[Rice Cooker Recipe] Scallops and Chicken Porridge | [电饭锅食谱]干贝带子鸡粥

I was told that Japonica rice is good for making porridge/congee and I shall try it out Wash and rinse the rice until water runs clear Rinse scallops and soak to soften them I use 10 cups of water for 1 cup of rice Opps, nearly forgot Break apart the dried scallops before adding into the rice cooker I have some diced chicken fillet to be added in later I will add in the undiced chicken fillet first, which I will be shredding later Switch on the power and use the congee mode on your rice cooker (if available) If not, the rice mode is fine too but you will have to switch it to the “keep warm” mode manually after 30 minutes It is time to bring up the chicken fillet The rice grains are cooked and if you prefer rice porridge you can eat this now I will set the chicken fillet aside to cool before shredding them Now we shall add in the diced chicken fillet You can use chicken breast meat as well but the texture will be less tender We will continue cooking – on congee mode It looks dry now but I assure you it isn’t Time to add in fresh scallops They greatly enhance the seafood sweetness in the congee We will continue in congee mode You can’t boil the scallops for too long because it will shrink and also lose it’s taste to the congee You can switch off the power and serve now! I have prepared the shredded chicken and one century egg as garnish – missing green onions here And my bff fried onions If you wish, you can drizzle on some sesame oil That’s all for today! Time to eat!
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