[Rice cooker series] #1 Cook perfect roast beef by rice cooker!! 炊飯器でローストビーフを作ってみた

Why are you wearing same t-shirts? Why not? We are buddy. All right let’s go! Today we gonna try cook. Cooking. Do you know how to make roast beef? I don’t know. I think it’s really complicated and takes long time. That’s right. If you try from scratch, it takes a lot of time, but today we’re gonna make roast beef with this. Don’t you think rice cooker is only for cooking rice but actually rice cooker can cook many things. I’m gonna show you how to cook roast beef with rice cooker. Check it out! Today we use this beef and a piece of garlic, pepper salt and soy sauce, sweet sake and sugar. Slice onion. Garlic. Next, I’m gonna cock garlic oil. Recent days, technology is really advanced but I still prefer fiire when I cook rather than electricity. Let’s go. Put the garlic in a pan. Weaker fire! Do you know Smash Brothers? I know. Do you know Ness? That’s my favorite. Right. Garlic is a king of flavoring. Now, color of garlic is a bit blown. This is the timing for you to stop fire. I’m gonna use this oil later so, keep it in another plate. After this, I’m gonna flavoring it with salt and black pepper. That’s why this process is very important. This is bit gross part but as I said, this part is very important. Without this, even if you put salt and black paper here, it’s not gonna be good flavor. Don’t you think it’s too much? No,no. I need more! Like killing something! lol Alright, it’s enough. Put black pepper. It doesn’t have to be black. You can choose white or block whatever. Flavoring is done. Just out surface. You don’t have to grill like well done. Maybe it’s time to flip it over. Grill every part Ok? I’m gonna tell you how to use boiled water later. Why do you have to do every part? Because I’m gonna put this beef in a hot boiled water in a boiled water, you cannot make this part. I mean KOGEME (= browned part) I don’t know how to say. Let’s cook this down a little bit. Japanese rice cooker has a lot of
function and one of them which we will use today is heat retention mode. Just keep the temperature by using heat retention mode. Switch on! I’m gonna use Ziplock. This is very useful, very strong and durable for heat. Put beef in here and garlic oil get the air out of this back Set the timer for 30 minutes. Just keep this beef
for 30 minutes after that it’s gonna be roast beef Now, 30 minutes have passed. Let’s check the beef. Let’s slice and see the inside. Looks delicious. This is fresh egg. I’m gonna keep this one on roast beef. This is perfect combination. So, put original sauce and garlic. Here you go. Thank you chief. Look at this. Remember I cooked this one with rice cooker. Let’s try! How’s it? What…? HOW’S IT? I haven’t eaten yet… The beef is softer than I expected. It’s really good. It’s mine. I put fresh egg here. It is disappeared but it’s under the beef. You can cook by yourself. Just using rice cooker. This is the KING of UMAMI! The beef is really good of course but the sauce is also delicious. The sauce is now mixed with rice. Perfect combination. The garlic is good for flavor. Today I cooked roast beef for you so, I’d like you to review my roast beef. Review? Yes. UMAMI review! Taste is you know the taste. Price. This time we didn’t go to restaurant so, consider about how much it
takes to cook roast beef at home. Kindness.It’s like how easy to cook.e I’m uncomfortable with this the number of taste. Why 6?? I think the taste. It was really good but it’s not as good as like restaurant. okay I see The beef was tender. When I chewed the beef, meet juice was coming up. It was really good I think that meat was
really good so, maybe we can eat without sauce. Just salt and pepper, it would be really good. Yeah. This time we didn’t put enough salt. We need a little more salt. The taste was good but I choose six. So, how about price? It is 9. It cost like 200yen per person. We cooked for three people but 200yen. If you go to the restaurant to eat roast beef maybe it takes 1000yen? At least 1000yen. It was 200yen and quality was good. So, how about kindness? It’s so high. It’s super easy to cook because we used the rice cooker. We just put the salt, the garlic and pepper with the beef. And put the rice cooker and wait 30 mins. We never have mistake. Yeah process is super simple. Anyone can cook in a same way and the quality is not gonna be bad. Thank you for your review Thank you. Today I showed you how to cook roast beef with rice cooker. So, from next time you can cook by yourself. NO. WHAT? I forgot how to cook lol Thank you for watching this video. We’re…. We’ll show you cool things of Japan. umami of Japan if you liked UMAMI of Japan! If you like this video, please like and subscribe. See you in the next video.

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