RICE COOKER REVIEW Now & Past TIGER JKX-V101 タイガー炊飯器レビュー 10年前の炊飯器と比較 电饭煲 電飯煲

Hello ! Let’s start rice cooker review ! 2015 summer is ending. What is your summer memory ? For me, it’s that many of my home appliances got out of order one after another. All of them were over 10 years old. First, my HDD DVD video recorder got out of order. it’s actually 10 years old, but I almost didn’t use it at all. I guess I use it within 10 times in the 10 years. I’m not a big TV fan. So, I don’t record TV programs. and I use my PC to watch DVD movies. Downloading movies from iTunes is our standard now to watch movies at home. less chance to use DVD. So, I realized my home never need HDD DVD video recorder anymore. So, I’m not buying a new one. Next one is… Nespresso machine. I got it 10 years ago as well, and I’m using it almost everyday. So, I thought the machine passed its lifespan. and got a new one very soon. the old one had whipping milk function, I didn’t use the function in the 10 years, So, I chose this simple one this time. 40% off sale was on the website at the moment. I got it with good price. Next is…. Rice cooker. This is also 10 years old. This is not actually broken. it’s just out of condition. I can still cook rice. the rice cooker makes a big noise like ”GuGuGu!!” during the cooking. I thought when it would be out of order. Now, I got a brand new rice cooker. Let’s get review ! I still have one more home appliance got out of order. but let’s watch the rice cooker review fist and let’s talk about it later. I’m going to use this rice. Koshihikari (rice type) Uonuma (production area) let’s cook 2 cups. I usually keep rice with ice cubes for an hour after washing before heating up to get better rice flavor. it works, believe me 🙂 OK, let’s get ready. let me explain the pot before start cooking. the rice cooker’s greatest features is this earthen pot. do you see the feel of the material ? it’s pretty heavy, thick and make this noise when I hit it. it has may function for cooking rice. I chose ”Ultimate Tasty White Rice” this time. measure the water line and start cooking. Ultimate Tasty White Rice was just cooked. OK ! It’s tasting time 😀 Itadakimasu. ( Start eating. ) It’s tasty. I just don’t know how to explain, because I have nothing compare with… I thought it would be happened, I prepared rice which is cooked with old rice cooker. now let’s compare them. this is the visual of the rice cooked with old one. it’s just finished cooking. it looks very glossy, shining, and tasty. Itadakimasu. OK, now I know ! I could recognize the difference between them. First, it’s aroma. Rice aroma is going to spread out in your mouth immediately when you put the rice into your mouth. and get more aroma at every chewing. and, I got more sweetness and umami than the old rice cooker’s rice. I want more bites, I guess it’s because there is more umami on it. it might not be good for dieters. it looked pretty same when I see them in the pot at just finished cooking. but now I see the difference in the cups. the new one, it looks glossy, shiny, plumpy, firmy, and chowy. the old one, it also looks glossy and shiny, but it’s little less plumpy, firmy and chowy. compare to the new one. Do you see the difference between them ? It might be difficult to tell on the pictures and movies. And, I tested the taste of cold rice. I felt the difference, again. I felt dryness at the old one. and the taste was kinda blur. The new one, it was still moisture and holding sweetenss and umami not as much as the fresh cooked condition thought. so, the new one is good for making Bento (lunch box) or Onigiri (rice ball) to go. Oh, I have one thing to recommend you guys, This salt. It make your Onigiri taste 10 times better. it contains 100% natural umami. I really love this salt. I put the link below (sorry, only in Japanese), check it out if you are interested in. Well, I could see the difference between these 2 rice cookers. I think Japanese rice cooker got progress in this 10 years. when I got the old one, it was 10 years ago, the price was about US$300. (Now I’m not sure thought. ) and the new one was about US$700. the price was double. Did I see double difference in the taste between them ?? I don’t think so. I’ve been believing No.1 Rice cooker’s brand is Zojirushi. I thought I should get it from Zojirushi. but I was talking to the sales stuff and he recommended me to get this Tiger one due to my favorite rice type. So, this is my first Tiger product in my kitchen. let’s see how it works. how did you like my rice cooker review ? Don’t forget to press LIKE button 🙂 Let’s get back to the opening, what is one more thing I got out of order in this summer ?? It’s electric fan. it was 13 years old. it worked enough. I got a new one. I thought I make electric fan review ?? but i guess electric fan season is ending now in Japan… and electric fan function is very simple. press ”ON” and circulate. That’ s it. maybe no one expect its review. but if there are many viewers here want to see it, I might make it. If you are the one, let me know on the comment. OK, see you soon at the next video. bye !

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