Richard Blais’ Hot Dog Chili

This is chili, but it’s hotdog chili. Hotdog chili!
(audience cheers) Hotdog chili.
(cheering continues) We’re basically using hotdogs as you would like, ground beef. So, we have hotdog in here. We pulsed it, and basically, what we’re doing is we’re making ground hotdogs. And then, in our pot–
That’s like ground beef. You’re browning the–
Exactly. Bits of hotdog. And you’ve taught me how to cook like this, Rachael. I was telling you–
‘Cause sometimes, I’m running around here crazy. I’m like, what am I gonna do? I’m gonna ground up some hotdogs.
Oh my God. (audience applauds)
So, in my pot right here, what I’ve started is, again, the makings of a delicious chili. You have in here, you have peppers, you have some hatch green chilies.
Onions, garlic, chilies. You have corn. You have the chilies.
Corn all over. And so this is my favorite part. Usually, you would add stock or something to a chili. Right, right. But here, I’ve just harvested some local hotdog water. (Rachael laughs) So, use that as your liquid.
Lovely. Here’s the chili that’s been simmering for a little bit. I’m gonna add a little bit of these butter beans. Oh, nice!
Just two cans. You don’t have to rinse your beans. I like the thickening element–
No, I like, yeah, yeah.
That’s in the can, right? I like the starchy quality of the, of the liquid that’s in the can with it.
Exactly. I’m adding that. Beautiful.
And then just to sweeten it up a little bit, I’m gonna add sorghum, alright? So this is very similar to molasses. You can use molasses–
I was going to say, you could use–
If you want. A drizzle of molasses, right? Exactly. So, you’re gonna plate that chili. Plate that up.
And we have all these amazing toppings over here, Rache. (audience applauds)
One of my favorites is right here. Hotdog bun croutons. That’s right.
Shut up. (audience laughs)
Hotdog bun croutons. A little bit of sour cream.
Sour cream. A little bit of our hotdog bun croutons.
Nice! Lots of cheese.
Cheese! Lots of cilantro.
(Rachael and audience cheer) A little sweet pickle relish.
Yum! Boom!
(audience cheers)

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    I love you Queen Rachael😘💕

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