Rice Cooker Pulao Recipe / How to Make Pulao in Rice Cooker / Nepali Food Recipe

Namaste welcome back to my channel today I will share rice cooker pulao recipe this is super simple recipe when prepare a pulao in a rice cooker it becomes so fluffy to prepare this here I have heated the pan add 2 tbsp ghee now add cloves, cardamoms, cinnamon sticks and bay leaves next add cashew nut, raisins and almonds next add washed Basmati rice saute for 2-3 minutes well it is Vitoria moon pony Rocky add 1/2 tsp salt now keep this in a rice cooker add warm water we need to add little less water in a pulao now cook this pualo pulao is ready, now add green peas frozen or fresh then add chopped carrot mix it well carrot and green peas makes pulao colorful cover and keep it in warm for 4-5 minutes now our pulao is ready to be served hope you guys loved the simple rice cooker pulao recipe for more recipes please subscribe to my channel please like, share and comment on my videos thank you for watching bye bye

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