the first thing you have to do is to put some sliced onion onto the bottom of the pan to show your pasta won’t stick to the bottom and then a bowl of water and the bowl of pasta same amount I’m using penne here and some basil don’t omit the basil because the base is very nice and some preseason chicken thigh cut into slices and put some sliced garlic into it it gives us a really good aroma and then put the last ingredient I’ll do a whole big tomato I cut the pulp autumn on the top off there you go close the lid and then start cooking it took me about 20 minutes and then you open the lid add a tablespoon of butter because I don’t have extra virgin olive oil that’s why I’m using butter and about 3 tbsp of parmigiano-reggiano cheese and then you break the tomato because all cooked is really easy to break and then you mix like that mix mix mix and then you’re done so right now my dinner is ready I’m going to give this pasta dish a try there you go doesn’t that look delicious make sure you use a really good quality permanent piece it’s very simple that you will need like few ingredients I think basil is very important in this lesson basil and Parmesan cheese as long as you have those two you can give this a dish a really good flavor a very authentic flavor make sure you give this a try I think you’ll love this and please make sure to subscribe to my channel you like and share I really appreciate what you have been doing to support me and I’ll bring more and better recipes back thank you so much for watching have a very nice day thank you see ya

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